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The Luckiest Dad

Hi this is Mridula with another fairy hot incest encounter between a bitch daughter and lust dad. Hope you will enjoy the passionate fuck.

It was early afternoon, and after a working lunch in which my associates and I signed the deal on a major contract, I decided I would head home for some well deserved relaxation. It was the first large business deal I had closed since my wife's death some six months before,

I walked into the house at a quarter to two. The house was quiet; my 18-year old, Shruti, wouldn't get home from school until nearly 4:30. I had the house to myself; it was quiet, and I could relax.

I took out of my jacket, took off my tie and tossed it on the bed, and took off my shirt. I sat on the edge of the bed and took off my shoes and socks, and then changed out of my shorts.

Grabbing the television remote from the bedside table, I pressed the power button. To my surprise, the DVD player's screen saver came up. I hadn't watched a DVD in months.

Puzzled, I pressed the play button and the image of a young girl's face appeared on the screen, her mouth filled with a rigid fat red cock. She sucked the huge cock with moaning sounds coming from the guy, until he began to shoot thick, cream all over her face. She opened her mouth and caught as much as she could manage, but there was just too much, and it dribbled down her chin and onto her tits, her nipples.

By the time the scene was over, my lund was hard as iron. I restarted the DVD and reached into my shorts, playing with my lund, something I had denied myself since the death of my wife Pammi so many months before.

I shot my load when I could not take it any more and slept. I awoke and immediately knew that more time had passed than I had intended. The night had fallen. I sat up and realized I had a large damp spot on the front of my shorts; my ejaculation had been very sizable.

I stood, walked over to the drawer, got a clean pair of underwear and a fresh pair of shorts, and changed quickly. I knew Shruti, should be home, though the house was quiet.

I walked out into the kitchen and found her sitting on one of the stool. She smiled as she saw me. "Hi, daddy," she said.

"Hi, beti. How was your day at school?" I replied.

"Same old," she grinned. "You had a good day." I was suddenly self-conscious about having lain on my bed in cum-stained shorts for an hour or more. Had Shruti, looked in on me in that condition?

"Yes," I responded "Finally closed that a big deal."

My mind suddenly leap back to the mysterious DVD. Where had it come from? I attempted to push the image out of my mind but it refused to go.

"Daddy?" I snapped out of my day dream.

"Yeah, beti?" I answered.

"You just seemed far away. Thinking about Mom and your hot chudayi with her again?".

"No... no, not that. I've just got things on my mind." We went to our rooms and rested a while.

Just as the clock struck11:00pm, there was a gentle knock at my door.

"Come in," I said.

Shruti,stepped into my room, wearing a long lose man's shirt which covered her ass with difficulty. "Hello, daddy," she said aroused at the sight of my half naked daughter.

"Hi," I replied.

"Are you OK?" she said.

"Yeah," I said, not at all sure that I was.

I looked at her wordlessly.

"Did you watch the video?" she said.

"The video?" I replied. "Yeah." I hesitated. So the bitch had planted it

I stared at her. What the fuck did she think was funny?

"Daddy?" she said. "Are you mad?"

"Mad?" I replied. "No," I'm not mad," But I was hot for the bitch, hot yes... "

"Jesus Christ," I muttered. "So what was the point in in showing me the video? What made you ever think I'd want to see all that stuff? Do you want something from me?

"Daddy," she smiled. "I want you..." she hesitated, then let the words spill out of her mouth. "I want you to fuck meeeee."

I sat speechlessly, staring at my beautiful, young daughter who had just told me that she wanted to fuck her daddy.

"Beti," I said finally, "We can't... that's just..." I couldn't complete the sentences. My tongue would no longer form words.

"Why?" she smiled. "Don't you think I'm pretty?"

"Oh, hell, beti," I exclaimed, "you're beautiful! It's just... I can't even think of fucking my own beti why would you want your own dad?"

She giggled softly. "You're soooo sesy Daddy. You're a hot looking man. And I can't think of anyone else I'd rather be with."

I stared at her, unbelieving. "Shruti,... you should find a nice guy your own age"

"No, Daddy," she interrupted forcefully. "I don't want any of the boys I know. They're all immature assholes" I must have looked shocked, because she stopped and smiled at me.

"Never heard little daughter use words like this, huh? Yes, daddy, the boys I know are assholes, and your beti wants you to put your hard big lund into her wet choot and fuck her and make her cum and shoot your hot sperm into her," she grinned wickedly.

There was no way this was real, but she continued. " I want you to do everything you can imagine to my body."

Deep inside me I wanted her so badly and yet secretly ecstatic at the idea that she wanted me.

I stared at her in silence for a moment, then smiled.

I reached for her, my hand slipping beneath the long shirt and touching smooth skin of her thigh. My hand slid upward until it encountered the fold of her choot and my fingertips brushed across the slightly stubbly but exquisitely soft mound of her sweet young shaved choot. Our eyes met I knew I wasn't going to let her go without crying before me with my cock inside her cunt

She pulled my shorts down and I think a look of fear and lust flickered across her face, and I felt her legs move apart. I slipped one finger between the lips of her pussy, and gasped as I realized that she was dripping wet. I forced my finger on in, adding a second one, and somewhere, far away, I heard the sound of my daughter moaning. I drew her to me and stripped the shirt off of her sexy body. My eyes feasted on the smooth, her large nipples on her soft young breasts.

I leaned forward and sucked the left tit one into my mouth. She moaned more loudly. "Oh, Daddy! Yes! Suck my tits" The words rang in my ears as both an agony and an ecstasy.

Moving to the right one chuchi, I nibbled it for a moment and then moved my tongue around the nipple. I pulled her down next to me on the bed and slipped onto my knees on the floor, wordlessly, gently pushing her knees apart, getting my first good view of her juicy little pussy. So wet, so pink, so delicious.

I leaned forward and ran my tongue up it, starting at the bottom of the parted lips and continuing until I reached her clit, which was throbbing and standing out already. As she moaned and thrashed on the bed, I sucked and licked harder and faster, savoring the delicious nectar coming from my beti's virgin choot.

I heard her moan and felt her juices on my face as she exploded, shouting at the top of her voice.
Standing up quickly, I shoved my underwear down and stepped out, peeling my shirt off and tossing it to one side. look of fear mixed with lust flickered across her face, and I felt her legs move apart, ever so slightly. Not allowing myself to consider the consequences, I slipped one finger between the outer lips of her choot, and gasped as I realized that she was dripping wet. Now was the time to fuck my beti rani.

My cock was achingly erect, pointing the way to the choot of my lovely daughter. As the swollen head came in contact with her swollen pussy lips, I groaned and looked into her eyes. Her huge eyes stared up at me and she nodded her head almost imperceptibly.

"Beti?" I whispered.

"What, daddy?"

"Is this your first time?"

She nodded, looking elated and frightened.

I licked my dry lips and thrust my hips forward, my cock sliding inside her like a piston, like it was made to be there. There was the slightest resistance as I felt her seal give way and she grimaced slightly, then took a deep breath and wrapped her legs around my hips, pulling me further into her.

"Oh, Beti," I whispered into her ear.

"Mmm, Daddy your lund is too big," she replied. "I've been waiting for this for so long."

I raised my head slightly and looked at her, our eyes two inches apart. "Really, my bitch beti?"

"Yes, Daddy," she growled. "Now would you please fuck your little bitch beti seriously?"

That was all I needed to hear. I thrust into her as far as it would go — I was, as they say, balls-deep in this hot pussy. "Oh, fuck," I moaned. It was incredible.

I began to thrust in and out, no longer concerned with being careful about hurting her. She was wet, her choot-flesh a hot and pink around my swollen lund. I looked down, watching my cock slide in and out, getting more excited as I went. I knew this wasn't going to last very long.

She was mad now, tossing her head back and forth, her arms gripping my shoulders as I drilled into her, her moaning filling the room. "Oh, GOD! FUCK ME, YOU BASTARD FUCK MEEE DADDY! !"

Hearing my once-innocent darling using such lewd language was too much for me. I felt my orgasm begin to build from underneath my heavy balls, beginning to travel up to my cockhead.

I continued to ram into her lovely cunt, my ball sack slapping her tight young ass, as the sensation continued to build. I knew I was nearly there. Meanwhile, she grabbed my head in her hands and kissed me hard, her tongue probing for mine.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shiiiiiiiiiit, Daddy, I'm CUMMING!" she screamed into my mouth, and that was enough to push me over the edge. My orgasm thundered over me. I felt the white-hot jet of my sperm shoot into my daughter's tight pink cunt, mixing with her womanly juices there. She was not a mere girl. Not any more.

I held her in my arms for a few minutes, then rolled over onto my back, pulling her on top of me. I felt my softening prick slide out of her.

I lay there for several minutes in silence, thoughts racing through my mind. I had almost raped my daughter. "Thank you, Daddy," she murmured. "That was wonderful. You made me so happy, and it felt soooo good." I was speechless once again... what did she expect me to say?

She snuggled up to me. "I want your cock inside me every night for the rest of my life."

"Thank you, Daddy," she murmured. "That was wonderful. You made me so happy, and it felt soooo good." I was speechless once again... what did she expect me to say?

She snuggled up to me. "I want your cock inside me every night for the rest of my life."

Shruti and I both slept in the nude, of course; after the events of the past several hours, there was no longer any conceivable reason for modesty, and we felt no shame in being naked together. On the contrary, it was a great joy and an amazing feeling of freedom for the both of us. She cuddled up close to me, as close as my very breath, and wrapped her body around mine, with delicious skin-on-skin contact.

"Mmmm, Daddy," she murmured. "I love the way your body feels against me. I love the feel of your hairiness and your beard against my soft skin." She was just 18. "Do you love it, too?"

"Oh, beti I do," I smiled.

We slept and I woke up in the night; the clock on the table across the room read 2:00 AM.

I slipped my hand beneath the sheet and grazed it lightly across Shruti's small, firm left breast, with its large, nipple. I still felt like the entire experience must have been a dream.

She sighed pleasurably as she slept.

I woke and found myself looking down at Shruti's sleeping form. She was still curled up tightly against my side, her breathing soft and low, her face lying on my chest, her hair spread out across her face. Her leg was sprawled over my body, with her inner thigh resting directly on my cock, which rapidly began to harden as I started to wake up enough to take in the whole situation.

I pulled Shruti closer to me and heard her give an appreciative, contented sigh in her sleep. I smiled.

"Good morning, Daddy," she chirped. "Did you sleep well?"

"Never better," I smiled. "What about you, meri beti?"

"It was wonderful. I love sleeping in your arms," she said. She grinned saucily. "You know what I want for breakfast?"

"My beti wants to have her Daddy's cock for breakfast?."

My cock stiffened at the thought of my darling daughter giving me head. I let out a low moan as it began to stand up.

"Will you teach me to suck lund, Daddy?" she said.

I smiled at her. "Just take it in your mouth, honey… not too deeply, until you get used to it, or it's liable to choke you… and suck on it like you would a lollypop, suck and lick and… just do what feels natural," I grinned.

She locked eyes with me and I watched as she opened her wet, pink lips and took my cock deep into her mouth. She began to swirl her tongue around it and bob her head up and down as if she'd been doing it for years. "Ohhh, fuck," I groaned. "Beti that feels sooo good."

She smiled wordlessly and increased the pace. I felt her tongue probe at the opening at the end of my cock, felt her tiny hand begin to gently massage my balls. I could feel my cock swelling as I watched her eating it. Once again I had that sensation of fucking her choot.

"Don't be scared to suck harder," I said. "It'd take quite a bit for you to hurt me. Just be careful of the teeth." She enthusiastically began taking it in deeper, and I felt her gag a little bit. "Don't choke yourself, bitiya rani," I said, but she insisted on going deeper.

"Mmmmm. Suck your daddy's cock, sweet baby girl. Yesssss," I moaned.

My orgasm rushed toward me. She continued, her head bobbing up and down, her tongue swirling. I had never had such a wonderful blow job. Then the thought came into my mind: Your baby girl is sucking your cock, you fucking horny old bastard. That pushed me over the edge.

Without warning, my orgasm erupted. A jet of white sperm jetted into Shruti's mouth, down her throat, and she began to choke. I grabbed her head with both hands, now pretty much out of control, my eyes shut tight, as I continued to fill her mouth with white jism. She swallowed reflexively, eyes wide, coughing at the taste of the bitter, hot liquid.

The next thing I knew, I found myself waking up once again and the clock said 10:00am.

Shruti lay on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket and nothing else, watching the rain pouring down outside. I smiled and sat down next to her.

"You OK?" I said.

"Morning, Daddy. Never better," she smiled, reaching for me.

I pulled her to me and slipped under the blanket with her as another crash of thunder sounded. Her skin was warm against my body. In moments, her tiny hand was in my shorts, stroking lund to erection again.

"Beti you are insatiable bitch," I grinned.

"Well," she replied. "I am my dad's bitch."

She pulled my shorts off and disappeared under the blanket. I closed my eyes and tasted the feeling of her mouth gently sucking the swollen head of my cock between her lips. In seconds, it was fully hard and she popped her head out from the blankets. "I want to rideyour cock, Daddy." I sat back, letting her shift around until she was seated on me. I reached down, parting the lips of her already-wet cunt with my fingers, and guided my cock inside her as she moaned. " Ohh DADDY I LOVE YOUR BIG FAT LUNF SOOOO MUCH IN MY CHOOT."

Pulling her tight to me, I felt her hard nipples brush my chest as she began to bounce on my lap, riding my prick. I wrapped my arms around her, slowly moving my pelvis up and down, letting her perform most of the action, feeling her beautiful, pussy grip me as she ground her pelvis against me. I was fucking my own daughter. I pushed her over onto her back on the sofa, moving on top of her and beginning to thrust hard into her, feeling my swollen cockhead slamming into her cunt, hearing her begin to scream as her orgasm approached. "Oh, yes, Daddy! Yes fuck your rani bitiya like a whore!"

I fought to hold back, not wanting it to end yet. It was very nearly too much. "Fuck me, you bastard!" she growled. I grinned at her, embarrassed at her words. "You are! You're a bastard, daddy and I love your cock inside me!" she hissed between clenched teeth.

I filled her tight, pink cunt with white heat yet again.

Later we sat in the living room and watched an old movie, cuddling and kissing on the sofa like a pair of lovers… which, it dawned on me, is what we were. My daughter and I were in love.

When the movie was over, we went up to my bedroom and I laid down on the bed. "Oh, no, you don't," Shruti grinned. "I want you Daddy." I grinned and took off my shirt, shorts and underwear. She stripped gracefully, revealing that incredibly young, smooth body once again. We crawled into the cozy bed and she snuggled up to me once more.

"Hey bhagwan, you're gonna wear me out, beti," I said. She laughed and said, "Just hug me for a little bit?" I agreed and she turned so her back was to me. I put my arms around her and pulled her to me, spooning her. Despite my weariness, however, my cock was already hard, and laid perfectly along the crack of her sweet ass. My hands began to gently knead her breasts and I kissed the back of her neck.

I fully intended to allow things to settle down and drift off to sleep, but Shruti had other ideas. Soon I felt her wiggling her perfect, round ass against me, and that quickly gave me an idea to fuck her beautiful gaand. I lifted her leg slightly, opening her up, and aimed for choot once again. She was already wet — clearly, my daughter was a raand — and slid my lauda into her in one stroke.

"Mmmm!" she moaned. "Oh, Daddy. Yes!"

I intended to make this a quicky but the more I thrust into her from behind, the more my mind began to focus on her mast gaand

I'd already taken her cherry… now I wanted her ass cherry.

I slowed down my thrusting so as not to cum too quickly, and whispered into her ear "I want your ass bitch". She turned her head and looked back at me, her eyes wide, with a little fear in them. "Do it, Daddy. Meri gaand chod lo"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," she said. "I got to to get your lund in my gaand. Please, Daddy, fuck me in the ass."

I pulled out and positioned her on her hands and knees near the edge of the bed. In the drawer of the nightstand next to the bed was a tube of cream that hadn't been touched since before Pammi's death. I applied it to the tight little hole of her butt cheeks. I could feel my cock getting even harder at the thought of what I was about to do to her.

I positioned the throbbing head of my cock, at her greased hole and gently began to push. I urged her to take a deep breath and relax, and felt the head of my prick pop into her.

I carefully moved in and out, a fraction of an inch at a time, spreading the cream up and down my lund, moving further in with each thrust. Shruti began to squeal and moan, "Oh, god… oh, my fucking god!" as I continued to drill into her.

Soon I was in as far as I dared go, at least for now. She had taken my cock. I held still and enjoyed the sensation of her soft, smooth ass squirming against and around my rigid meat. It wasn't long before I was ready to fill her ass with my seed. I asked if she was ready and she begged me to do it.

I relaxed and let it happen, and felt myself erupt into her ass like a volcano. She screamed with pleasure and perhaps some pain as I thrust in even further with the ecstasy of my cumming.

I collapsed against her back and felt her cool, smooth skin, slick with her perspiration, against mine. I held very still, feeling my cock slowly deflate and begin to slide out of her violated asshole.

"Oh, Daddy," she whispered. "That was amazing. Now I am completely yours" Her voice caressed my soul.

I slept soundly that night, and woke up to another day as the luckiest Dad in the world.'s small, firm left breast, with its
large, nipple. I still felt like the entire experience must have been a dream.


How I Seduced My Mom Jeevitha

My mom jeevitha

I wouldn't say that she is the most beautiful woman I ever saw, but I knew I always admired her beauty secretly. Hi, I am Sibi, 23, India. The lady I'm talking about is none other than my Mom, which for many people is a taboo, but for me, is fun. I have read many stories on incest here, and so, I decided that I should come up with one. I assure you that almost 85% of it is true. The remaining 15% consists of changed names of people and cities, and a little bit of spicing up.

I was 16, studying in a town near Bangalore. My dad used to work at Hyderabad. We had (still have) Shops there. My mom was a teacher in our school who loved her profession so much that she didn’t agree to quit her job. So, with mutual understanding, dad was there with his parents and mom was here with me. I had written 10th class exams and I had holidays of 3 months before joining college. Dad called us there, and my uncle (my dad's younger brother) was to come here from Hyderabad to take us there. My Mom, jeevitha, was in her very late 30's. She was beautiful. I did not know her vital status at that time, but she was a model for a woman of her age. She was fair, around 5'5" tall, black eyed and looked best in her deep blue saree, with some nice breast and a really attracting ass. Many students of our class would eye her when they saw her anywhere in school. Most of the students never talked to me as they knew that they couldn't mingle with me while they talked about my mom. Whenever anyone in school saw her, they'd try to see the small uncovered gap between the waist and blouse from her side. And I know, many students tried to find her bra strap and the news would spread soon. Many students would have a treat to their eyes if they saw her bra strap through her blouse.

I too eyed mom, but I always felt bad when I regained my senses. So, I thought of her, but could never get the strength to masturbate keeping her in thoughts. Finally, one day my uncle (My father's younger brother) arrived. He stayed with us for a couple of days before we planned to leave to Hyderabad. Since those were holidays, mom would stay at home, I'd go out to play cricket, and uncle would have no other work but to watch TV. During those couple of days, I had noticed that she was a little bit negligent about her dress. But my uncle's behavior didn’t change. I didn't suspect any foul play those days because I never knew about it. Uncle sat on the floor for dinner/lunch, and mom would serve him food. I'd sit on the dining table and I would be staring at her ass, not knowing that my uncle would be getting a treat from her cleavage. Slowly some nasty thoughts entered my mind. I was wandering if mom and uncle...... But I had no one to talk to. I feared that if I told anything to my friends, someday they'd spread it. Those couple of days for which he was to stay with us was extended to another week as the results were to be announced. Mom told about it to Dad and he had no problem with it. During the next 7 days, I began to give more thoughts to mom's suddenly changed behavior. Since we were staying in a home with a single bedroom and a hall, my uncle slept in the hall watching TV, but I noticed that mom was going to the toilet quite often. My doubts were gaining confidence daily. Then, after some days, I got my result, and off we were to my native place Hyderabad.

There were no direct trains to Hyderabad. We had to go to Madras, halt there from 2.00am to 1 pm, and then we'd go to Hyderabad by the 1 pm train. When we reached Madras, my uncle booked a double room for the three of us in the railway station. As soon as we reached the room, I told that I'd bring some mineral water and I ran down. I had a cigarette (I had started it already by then), and two and three. Then I realized that I was getting late. I took the mineral water and made a move towards the room. I went inside; I threw the water bottle on the bed and rushed into the bathroom to freshen up. I brushed my teeth to avoid the cigarette smell. I came out of the bathroom, and suddenly I realized, They both had changed their dresses. My mom was in her Nighty, and uncle was in a Lungi baniyan. I could clearly notice that my mom wasn't wearing a bra. Dirty thoughts crept in. Did she change her dress in front of him? How would he have reacted? I slept, tired due to the journey and the relieving cigarettes after the journey. I remember that mom slept beside me and uncle told that he'd spread some bed sheet on the floor and would sleep there. I wonder how I fell into such deep sleep. Suddenly in the night, I woke up. I sat up on the bed. Within seconds I heard heavy breathing. I could not sort it out. I looked towards my mom, but she was not there. I looked towards the empty space in the room where my uncle was supposed to sleep. I saw him in almost no light (the night lamp was switched off too). All this happened within seconds. I searched for the switches, but I couldn't remember where they were. "Uncle" I said. "Hmmm" he replied in a grunt. I asked him where the switches were but he didn’t reply. I remembered that the switches were on the wall towards the other side of the bed. I tried all the switches, and what is seeing was what I expected. My uncle was on my mom, Missionary style (I didn’t know the name of the position at that time), they had managed to cover the bed sheet over their bottoms, they were in panic, and I saw my mom's left breast. He was panting for breath and so was my mom. I switched off the light and sat on the bed with a thud. I was a mixed bag of emotions. I knew I'd see it, I knew this would happen to me, But it was my mom and my uncle. Suddenly, the glimpse of my mom's breast came back into my mind, and I really wanted to switch the light back on to see her once more. The flash of her skin shining due to sweat and her erect nipple, her face when I caught her, everything mesmerized me. Suddenly, the Light was Switched on.

It was my uncle in his lungi. He sat beside me. "So u saw it....Huh?" he asked. I was quiet. Mom was in the bathroom. "I'm sorry", he said. I had an erection by that time. "Please forgive me, it was my entire mistake. Mom had nothing to do. I had forced her", he said. But I knew it wasn't like that. Mom started crying in the bathroom. I shouted, "Stop crying mom, and please console her, uncle....I think I should leave you alone for sometime to sort it out." I rushed out of the room and locked it from outside. "Don't worry about me, I’ll be around, I assure you", I said and walked away. I did all this just to have a smoke which I wanted desperately. I smoked 1 cig trying to figure out what just happened. Then, I smoked another as I was excited and wanted that moment to last longer. I closed my eyes just to remember the glimpse I had seen minutes ago. I went back to the room (Of course I had eaten some food on the platform to avoid cigarette smell). Mom and uncle were waiting for me. We had a small talk and I told them that they need not worry because of me. I suggested that we should sleep and we slept. We went to Hyderabad, had a nice time and after 20-25 days, my mom and me returned home because the school would start. Conversations between me and mom were not like they used to be. They were reduced to almost a nil. I wanted to break the ice but feared if she would feel disheartened. I knew that she too wanted to talk, but she must have been afraid that the talk may remind the both of us about the incident. That incident changed me for ever. I started masturbating thinking of her. I started to look at her with more interest. I began to search for chances where I could see her nude (although I didn’t get any). Here and there I'd get a glimpse of her fair skin when she used to change her dress. I never used her panties or bra while masturbating because I never had the guts. Almost a week passed by after we had returned, and it was Saturday. We sat for dinner and as usual, we weren't talking. She was wearing a cream saree with pink and blue flowers. Before dinner, she was preparing for it and was roaming about in the house. I don't know why, but she looked gorgeous. There was a pink flower (design on the saree) right on her ass. A thought entered my mind,’ may be her ass is as delicate and as fragrant as this flower'. Guess what, I had an instant hard-on.

While at dinner, I said, "You look beautiful."

"Hmmm..?" she raised her head.

"I said you look beautiful." And we both started laughing. There were tears in her eyes and I felt the same. She scolded me that I didn't initiate the talk and so did I. We had our share of clarifications to be made, and we did it.

"So you forgive me about that day sunny?” she asked.

"I don’t remember anything about that day, except that you were beautiful." Words slipped off my mouth. We had our dinner and after sometime, we went to sleep. As I already told you, my mom and I sleep in the same room on the same bed. The night lamp was on; she turned towards me and asked, "What did you see that day?”


"then why did you switch off the light as soon as you switched it on?”

I didn't say anything, I couldn't speak.

"Tell me, please." My mom placed her hand on my stomach.

"I saw you naked", I said.

"you saw me naked?” she withdrew her hand.

"No, not completely." I said.

"Then what?” I looked at her face and she really seemed keen to listen to whatever I said.

"I saw you, sweating. Your eyes were closed due to shame. You were not facing me. I could see your left breast. Your skin was shining."

"All this in that small moment?” she asked.


"Didn't you see your uncle?"

"I didn't have any clue at that time, mummy."

"So you think you have a clue this time, good night."

I didn't get what she said. "Good night."

Sunday morning, and it was time for breakfast. I hadn't seen mom till then that day. She came with the breakfast as I was sitting on the dining table. I was stunned for a moment. My mom's style of dressing had 'changed'. The pallu of her saree Didn’t cover her breasts. It went in between as the seat belts of cars do. Her breasts were poking out of her blouse. The saree was tied a little lower than where she used to tie it earlier. In moments, the breakfast was on the table. Her breasts were so close to my face. "Do you mind eating?” she asked, and I looked at the breakfast. She walked away towards the kitchen, and my gaze was fixed over her ass. Thoughts attacked "She said "Do you mind eating", her breasts were so close to my face. What did she mean by saying so?" the result, a hard-on. She went to take bath and She returned with a towel wrapped around her waist. She had worn a red bra. She ran from the bathroom to our bedroom. I was in the hall, sitting on the dining table, watching TV. I rushed behind her to check if any think wrong happened. She was facing the other side checking out for dresses and suddenly she turned towards me and said, "What's it?" I was about to fall dead. She looked damn hot and all I could see was that flamy red bra of hers and an orange towel wrapped over her waist. Her curvy top was open to me and I am not sure if I could see her nipples.

"You rushed in, I thought something was wrong"

"Nothing, the front door was open, that’s why."

"Oh." I didn’t bother to turn around and walk away, instead, I stood there. She took a Black Panty from the almirah and wore it, "What are you looking at, you have seen me in a much more compromising situation than this."

I didn’t say anything. Thoughts attacked. "Was she running with a towel around her waist? What would have happened if the

Towel would have fallen down?"
I could see some hair under her belly button. So, thoughts, "Doesn't she shave? Does she like hair ?"

And the result, as expected, a hard-on. I didn't bother to cover it. I didn't get such a thought. Mom gave a stare at my groin, and I regained my senses. I hurriedly turned back and was walking out of the room. In the meantime, mom wore a Petticoat (Skirt). She called me, "Sunny?"

"hmmm?" I questioned back.

"Come here baba." I moved towards her with all intentions of hiding my hard-on.
She didn’t bother. She held my Shorts and briefs together and pulled them slightly down till my prick appeared and stood straight.

"What is this honey?"

I was ashamed.

"Did u feel like this that day?" She was referring to the day I caught her with uncle.
I didn't reply. I felt I could be killed.

"Are we not friends, when you can forgive me, I too can forgive you honey. Tell momma, did u feel like this that day?"

Without any drama, I replied with a dry mouth," Yes mummy, but...” I was trying to assert myself when suddenly, She broke into a big loud laughter. I felt like a donkey. I too started smiling, but I was a mixed bag of emotions.

"Want to see it again?” she asked, pinching me slightly on my nose. You know I couldn't reply. She just placed my left hand on her right breast. I was out of my senses. My palm was holding her red bra when she was wearing it. My eyes had excitement, and I can’t explain what I felt. All I remember is that My breathing became heavier by

Time and my breath were hot. My mom started moving her hand to and fro on my prick with her right hand and with her left hand, she unhooked her bra. My right hand was fallen dead. I pulled the right cup of the bra down and lo, her right breast was exposed completely. I didn't dare touch her nipple though my hand was on the breast. Soon she removed the cup over the left breast, and then I Realized that she had another breast too. She moved a couple of steps backward and removed her bra completely. She then held my right hand and placed it on her left breast, right on her nipple. It was then that I played with both nipples holding them between my thumbs and index fingers. She again set her right hand on my dick, and I cummed in her palm, spurting semen uncontrollably. I dropped hands off her breasts when I came. I was shivering, rather shuddering. She made me sit on the bed and went out of the room. I took my time to regain senses. She was back within moments. She had cleaned up her hands. She entered the bedroom wearing a skirt (and a panty too). She asked me to lie down on the bed. I threw myself with a thud. She suckled my limp dick and I was feeling ticklish. I could not do anything but look at the ceiling while she sucked me dry. My limp dick was being played like a bubble gum with her tongue. A little aah's and ooh's went out of my mouth. Sometimes it so tickled that I laughed. I wanted to sleep, sleep for a really long time. This was the highest excitement point I had ever reached, but the best was still to come.
I just thought I'd take a look at my mom and I raised my head. My mom had stopped suckling it and she was looking me in my eyes. My dick had defied all laws of physical tiredness and gravity, and to my surprise, it was erect again. "Aahhh", I said and let my head rest. Mom climbed the bed and sat beside me. She sat close to me and her breasts were close to my face. I could see the fair skin and black circles and erect nipples. I really wanted to hold my prick. When I extended my hand to my prick, mom held my hand and stopped me. She shook her head and I understood that she didn’t want me to hold my prick. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of tiny drops of sweat between her breasts. I wanted to touch it. I raised my hand and mom thought that I wanted to hold her breast. I simply placed my hands between her breasts and gently node circles on her body with my palm. I told her that I liked her sweat and she simply smiled playfully at me reminding me that I was still a kid. I replied with a smile. It flashed to me that my legs were able to move freely. I don’t know when mom got rid of my shorts and briefs. The kid in me died. I transformed into an adult. I don’t know what crossed my mind but I suddenly held both her breasts in my hands and rolled over her like a beast. I put my mouth to her left nipple like a greedy dog and did everything to get the whole breast into my mouth. It tasted salty due to the light sweat. I moved to the other breast. Her left breast was shining due to my saliva. When I played with her right breast, The saliva on the left breast was touching my face. I behaved as if I'd get no other chance in my life to play with breasts. I was over her when she made some expressions that I was hurting her, but I ignored her. I started pressing her breast; I knew she felt the pain and pleasure. I cummed again, less quantity of semen this time. I got off her. "Over?” she asked. I rolled off her, ashamed. She sat on the bed and looked at her skirt (petticoat). My semen was on it. I knew that I was going to be fired for behaving rude. "Hey, don’t get upset sunny, I know it was your first time", she said running her fingers over my head. "Sorry mummy, I couldn’t hold myself", I said. I sat up on the bed, with my limp dick leaving the last drops of semen on the bed sheet. Mom looked at it and smiled. She got off the bed and walked a couple of steps further. She gave me water to drink. As I kept the bottle on the floor, I saw her loosen the knot of her petticoat. I had only two places to see, 1 was her hands working on the knot and 2, were her eyes that were looking me in the eyes. The petticoat dropped down, and she stepped out of it. I couldn’t take my sight off her fair silky skin, and her black panty. I don’t know if she said anything because I was not listening to anything anymore. She walked closer, and my view was restricted from her waist to her knees. There was this black panty, a designer one which had some floral designs in black, those two nice thighs, fully fair skin, and hair, a lot of it was on her thighs. I started feeling the sweat on my forehead. I wiped the sweat off. My mom placed her hand on my shoulder. I felt as if I was waked up from sleep suddenly.

"If you have time, look at my face", she said, holding her left nipple between fingers of her left hand. I looked up.

"I removed the skirt because you dirtied it. Not for you to see. You must be planning to eat me with your eyes."

"Such a treat mummy, you are beautiful, I swear by God."

"Sounds like you are growing up honey", she said she went back and turned around. She held her fingers on the waistband of her panties. I was excited.

"Tell me one truth, and the treat may get better", she said and inserted her thumbs inside her waistband of her panties.

"Weren't you staring at me when I was serving food to Uncle?” she asked.

"yes mom", I answered without thought.

"and why were you doing that?” she asked as she slid her panties half way her ass. I was dumb folded as I could see her

Ass crack which was hairy.

"I ww-wanted to touch it", my tongue was dry and couldn't move freely.

"would you like to come here?” she asked I went there like a dog. The panty was off to her knees. I went to her. She bent in front of me and got the panties out of her legs. All I knew was that my mom's hairy ass was widely exposed for a minute. That white skin and that hair, that slight smell made me mad. I stood behind her like a statue with an erect dick.

"want to touch it?” she asked. I just placed my hand in her hand. She led my hand to her ass crack and left it there. I gained courage and I knelt down while she spread legs. "This is it?” I kept my index finger on her asshole. I did not think any further. My senses dragged my mouth to her asshole. I didn’t care about how it tasted or how it smelled. I was trying to poke my tongue into it. My mom held it tight. "Let it loose mummy.” I said. "But u r trying to lick it", she said.


"Don’t insert your tongue inside". She had already held the wall for support. I knew she'd fall for me. I got her. I made her turn towards me. Her cunt was in front of my eyes. It was looking like a hard area covered by hair. But when I touched it, it was so soft, like butter. I was about to stick my tongue to it when I gave a look to my mom's face. She was smiling as if she helped her son find some priceless treasure. I looked at her and smiled like an adult this time. I stood up and held her by her hand and lead her to the bed. This time I pushed her onto the bed and she fell with her buttocks facing the ceiling. I spread her legs and let my mouth do the work. I licked her feet and back and neck and buttocks, I licked her armpits, and they had light hair. I left trails of my saliva all over her. My mom was breathing heavy. I overturned her and worked myself all over her breasts and belly and her cunt. The slight moans became audible. The aaaaahhhhs and oooohhhhhhhs continued. The sweat over our bodies made my movement easy. The kisses were deeper than the earlier ones. I then got down off her and placed my face right in front of her hairy pussy. I licked and found it aromatic, saline and sticky. I did a 4-5 minute licking, although I didn’t like it all that much. After I felt that there was enough Sticky juice on my face, I inserted my finger. Then, I remember, mom gave a jerk. With a single finger I started slow digging. My actions gained speed.

"Son, please continue it. I want to give it out. Please".... And those aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhs began to mix with the jerks her body got due to fingering. I inserted two fingers and within seconds, she flooded. My fingers and hands were already dripping of her juices. And her orgasm splashed on my face. I ran to the bathroom to wash my face. I came with a clean face and clean hands. I came to the Bedroom and what I saw was funny. My mom raised her head and was smiling. I smiled and we joined in laughter. She had her legs wide, the bed sheet wet and she didn’t care about it. I went to her.

"Take your shirt off at least for formality, can’t you see I’m naked?” she said and we both laughed. She made me remove the t-shirt. "I'm tired, work for yourself", she said. I wondered if she asked me to masturbate. "come on", she held my hand and suggested I climb over her. She took the pillows and placed them under her ass, so that it became easy for me to give my last shot to her. I positioned myself, and slowly Inserted my prick Inside. It felt as if my dick was going through a grinding machine at first. Two thrusts and I were in. My mom held my ass and suggested that I should do some movement. Something crossed my mind and I pulled myself out and turned her over. I spread her legs and said "please mummy." She gave a smile and I slid myself in. Her pussy juices were the lube there. Just two shots and I came. I lay on her with my palms under her breasts between her breasts and the mattress. My prick must have become limp and slid out of her asshole.

Dost Ki Biwi

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During early marriage period, she used to conservative but later on we were really frank in discussing our fantasies. Sometimes, she used to wear short skirts and tops with transparent material. Her bra and her panty could be easily noticed. Once we had been on an outing to Lonavala, Khandala where she wore thin white t-shirt and a cream pant. She dint wear anything else. She was getting more and more excited when guys would stare at her boobs and try to find out whether she is wearing bra or not. Her boobs would bounce when she would walk. If someone stares at her boobs properly, he could realize the nipples as well. And knowing all this, her light coffee coloured nipples would get erect. Then guys could easily make out her nipples from her top. She is 34-26-36. Apart from good looks, she also has good sense of humour, mixed with nature and personality.

Let me describe an incident that happened recently. It was a Sunday and we thought of going out for a movie � Apna Sapna Money Money. Soon we reached the multiplex and I went to park the vehicle and asked her to buy the tickets. She must be standing in the queue for tickets when some two-three young guys were standing behind her started talking softly with each other about her beauty. She could hear some talk while there would be less noise. They must be looking at her ass and passing on comments about her. The guys were talking in the usual mens' language saying "saali ki gaand mast hai" and more like that. She started getting aroused but dint show that she paid attention to their talk. Then while the queue was moving further, the guy next to her slowly moved his hand on her bums and the crack once. She still remained as it unnoticed. While moving ahead in the queue, the guy again caressed her hips once and outlined her panty crease on the skirt. She was already excited by this. Then I reached near her after parking my bike. Soon she got the tickets and we were passing on the time in the main hall, for the movie to start. She dint tell me all this while we were standing there. Then we moved into the hall and located our seats. Since the movie was packed full, we could not get corner seats. Still the seats were nearly close to the corner.

Suddenly the three guys came over to us and my wife was shocked to see this. I dint knew at that time. The three guys adjusted and sat besides the last three seats on the corner. I had few men sitting by my side and she had the three young men sit near her side. I asked her if she wants to change her seat with me but she denied to change.
Then the movie started and we were enjoying the movie simultaneously I kissing her some times and putting my hand on her thigh frequently. She was also excited with all this. During the interval, she told me that the three guys had been behind her in the queue and wanted to watch an English movie but one of them had 2-3 times caressed her ass and was looking for a chance with her. And that�s why she was shocked to see them in this movie instead of the English one. Also when I was caressing her thighs or kissing her sometimes, the guy was looking at her with excitement. He was looking for a chance to touch her. Once while I was caressing her thighs, she saw the guy looking on her thighs and both of them (my wife and the guy) were aware of the happenings.

In the interval, she confessed that she was excited by the guy touching her ass or looking at her while I caressed her thighs or kissed her. I went to buy the popcorn in the interval when the two guys went outside. My wife and the guy were sitting there alone. I knew that she wanted to tease the guy so I left her alone for the time being.
I took the popcorn but went 5-10 minutes later when the movie had started again. Once I reached on my seat, we started watching the movie. My wife told me that the guy's name was Sameer and he started the conversation with her while I was not there. She said he was a student of IIT Mumbai. He also complemented about her beauty. He also said he was new to the city and dint have many friends there. My wife and I knew what he was up to.

During the second half of the movie, I dint do anything to her while we watched the movie.

After some time, my wife told me, that the guy next to her was stretching his leg besides her to touch her bare legs. And she was also enjoying the same. She pressed my dick to confirm whether I was getting hot listening this stuff and she soon laughed as my dick was standing tall in the hall. Then the guy gathered some courage and put his fingers near her armpit and her bra area near that part. She behaved as if dint knew about it but was giving me a commentary about the happenings.

Then the guy (Sameer) put his hand on her thigh softly as if she wont know. She was watching the movie and telling me whatever he was doing.

Sameer put his hand on her thigh and once pressed it softly and then with courage, slowly started moving his hand up and down. She dint even look at him but was telling me everything.

He then slide her skirt up from his side and put his hand on her bare leg, she was sitting crossing her legs. She then resisted as if she knew now what he was doing. Sameer sat quietly for sometime as she was enjoying this stuff. She started jacking my dick up and down from the pants while breathing heavily. Even I wanted now her to tell me more. She soon came to know that Sameer was slightly putting his hand to her left boob from side. He was pressing it slowly as if she was allowing him to do now but I was not knowing all this. So after pressing the boob for some time, he started moving his fingers on her stomach and raised her t-shirt sideward to reach her left boob. He was now totally excited and raised her t-shirt from side and put his hand inside. I was looking at all this when he was not looking at her and doing this. I could see my wife tremble with joy while he massaged her tummy. She dint allow further as her t-shirt was moving much upwards. Soon the movie ended and she managed her t-shirt properly and stood up to leave. While we were moving out of the hall, Sameer again put his hand on her ass and pressed it with force. We soon reached the main hall where I wanted to go for washroom. She was standing nearby a store in the multiplex. When I reached back other, she told me that Sameer came to her and gave his cell number to him. She dint give him her number.

We had a dinner outside and reached home. Soon we were on our love bed, she appearing from the changing room in a sexy red lingerie and nothing else. I could see her nipples tight from the material and could smell that she was pretty excited by all this. I started kissing her on her neck and shoulders and her bare arms. I also sucked her armpits which has few hair on them. She was so excited that she urged me to start sucking her boobs. I take time to arouse her completely when she starts pining for my dick. I was biting her shoulders and started kissing her lips. Our tongues were entwined together in the kiss while I pressed her boob with my hand and other hand moving on her back. I slowly removed the strap of her lingerie and started sucking her right nipple. She was making hissing sounds and behaving as if drunk.

I soon started biting her nipples, which she likes very much one after another. Then I lowered her lingerie to her navel. I am proud to say that I am good any fingering women. My three fingers were roaming on her soft navel while I kissing her stomach and her abdomen area. She was jumping up and down while I moved my fingers on her body. Then I moved her body back as if her boobs would touch the mattress and I started moving my tongue on her back, side navel and then to her hips. I started kissing her hips and pressing them simultaneously. She was trembling to be fucked. She started requesting me to fuck her right now. I sometimes talk insane with her while having sex, which she likes more when excited. I said "isi gaand ke liye wo bichara itni mehnat kar raha tha." Then I started licking her inner thighs and could see her cunt juices flowing from her cunt. I removed her lingerie totally now and moved her upfront. I spread her legs wide apart and started kissing her upper cunt lips. She was feeling a current on her body while I sucked. Now she was so excited that she said, "please apna lund meri bhos me daalo naa. Mujhe chodo naa. Kabse pyasi hun main iske liye. "

I inserted one finger inside her love valley and gave thrusts. Soon the second finger entered her cunt while the third I inserted in her ass hole. She now was moving up and down on the bed requesting me to fuck her. I could see her juices flowing out of the cunt and I was sucking it from the ass to the clitoris.

My cunt lips were thick after my sucking. Soon I raised her legs upwards while she was sleeping on the bed and entered her love hole with a big bang. She started shouting ohh..aah..uui maa..dheere chodo.. I said " bahut chool thi na chudvane ki. Le ab.." she was laughing at me.

One after another, I started banging her pussy. She was totally tired in the fuck. She then told me that she already came four times. We took a break and washed ourselves. I drank lot of water and slept besides her. In the early morning, I woke up and my dick was erect in sleep. She was sleeping bare with me so I started sucking her boobs again. She was sleeping but could realize what I was doing. She started responding as I kissed her all over. Soon I started sucking her cunt. I generally suck cunt for 15-20 minutes to prepare it for the grand fuck daily. And that�s why her cunt lips are really pink and puffy. I slowly inserted my dick inside her cunt and started fucking. She was also enjoying the fuck now. This also continued for another half an hour when I came. She generally comes 3-4 times when I do the whole act. She woke up and went for morning activities, bathing, prepare breakfast and certain household chores. I needed her badly while I was bathing so I called her for towel, which was already with me. I came to know that she had finished her works and was searching for clothes to wear for office. So I got a chance and I dragged her inside the bathroom and removed her salwar kameez, black bra and panty and started fucking her. She loves to be fucked at least thrice a day, which I manage very well. On Saturdays and Sundays, I have been fucking her more.

She was totally exhausted that day and had to take leave the next day from office. We have been married for three years and don�t have any child yet. Even our sex life was getting routine when we started adding some sizzle to it by such adventures.

Awaiting to know your incidents as well�. Take care buddy and keep writing� It took more about two hours to write this story while working simultaneously. So I would also feel good if you narrate your incidents to us. My wife has never had an ass fuck. We have tried it many times, but she cannot bear the pain as my dick is pretty long and thick.

My Dream Tall Lady

Hi all, I recently got to know about this website and after reading many stories, I thought to write mine, which in a way still amuses me. I would say that I was rather lucky then calling me sexy guy at 48 now. It all happened some one year back.

First I would like to tell, myself Rahul dev living in Jaipur, Rajasthan height 6'1" weight 98 kgs., well built ¨C sporty and very active and decent looking guy. I have my own business of construction and am quite good at talking and sober. I am very much active in sexual activity.

My wife always has what the way she wants me to have in sex. She sometime tells our entire sex life story to her sister in law i.e. her younger brother¡'s wife, Leena and in turns her sister in law always complaining about her brother for not getting her satisfied the way she wants.

My brother in law in spite of being very smart, he always thinks about himself in sexual activities instead of her wife Leena resulting she always been left high and dry. Moreover he has problem of performance anxiety, means getting nervous while doing sex. Any how this real story is all about her..i.e. Leena, my dream female being very tall and active looking.

One day this happened like this.One Saturday, we visited their place along with our two kids at 11 a.m. to be greeted by leena, a dam beautiful lady and Rakesh, my brother in law, he is a well built guy ¨C sporty 5'10", very smart and Leena was there to best compliment him with very sharp features, very fair, big eyes roughly 5'10", 36 years of age, nice pair of full breast and a firm thighs and very beautiful legs.

They also have two kids. It was too hard to imagine by me to even think about such a lady or to imagine even touching her being so close relative but somewhere in my mind I always been dreamed to fuck her the way she wants (the way, she used to tell my wife) and always find my self between her beautiful long legs.

After staying for 1 hour I left their place leaving my wife there. I was supposed to get her back next day.

Next day C I was there sharp at 6 p.m., and was very excited to see that gorgeous lady again but did not know that she will be alone that time. I rang the bell, she opened the door and said come jijaji and also told that Rakesh will be coming back very late and Didi (my wife) has also just left to see the movie with her and our kids.

At first I thought to come after couple of hours but second thought came in my mind to just flirt a while and leave the place as I knew this lady was beyond my reach since I never got any short of indication from her. She always used to be very nice talking to me. Moreover I never wanted to have any trouble in our happy family by indulging in any short of extra martial affairs. I found her wearing a nice knee length skirt with a cream color tight T ' C shirt.

I was clearly able to see the bra lining of nice oozing and inviting boobs and very amazing long legs. First thought that came to my mind was just press her boobs hard and run my palm over her beautiful legs, then whatever may happen will be seen afterwards but destiny had something else as it was going to be my day and how that day has an effect on me. She casually asked me to sit and asked for some water and went inside to get that.

Some photographs of Leena were there on table and I picked them up and started to visualize them one by one, as soon as I saw her taking water for me, then just I said Leena you look good and beautiful in your photographs, she just smiled in a very mysterious way which I could not understand that time.

She also set on couch and then just casual and decent chat started with, how the things are happening between me and my wife and also between Leena and Rakesh, kids and business and so on. Slowly time passed and it seemed that we were talking like old good friends, earlier we never had that much of time to talk so freely with each other and even never we got a chance. I could make out by now that she is quite fun loving, outgoing female who loves talking and was very comfortable with me.

After some time she said I think we can grab some coffee. I was in no mood that she should leave the place but said, yes sure. She started making coffee and I started seeing her photographs lying on the table and thought its not good idea to be sited like this and went to gate of kitchen and asked her, shall I help you with coffee and reply came in, yes sure you can come in, dear jijaji.

It was a big house and kitchen was just adjacent to the drawing room. I quickly went in and stood adjacent to her. It was quite unusual for me to be with this lady in the kitchen and it came to my mind I was never so friendly with her then what is going on. While preparing coffee her arms brushed with mine few times, there was no talking.

There was some sort of mysterious silence and I sensed some gravity was pulling us together. I looked at her ¨C Long brown hair pulled away from her face, nice subtle make-up, with just the right amount of red lipstick to make her look classy not sluttish; that side of her was hidden and I only can see it if she wanted me to.

I couldnt take my eyes of those lips I could not wait the temptation and I dont know what happened to me or my guts I simply asked Leena, may I please kiss you (maybe I sensed there is some opportunity and I need to make a move).

I got very harsh stare from her as if she is about say something very hard and she kept giving the same stare for some time. I was not at all in fear, ­but still I feel that my heart beat has stopped, but still I was looking her in her eyes. She kept staring at me for quite a while and just came near me, saying you have all the rights.

She came around in front of me, keeping her arms around my neck, leaned down and waited inviting me to kiss her ­I was not able to bear all this excitement. I made my move and planted a very slow and not so aggressive kiss on the softest thing I have ever sensed. She got bit aggressive and took charge. ­She started kissing me very passionately as if she wanted to just feel each bit of eat. That fragrance of her mouth mixed with her body perfume was driving me crazy, ­our heads slightly tilted, eyes open to see the other person, and then a slow approach and I also started feeling her.

We both knew what we were going ahead for the big thing and she had some long term intentions on her mind. I parted a bit and said Leena, I really got you and it was my dream which is going to be true today, she didnt say anything and again came back on me. We started feeling the others hot breathe, then our lips just rubbed together gently, and then the harder part of the kiss materialized.

Our mouths opened slightly and our tongues gently tested the acceptance of the other. Once it was clear that we were both receptive to a deep kiss, our tongues explored even deeper and with more ardor. As we kissed, my tool stiffened and my pants started to show the bulge.

My hands were no longer idle; I could run one hand up and down leena's damn sexy legs and use the other to stroke her buttocks over her skirt, so the slow stroking I started was no doubt felt by her as though she was naked.

I was doing all this very gently as I was knowing that this she is missing in her life, (I know that Rakesh has little bit problem, is having performance anxiety and due to that he cum so fast and Leena never gets what she wants, this I was told about by my wife). After we were well into our second kiss, I doubted any of those options would occur. Neither of us moved our bodies. Leena remained standing with me stroking up and down one ass cheek and then the other.

I was now resting on a Kitchen slab, was doing her breasts pressed with by palm.

Our heads were turned and tilted towards each other so that we could continue kissing. I knew by now that it is my day today and I am going to have this marvelous lady. I put my hands on her hips and was holding her close, but pulling her into my penis region.

She moved forward, pushing her pelvis into against me. Believe me she was too horny to control. Now I just shifted to a stool lying near by and she was just sitting on top of me and kissing me like anything. I was in no mood to ask what and why and reciprocating Leena with equal fever. I now started taking my hand from her knees towards her thigh to touch that bare milky white skin¡­her thighs were very nicely shaped and my thing was just growing and growing with site of each inch of her legs.

I just reached her black colored panty and started playing with her panty strap¡­there was no space for me to take my hand toward her pussy.She got up and straight went out of the kitchen¡­¡­¡­¡­I followed her as if some magnet was pulling me¡­¡­¡­¡­I followed her to her bedroom and she moved with her face towards me laid her back on her bed..

I straight away followed her and fell on top of and between her legs. She wasted no time and grabbed me between her legs and put both of them on either side of me¡­.what a sight it was. I was now on top of her. Her skirt slightly above her thighs¡­and I was just running my tongue all inside her mouth to take all juice of her lips. I shall admit I was quite violent this time.

As kisses grew more passionate I placed my hand on side of her t-shirt to remove it from her. I was dying to see those pairs of tits and her milky white body¡, she sensed my move, we just drifted apart for a sec and mutually she raised her hand so that I can pull Tee out of her body¡­ gooooooshhh¡­ I cant explain that view, a very beautiful lady and this was the first time of my life that I was looking her in this state. I must have seen her hundreds of time but always with full decent cloths.

A milky white body with just a black bra, a hanging mangal sutra and a skirt. That innocent face and eyes full of some burning desire. I dont know why that skirt was tempting me so much that I didnt pulled it down but took no time to remove her black laced panty at the same time. Now here was the most beautiful lady.

With just a skirt and bra on¡­and lying in front of me inviting me hard and ready to take control of mine and get her satisfied.she just came towards me and made a move to remove my shirt. I helped her and together we removed my shirt¡­.I was on my knees now and she went down and started removing my belt ­in no time my jeans was on my knees.

She was looking at me in a very naughty way and placed her hand on my franchie above my love handles and pulled it down. ­My thing was already erect and it just bounced in front of her face¡­¡­¡­she grabbed it with both of her hand and started rubbing it a bit in a move to feel my warm tool and sense a new thing that has come into her life..

She was now staring at the rod and planted a very wet kiss on its tip and can see one end of her saliva being stayed on her lips and other end connected on tip of my penis. ­I just pushed her down again and gently pushed myself on top her and I cant describe the feeling that I got even my penis touched her vagina with her skirt on and those beautiful legs rolled up on my buttocks.

I just raised her bit by putting my hand behind her back and in no time loosened her bra. I put my head to her lacy bra and blew my hot breath on the tit top of first one breast and then the other, I was rewarded soon enough as I felt each nipple rise to meet my moist call. I made small biting motions through the bra's thin material at each nipple.

Leena watched intently as I ministered to her breasts with my mouth. She cradled my head and was holding me close to her. This time I willingly got closer and closer to her pussy, I was trying to make these moments as sensuous as possible for both of us and at this moment I always having this thing in mind to make her use the opportunity the way she wants which is missing in her life.

In a split of second she was on my top and started running her tongue around each of my nipples, biting gently as she went. I was going into orbit. Her bra started moving down that was already undone earlier; her nips were highly erect and sticking out three-fourths of an inch. She just laid on my chest to kiss me and allowed her to use just her nipples to stroke my chest.

I finally stopped her and captured a breast in my mouth, suckling onto her nipple with at first gentle and then rougher sucking and biting action. Her body language told me I was hitting all the right spots and this way of doing love was missing in her life. As I sucked on her nipples, I again started stroking up and down her legs with my free hand.

She stood and faced me her beautiful erect breasts betraying her arousal; we stood facing each other for a moment. Both of us were totally nude (except she was still in her skirts which were already raised till waist level). My erection arched out from my body. Her pubic area was having very little hair as if recently shaved.

Then we came together in another hug; this time savoring the feeling of each others bodies and our skin-to-skin contact. We rubbed our bodies together to maximize the skin contact. We had another one of those soul kisses; this time with greater meaning and feeling to it. I took her in my hand and laid her on her back­. I buried my face between her legs.

She spread her legs apart for maximum availability. I slowly licked up and down her slit, savoring her musky taste. I found her clitoral nub and periodically focused attention there. After a few moments of external stimulation, I brought a finger into action. I thrust in and out of her pussy lips with the finger as I continued my oral attention.

Leena was jerking around on the bed and moaning encouragements to me. I felt around inside her vagina and finally located her G-spot by the slightly rougher texture of cunt skin. I could tell I found the right place, because Leena yanked my head into her pussy when I stroked the area and sucked on her clit at the same time. "Ohhhhhhhhh, my god". she groaned.

I kept stroking her G-spot and increasingly focused on her clit, not fully ignoring her swollen labial lips either. I occasionally thrust my tongue in and out of her pussy too. Her moaning and panting increased. Finally, she clutched the top of my head and pulled me into her. A long "Ohhhhhhhhh, my god, Faaaahhhuuucccckkk",replaced her groans.
Her hips rose off the bed as she thrust her cunt into my mouth.

There then followed a series of little squeaks and moans as her body visibly deflated from her climax. Till now there was no talking between us¡­¡­.¡­it was just a passionate play that was going on between us. She then pushed me over on my back and arched her body over so she could take my erection into her mouth.

I had deflated slightly while I was administering to her. At first she had the whole penis in, but then a surge of arrived and my cock grew to a rigid rod, and she was only attending to the end. Leena alternately stroked me in a masturbating move and sucked and licked the mushroomed head of my unit. I kept swelling and swelling.

Gradually, she pulled the rod deeper and deeper into her mouth. I felt the tip enter her throat as her lips pushed into my pubic bone. Now I was on the moaning. I started little thrusts to emphasize that I had a mission to accomplish too.

She reached up and stroked and pinched my nipples. If I have the choice of where to cum, it is not into a willing mouth, although thats not a trivial activity. I would much rather be embedded deep in a warm pussy. So, when I felt my internal plumbing go on high alert, I pulled Leena up to me indicating it was time to couple. At my urging, Leena straddled my hips facing me. She rose up while she held my saliva-covered cock in her right hand.

She rubbed the mushroom head along her slit several times, focusing on her clit. She started little up and down jerky movements over me, sometimes thrusting her hips forward and sometimes to one side or the other. Each time she came down, my dick would go a little deeper into her cunt. Quarter inch by quarter inch she worked her pussy down my cock.

Until at last our pubic bones pushed together. We didnt move for a few moments, just enjoying the sense of mutual coupling that we had accomplished. I relished in the warmth surrounding my cock, punctuated as it was by an occasional muscle twitch from her and what a heavenly feeling. I reached up and again started to stroke and smooth her breasts, rubbing her nipples between my fingers.

I could actually feel her cuntal muscles contract when I pinched or bit into one of her hips a little harder than usual. Gradually, we established a rhythm as I pumped in and out of her vagina. We enjoyed this pace for a good moments and then Leena started to rotate her hips in a rolling motion that sucked my cock deep into her body on her fore stroke right up to her cervix, and then released me on the backstroke.

I bet she knew what she has to do and how she can get what is never got before. She was bent over me as she was doing this so that I could suck on first one breast and then the other. Her nipples were rigid, the same as my cock; all were steel rods of varying lengths extending from our bodies to maximize our pleasure in some way.

Leena's rotating hips was making her wild enough to control the duration. She couldnt hold back any longer and told me so, Im going to cum jiju, in panting voice. I smiled and kissed her again; Me too,I said. We pumped only another sixty seconds with increased vigor as her orgasm arrived and so on mine. I could feel the approach from deep in my body.

The first rays of ultimate pleasure filled my whole lower body as I thrust up into her cunt. The wonderful sensation radiated outward until it was focused on my balls and cock. Rapidly, then, signals going to my brain said this is spectacular; you feel good all over and I did.

My little pump called forth the frothy white semen from deep within me and I could feel the surges moving down my urethra into Leena's body. I came and came and came, filling her exquisite pussy with my love juices. Leena's orgasm arrived simultaneously with mine.

Her vocalizations became louder and louder again. Moans had turned into squeaks of enjoyment had turned into sluttish words, spoken and then shouted, urging continued fucking, sucking and licking until the end of time. Her back arched and she thrust her cunt down onto my cock for deep penetration. Her arms moved back to support her from falling backwards onto my legs.

I was deep into her body, my cock head by her cervix as I exploded. I could feel the strong rippling muscles inside her milking every drop of fluid from my cock. What a great fuck it was¡­she just laid on top of me for some more time.

I was just watching the contrast of color her body was giving with mine and was still wondering how this happened with me today. ­I could see deep into her eyes, were filled of entire satisfaction of the world ike she must have got every thing she missed for years ­the silence was still maintained suddenly she just got up dressed herself and walked out of bedroom.

I didnt knew what to do¡­so I just dressed myself and went out¡­.to see her sitting on the couch she just looked at me and smiled¡­and invited on the couch. ­Relief came with her smile.then started giving thanks said why this.I need to thank you that my dream of loving you the way you want come true¡­¡­asked again are you happy now­..and she collapsed in my arms with lot of­sweet smile and again said thanks jijaji for every thing
Now she calls me occasionally whenever she is alone and wants to talk out loud ­we are now very good friends then a lot over mobile and do a lot whenever get a safe chance. Now days she is pregnant again but do not know.­

No one has suspected any thing of us till date due to being very carefulness. We behave very normal in front of others and she or myself never try to interfere with each others personal life which is going great, hers with her husband and mine with my wife.

I hope you people would find the above realty very interesting while reading. I would like to post the further story that what happened one day when they were at my home and how our mutual enjoyment got materialized if I get any good response from readers of this heavenly feeling I got. Any one interested may contact me at my email: to share any thing the thoughts, experience or any thing else more real.

Fucking Younger Sister Nadia

My 14 years old real sister was enjoying a girl's hand on her Gaand. As the jeans were pushed down a bit, I noticed that my sister was wearing a baby pink underwear and her sexy Gaand was looking very firm in it. It seemed to be bit smaller than her Gaand

The chain of events that I'll be narrating here in parts are absolutely correct, except with the change of names. Not only the events are true and real, but also there is an extra bit of eroticism attached to it as these events in involve the most. Taboo of all sexual activities Incest .The Brother-Sister Incest. Yes it is a fact that I have been involved in debauchery/sexual intercourse with my real younger sister. Not only did I have sex with my sister literally hundreds of times, but also on many occasions we invited a third ( in some cases even a fourth) person to join us. We were involved in both types of threesome (me, my sister and a GIRL; as well as me, my sister and a Boy). However here in the first part of the story, I'll confine myself only to the very first incident which ushered us into the forbidden land of Brother-Sister Sex. The events which made me look at my sister in a way a young boy looks at a sexy bitch. The events which told me that my sister was not a decent, sweet, sober and respectable girl whose conscience tells her to keep her pure and safe for her husband, rather she was someone who can't ignore the desires of her pussy. It was year 1999. I was 18 years old then and my younger sister was only 14 years old by then. Our family comprises of 5 person in total; my father, my mom, myself, my younger sister and a brother (youngest). My father is an Army Officer. And he had inherited quite a wealth from his father that's why we were enjoying quite a luxurious life. In 1998 he was transferred to General Head Quarters Rawalpindi. But within a year he was promoted as Brigadier and was transferred to a lesser developed city of Sindh. Rawalpindi, being a big city had all the luxuries of life.

For my fellows outside Pakistan who are reading this story let me tell you that Rawalpindi is also adjacent to Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. And adjacent really mean adjacent. There is merely a Ring Road separating the two cities. So the two cities have the modern look, the color, the attraction in those. It had branches of almost all the famous brands of world, be it sportswear, food, garments etc. Also the two cities have very good, prestigious schools. So when my father came to GHQ Rawalpindi, he got me and my sister admitted in well reputed institutions. He was expecting his promotion as Brigadier but was not expecting his posting outside GHQ. So when he was ordered to take command of a brigade in Sindh, he decided that me and my sister would remain in Rawalpindi, and he along with my mom and younger brother would move to Sindh. As I have told earlier that we are rich enough so he got a small flat on rent and managed a young Pathan pair of Brother and Sister as servants. They were 15 and 14 years old respectively. So life was easy for us. So we started living in that flat without any elder to look out for our activities but our parents trusted us as we never compromised on our educational standards. However I realized that soon after our parents had left for Sindh, my sister who was just growing up at that time (14 years old) had started wearing clothes that my parents would not allow had they been there. She started wearing very tight fitting jeans, trousers and despite the fact that she had little breasts at that time, she started wearing body hugging shirts. These shirts were so tight that whatever little breasts she had developed by then, her boobs were exaggerated in it. However, I being a young,

Open minded fellow had no problem with it at all. Our circle of friends was all modern and open minded so it was not a big deal for me. I still took it as a "Fashion Sense" of a growing girl who just wanted to look modern.However once I felt little embarrassed when she came to the tutor in a similar dress. This time her shirt was plane yellow. As she had little breasts so she had not started wearing Bra, but the printed designs/textures of the shits hide many a things ;)But that day, as the shirt was plane, her nipples became way too prominent through her shirt. It didn’t show anything but the tiny tents on her shirt were too visible and I noticed that the tutor (being a young boy who had just done his masters) was constantly looking at my sexy young sister's breasts and nipples. However I still thought it was innocent on her part. Although we were very frank and friendly siblings, yet being an eastern brother it was not easy for me to talk to her on the subject and tell her, "Little sister, your shirt makes your breasts too prominent and as you don’t wear bra, your nipples are also visible so please stop wearing such stuff, or go with a bra". I thought that in a year when she'll gain more flesh and fats in her breasts, she'll realize that she'll have to hide her breasts from the ogling eyes. However my perspective towards my little innocent sister changed one fateful day. She was having summer vacations (2 months off from her school). One day I was using my PC and I had to go to "Temporary Internet Files" to search for a webpage. (Remember it was 1999 by then and we were having Windows 98 with few security features). Me and my sister were using the same login and we didn’t know much about computers at that time.

While rummaging through different pages I opened a Hotmail page. It was a mail that Saba, best friend of my sister, had sent to her. I suddenly got curious for nothing. Except that I had hot for Saba. She was a year older than my sister but had development of a 20 years old girl. The statement may seem exaggerated but believe me guys she had HUGE breasts. 34 I would say. 34-B Breasts on a 15 years old girl seem too hot to handle. Anyway back to that email. It was one of the sexiest emails that I can imagine from a young 15 years old girl for her best buddy who is just 14 years old. As the mail was reply to my sister's mail so I could real both, my sister's mail and Saba 's reply. From the contents of the mail it was quite clear that Saba had lust for my sister, lesbian lust and she had been seducing my sister for some time now. I came to know that Saba had touched my sisters Breasts and Gaand many a times on the pretext of a joke, and I also came to know that my sister didn't mind it at all. However my sister had not yet surrendered to her lusty advances. So does it mean that my sister was a nice girl? I wish I could say it. But it was not so. My sister had little interest in lesbianism, but even at the age of 14 she lusted for boys. My sister, named Nadia, told Saba in that mail, "Yar saba tum ne to mujhe bohat hi hot ker diya hy, mein to ab agar 3 din tak fingering na karon to ajeeb si frustration hone lagti hy" (Dear you have made me so hot that now I'm in a state where if I don't finger fuck myself, I feel strange frustration) and then she went on to tell her very mischievously, "Yar, mene to fingering karte waqt kisi bhi larkay ko naheen chora, Bhai k dost, street k sab cool boys aur mere tutor bhi J " (Dear while fingering I have not left any boy who fucks me in my imagination, my bro's friends, all the cool guys of our street and even my tutor too J ) I was stunned, My sister Nadia, who was just 14 years old girl was fingering her pussy thinking about the boys in the neighborhood, my friends and thinking about even her tutor too. My goodness what a bitchy slut she was at the age of 14.

But interestingly, I was more aroused while reading it, that I was shocked, and if you talk about anger???? Well let me admit it was not there at all. I was not angry at my bitchy sister, rather I was enjoying it. I had a stiff dick in my trouser. Now I knew that my sister's choice of dress was not innocent, rather it was on purpose. Nadia was trying to seduce her tutor to fuck her Phuddi. I looked at the sent date of the mail. It was about couple of weeks ago. I knew that my sister would have surely contacted Saba in the meanwhile. So I frantically searched for other mails. And soon I got one It was just a day ago and it was even hotter. It was again reply to my sister's mail. So I first read my sister's mail and then it's reply by Saba. In this mail, my sister had written, "Saba, mere teacher ab mujh me interest to lena start ho gaye hain, lekin problem yeh hy k meri breasts itni choti hain k shayad iss mein un k liye koi charm hi naheen, ya phir unko mein choti si bachi hi lagti hon. Agar meri breasts bhi tumhari tarha bari hoti to main unko bohat kuch dikha deti ;) " (Saba, my teacher has started taking interest in me, but the problem is that I have little breasts. He has either no interest in smaller breasts or looking at my breast size, he thinks I'm still a little girl. Had I got bigger breasts like YOU I would have shown him A Lot) And then my sister went on to write, "Tutor bhi budhu hy, usko itna naheen pata k zara si mehnat kare to yeh problem solve ho sakta hy. 2 weeks regularly ager meri breasts choose aur pakre to breasts ka size definitely increase ho jae ga" (My tutor is a goof. He doesnt know that with little effort this problem (of smaller breasts) can be solved. If he works on my breasts for just 2 weeks by sucking on these and playing with these, surely my boob's size will increase".

And in the end she typed, "Yaar tumhain hi shooq tha mujh ko nangi karne ka aur mere jism k sath khelne ka, to phir aao, kuch karte hain because mein to bohat zyada hot aur frustrated ho rahi ho, koi program banao. Tum bohat gandi bachi ho ;) " (Dear you were interesting in making me nude and play with my naked body, so come on, come to my place, We'll do something because I'm way too hot and frustrated by now. Make some program. You are bad girl ;) Saba's reply to this mail was also hot but the most important thing was last part of her reply. As I have already told you that she lusted for my sister. So knowing that my sister had surrendered to her sexual advances, she was jumping with joy. She told that she was in Lahore, and just in couple of days she would come back to Rawalpindi and then she'll come to our flat. My heart raced. I could envisage a very hot live sex treat for me. Although my own sister was to be part of it, but I comforted myself by thinking that I'll only see the rusty busy naked body of Saba. But how could I forget that there will also be my sister, Nangi and sexy and at some corner of my mind, I knew that there is every possibility that I may not only love watching Saba fucking my sister with her finger but I may also start lusting for my own real sister. But I was ready to take every chance. After my sister was also hot as hell. She was only bit younger and had little breasts, but soon when she'll be grown up girl, I knew my sister will definitely raise thousands of Dicks with the single jiggle of her Gaand or a single bounce of her Boobs. You guys are Hard just reading it?? Have pity on me, I was living with that hot girl. Anyway, back to the story. I knew a hot sexual treat was about to unveil so I had made arran Saba ents for it. My room had two doors, one opened in the TV Lounge, while the other door was common between my and Nadia's room.

Same goes for my sister's room. So in the door that was common between me and my sister, I managed 4,5 tiny holes to accommodate a full view of the room. I was ready and was waiting for the time to come. The very next day, Nadia told me that Saba was coming to the place and she wanted some snacks for her. I brought those with pleasure ;) I'll skip the unnecessary details to go directly to the point when they went into the room and locked it.Both were looking stunning and sexy. My sister had again worn the same sexy shirt which she once wore in front of her tutor and Saba was in more modest dress. She was wearing Shalwar Qameez, But her dress was stitched a bit too much at all the Right places. Her thighs, her hips, her waist and her boobs, all were prominent and sexy. Normally I don't lust for girls as young as they were, but they were Hot Bitches. My sister Nadia, was bit shy and flushed (thinking about the time to come) and Saba was bold and seductive. They were so hot that as soon as the servant left the room after bringing the snacks and cold drinks they put those things on table, and locked the room and hugged each other. My sister was bit shy so she was just hugging Saba, but Saba's hands were all across my sister's body (her back) She rubbed her hand all over her body and then her hand went down to my sister's Gaand. She placed her full hand on her Gaand from her jeans and squeezed it. And my sister, whose innocence was losing, made such a cute and innocent move that nearly killed me. She pushed her face in Saba 's neck and hair in order to hide herself But didn't object to it at all and was enjoying it. It was only the start of it and my Lund was hard as rock. I had also locked my room and had stripped out of my clothes. I was playing with my Lund watching the scene in front of me.

Then still during hugging Saba asked my sister to unhook her jeans, which Nadia did with shy moves. Once the jeans was unhook, they again hugged each other, without first putting off her jeans. The movement of Saba's hands on my sister's body was the same, except that this time when her hand went towards her Gaand, Saba pushed her hands in my sister's Jeans. My sister accommodated her hand by wiggling her body. Saba 's hand went in my sister's jeans fully. Man it was too hot. You guys may call me a jerk, a pervert but it was really a very sexy sight, My 14 years old real sister was enjoying a girl's hand on her Gaand. As the jeans were pushed down a bit, I noticed that my sister was wearing a baby pink underwear and her sexy Gaand was looking very firm in it. It seemed to be bit smaller than her Gaand. Then Saba tried to put her hand on my sister's Gaand from inside her underwear but this time Nadia became bold and released herself and Saba from the hug and with a big smile asked Saba to first show her body first before proceeding to make my sister naked and play with her Gaand. Saba smiled back and took my sister's hand in her own hand and placed it directly on her stomach and asked her to move it either up (towards Saba's rusty busty Boobs) or move it down (towards Saba's wanting and waiting Phuddi). My sister wanted to take it slow so she rested her hand there and first started kissing Saba on her face, and then on her lips. It was a hot scene. Two underage girls, one 14 and other 15 were kissing each other. My sister then started moving her hand onto Saba 's big Boobs. Saba was bolder of the two so she didn't shy even to the least and welcomed the first touch of my Sister's hand on her BOOBS with a soft moan and more forceful kiss on my sister's lips. I was watching with more interest as it was not my sister's BOOBS

Which were being fondled rather the busty Saba 's boobs which had always aroused me a lot. My sister kept on changing from one breast to the other and then put her hand in Saba 's shirt. It's when Saba asked my sister to get naked. Again a problem for me. Although I was loving the scene in front of me yet she was my sister. Which brother likes to see own younger sister Nangi?? But my sister was not being NangI to take shower; she was already having sex so I put all Morality issues behind and watched with interest as Saba removed my sister's shirt. Nadia's back was towards me so I could not see her breasts immediately. But the glow in Saba 's eyes was quite visible. There was some treat for her. After playing with my sister's breasts for few moments she removed my sister's Jeans too. Although Naida was not wearing a Bra, but she was wearing an underwear. My goodness. I could not imagine that a girl of 14 years of age could look so sexy, so ripe and so bitchy. Her Gaand was quite of a good size and I could well foresee that the crack of my sister's Gaand was quite deep. I though what a lucky chap he'll be who'll fuck my sister in her Gaand for the first time. Her flesh was glowing coz of her white complexion. Then Saba, who was sitting on bed, asked my sister, who was standing facing saba, to turn so that Saba could play with my sister's Gaand. It was the moment. Nadia turned around and I was treated with a pair of most innocent breasts on the most slutty and bitchy girl. Her boobs were small, with relatively big areola and large nipples. Surely Saba 's mouthing of my sister's nipples had made them hard and long. As Saba started putting her face in the crack of Nadia's Gaand, there was a look of satisfaction on my sister's face. It's when Saba started removing my sister's underwear.

My dick was bursting, almost. As the underwear was removed I was blessed with a delightful sight. The pure and natural look of a young 14 year old girl's Phuddi, which was covered by a reasonably thick layer of hair. It's when I could not control and my Lund started releasing jets after jets of hot sperm on the door. It was orgasm of immense force and even more immense pleasure. I admit it's bizarre, its taboo and it's dirty that a brother got orgasm while watching his own real sister's naked body. But the fact is fact. I thought that after having released tension of my Lund, I would start having angry/bad feelings for my sister. But astonishingly I didn't lose any bit on interest in watching the scene. Then my sister asked Saba to do it. Nadia suggested, "Yar let's first finish our first orgasm coz I'm too much frustrated and hungry for a finger, either my own or yours but I want an orgasm right now. Forget about the romantic lovely sex advances. First bring each other to orgasm and then we'll have romance for the next orgasm." Saba approved the idea and then she also got naked. It was fun watching her undress as she was a buxom girl even at the age of 15. She had really big breasts considering her age. And as her shirt lost touch with her breasts, her boobs bounced a bit and my dick started becoming erect again. Saba kept on removing her dress unaware of the watching eyes. My sister too was watching Saba with lot more interest and sex desire. Soon Saba was totally Nangi. She had opted for a more clean look. She was clean down there. Seemed like she had removed all of her Pussy hair just hours ago. My sister instantaneously put her full face in Saba 's Pussy and inhaled the smell of her pussy. It surely was nice coz she spent good amount of time on Saba 's phuddi. Saba then asked my sister to lay on bed in a relaxing mode as the REAL time had come. My sister, totally nangi and sexy, lay down on bed, and exposed her totally naked body to Saba (and to me too).

I watched as my sister closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Saba started off by making love to her legs. Sister enjoying the soft touch being applied to her legs. Saba 's hands moved slowly upward, caressing and rubbing the silky white skin of my 14 years old sister's legs. Nadia's breathing grew deeper, and a soft moan came from deep within her throat. Saba smiled, as she knew Nadia was completely a puppet in her hands now. She had taken time in seducing my sister and it was the reward day for Saba. As the contents of her mail revealed for five months now they had been flirting with each other without going this far, and without being way too serious. However credit goes to Saba who saw the Bitch in my innocent looking sister. Saba became more daring, rubbing higher and higher. Her fingers were now rubbing my sister’s inner thighs only inches from her hairy Phuddi. She looked at the treasure that presented itself to her and stopped for a while. Probably wanting my sister to demand for more. My bitch sister didn't disappoint Saba. Higher Saba, please, move your hand tight. I want this touch murmured my sister. Her soft plea caught Saba off guard. She momentarily stopped what she was doing and looked at my sister who had lifted her head and looking down at Saba. Saba smiled softly up at My sister as their eyes met. My sister’s hand moved down to touch Saba s cheek and pulled her closer to her excited pussy. My goodness folks, just imagine it, a 14 years old naked girl was forcing her friend's face towards her phuddi so that her friend could satisfy her. It was way too hot. Saba s tongue lapped happily at my sister's clit.

My sister’s hands ran through Saba s short hair, every now and again pulling her tighter into her wetness. Saba greedily sucked and licked at my sister’s pussy, the sounds of wetness echoing in her ears. My sister’s body quivered and shook as the first orgasm hit her. She held Saba s face between her legs with her hands with her legs tightly pressed on either side of them. She rocked back and forth, letting each wave flow through her, coating Saba s lips and chin in her cum. It was the first cuming of my sister in front of my eyes. However it was not her first. I knew from her mails that at the age when almost every girl plays with dolls, she would play with her pussy. My sister started fingering her pussy when she was only 12 years old. Again strange but true. As the orgasm passed, my sister released Saba s head and pulled her up on top of her. My sisters lips hungrily devoured Sabas, tasting her own sweetness on Saba s smiling face. Would not you return the favor to me, at least I'm clean shaved unlike you said Saba. My sister readily accepted. Saba had been long waiting for this moment to arrive, and not wishing to waste another single minute. She straddled my sister’s face, leaning forward over the edge of the couch. My sister licked Saba s pussy, tasting the juices that flowed freely from it. Her hands moved over Saba s bottom, pulling her closer to her face. Saba s soft moans bounced around the room. My sister, in order to make her friend more happy, darted her tongue deep into Saba s Phuddi, and tasted the first full climax erupt against her face. Saba collapsed on top of my sister, her legs wobbly from the sensation she had been given. Her lips found one of my sister’s nipples, and she lovingly flicked it with her tongue. My sister’s hands reached between Sabas legs, and slightly touched her swollen clit, sending Saba into another frenzied orgasm. She pushed wildly against my sisters fingers, her second orgasm as intense as the first. Saba s head rolled back and then forward, her tongue licking my sister’s nipples savagely. They both stopped for a few moments, letting Saba recover and come up for air. He breathing had grown

Shallow and deep. Sweat poured out of her, and she could barely speak. Oh my god Nadia, Mujhe naheen pata tha k agar fingers kisi aur ki hoon to kitna maza aata hy she said in between breaths. My sister was in mood again. She was super hot. She asked Saba to spread her legs. Saba did so, her legs spread, one over the back of the couch, the other dangling over the edge. My sister lightly spread Sabas legs a little further, and gently blew on Sabas pussy, making Saba raise her bottom to her. Oh god, the 14 year old bitch was experienced to the maximum. She knew everything Kamasutra told. She would have surely seen plenty of XXX movies even at that very tender age. My sister stood up and looked seductively at Saba, who was so easily excited that she would do anything my sister would ask of her. My sister sat closer to her now, her own legs spread, intertwining with Saba s. She rested her own pussy against Saba s, their juices mixing with each others. Saba instantly bucked against my sister, feeling not only the fire in her own pussy, but that of my sisters also. My sister responded in kind, and moved up and down, grinding into Saba. The two girls moved rapidly against each other, their pussy’s slick with wetness smacked happily together. My sister reached her second climax just as Saba was experiencing her third. Both girls pulled each other's legs, bringing the two of them closer and tighter against each other. They both moaned loudly as the passion took hold of their bodies. They lay in this position for some time, their pussies wet and sticky against each others, not wanting to stop the feeling of joy they both had just experienced. My sister reached for Saba s hands, and laced her fingers with her own. Both girls continued their sexual exploration for some more time, inserting a finger each in each other's phuddi. They feel asleep in each other's arms, exhausted and content. They were now more than best friends. If you think it was all it. You are wrong. But more parts shall follow soon. Just watch out for those. And I'll welcome any comments on my story. Thanks.

After having seen my bitchy sisters lesbian encounter with her best friend, I observed a constant hard on in my pants, every time that bitch walked passed me. Initially there were not any clear ideas in my mind. I had blur thoughts. At the most I would just go and masturbate at the image of my 14 year old sister, getting totally naked in front of her best friend, spreading her legs shamelessly and letting her friend play with her pussy. I admit it very shamefully that I was more aroused at the images of my sister. Saba, her friend, who was really a sexy babe with a very tremendous growth of breasts at a tender age, was cornered in my thoughts. All what aroused me to the maximum my sisters Nanga Jism. With the passage of some more time, I observed very clearly that my sister’s breasts were becoming heavier. Partly it was because of her growth and age, and partly it was because of her boobs being played mercilessly by her friend, and who knows (by more than one friend and know knows by some boy as well. She was a bitch in heat and I could expect anything from her. As the time progressed, I noted another thing. My 14 year old sister was practically seducing our young servant boy. He was 16 by then and had full hormonal system running through his body. And my sister was taking full advantage of it. She was giving every possible signal to that boy to dare a bit and fuck her.

I noticed that she used to wear skimpiest of clothes in the house and would always forget to wear Dubatta when he was around. I noticed it many times that when her shirts neckline was bit lose and deep, she would bend forward very frequently and very profoundly in front of him so that he would see each and everything of her bra-less boobs, including the hard nipples. I am sure, he was masturbating too much during those days, while thinking about fucking my underage sister. And I had no doubt that someday he was destined to fuck my sister’s phuddi. My masturbatory sessions were continuing with images of my sister when one day when I accidentally discovered that right at the time when our servant boy was due to go to my sisters room for Dusting purpose, my sister intentionally decided to change her dress. She pretended to have forgotten to lock the door and was absolutely and totally naked when the servant boy opened the door and was gifted by the sight of my sisters Nanga Jism. It was when I thought that she was treading along a dangerous and treacherous path. She was just 14 and was willing to lose her virginity and that’s too to her servant. I was her brother and being her brother I wished that she could protect her virginity for her husband. Having lesbian encounters, even if it is hundreds of times, was one thing, but having a boy to penetrate his dick in her pussy was something I could never allow. But then I had to think another thing as well. She was only 14 years old and she had already enjoyed being nude in front of someone, she had enjoyed being seen nude, she had enjoyed her breasts and nipples being sucked by someone, she had enjoyed having her pussy penetrated by fingers which didn’t.

Belong to her. She had tried to seduce her male teacher, and here she was seducing her young servant. So it was really like living in fool’s paradise, to expect that shell keep herself virgin till she gets married. Even I was not in a position to say, whether or not she would still be a virgin after a month. How could I rationally believe that she would be a virgin at the age of 22/24 years (average age of marriage in educated families) So it was evident and crystal clear that my sister would not be a virgin, rather a well-used bitch at her wedding night. In the circumstances I was thinking, if she is going to lose her virginity, why should it be some stupid guy? Why should it be our servant or tutor? Why not me? Come on folks. Don’t scorn me for being such a pervert. Try to understand my point of view. I just wanted to protect the family prestige. I didn’t want her to lose her virginity to someone whole probably be broadcasting the news of my sisters popped cherry to his friends. I didn’t want my sister’s pussy to be the Talk of Town. All I wanted, if she is going to lose her virginity, then it should be someone she can trust. And who can be such a trustworthy person other than me, her real brother. So from that day I started seducing my sister. I know, with her tender age and huge carnal desires, lust for a Lund in her choot, she would come in my arms so soon and so easy.

And it’s what turned out to be eventually easy. You guys may think, why I was taking too much pain in seducing my sister, when I could easily blackmail her into having sex with me by telling her that I had come to know about her tryst with Saba. But I thought it was too cheap a path to follow. I wanted my sister’s naked body in my arms and bed, forever, not for just few times. I wanted her to love whatever I was going to do to her. I wanted her to enjoy her time with me. I didn’t want her to remain under a sense of fear and guilt. I wanted to enjoy the hotness of a sexy bitch. I didn’t want mere body of a terrified and blackmailed girl, rather I wanted the soul of that bitch in bed. Secondly, I could use that information at some other time, in order to get both Saba and Nadia in my bed. So I decided to seduce my sister into sex. I started with some hungry looks at my sister, but only at those moments when she used to be in the Mood. For example, just at the time when she would flaunt her body to our servant, I would give her that hungry looks right at her breasts and nipples. I knew that her pussy would be soaking wet and she would welcome every vulgar look at her body, even if it is of her real brother. Secondly I started giving her more time. We had always been very close siblings. But to persuade, rather prepare, her to have sex with me, I needed to be extra nice and extra friendly to her. And more frequently I would bring up the topic of Girl Friend and Boy Friend. It was a heartening sign for me to observe that she was taking too much interest in such topics. Every time I came up with such a topic, I would say it repeatedly, As you are grown up now, as we are grown up now so we can discuss these issues etc. These assurances had impact on her. She had started to feel like a Grown Up and was treating me as a friend. With each passing day, our conversations became more explicit than the previous day. I ensured her in unambiguous terms that I understand the need of young girls and boys to have friendship/relationship with opposite sex. I jokingly asked her, whether she had some boyfriend or not? She blushed and replied that she had not. I asked have you some liking for someone in your class or in the vicinity. She blushed again and refused to answer.

I said, Common dear, don’t treat me as your guardian and brother. Treat me as your best friend. Nadia, I ensure you that you can trust me in every single issue and can talk to me without any shyness. And then I asked, Ok, tell me, can I talk to you without any hesitation on every single topic? Including girl friends, boyfriends and even including Sex? Nadia was blushing quite a much but it was clear that she was enjoying the conversation as well. Especially when I mentioned to her that we can even talk about sex, she made gestures which showed that she liked such frankness. Then taking advantage of the situation, I thought to myself that I had to bring up a topic that is bit explicit. I was 200 % sure that Nadia would not object to anything I come up with for discussion because we had always been good friends. So I asked her very frankly and casually, have you ever measured your breasts?. My sister was awestruck. She had open mouth and looked into my eyes with a look which was not of anger. It was a look that merely said, Oh big brother. You are too naughty. Nadia, my sister, replied in a fake anger and clear smile, Bhai, what’s the problem with me that you want to fix? Why are you asking it? I pretended to be bit serious and said, Coz I want to suggest you something. I think your breasts (I was intentionally using the word breasts) have grown reasonably well, and you are no more a child so I think it’s the time that you should start wearing a bra. More specifically at home coz your nipples become quite prominent through your shirt. And then in order to lighten up the situation I jokingly said, I’m your brother so Ill have no problem, but our young servant boy will surely have lots of problems. Are you getting my point Nadia? Nadia was enjoying and blushing at the same time and said, Oh Sorry bhayya, I’ll try to avoid it. I winked her jokingly and said, in a light hearted manner, Apas ki baat hy, tumhari esi dressing lagti bohat sexy hy (Your such dressing really looks very sexy).

Then becoming bit serious, I said to her that we needed to talk about sex so that I could help her in whatever complications she had in her mind regarding sex etc. That day I asked whether she knew about the relationship of girl and boy which produces the baby. She admitted that she knew the obscure facts regarding it (Im sure she knew it very well). I asked when she came to know about it, she replied she was 12 years old when a classmate told the girls about the spicy things the boys and girls do in bed. I asked, whether she had seen any XXX movie, she replied in negative, but confessed that she has heard a lot about it from girls. She however told quite bravely that she had seen such stuff on internet but only to the extent of pictures. It was an interesting topic again. I was too much excited. I asked about her physical response to such stuff. I asked whether she gets wet or not? Now Nadia was too much excited. She loved the conversation with a BOY. I asked her whether she knew about fingering etc (although I knew it well that she could take 2 fingers up her Phuddi) She feigned shyness and anger, but with a pause, admitted that she knew about it. I smiled and said, One last question, Do you do fingering?.There was no point of return for her. She had to admit, and that’s what she did. Admitted that she used to do fingering. I asked how frequent did she finger fuck herself. She told that there was no particular frequency, but twice a week is normal for her. For the first time she took part in investigation and asked me about my masturbatory sessions. I liked my sister’s boldness and admitted confidently that I masturbated almost daily. She burst into laughter hearing it. She thought I was way too hot to handle. Then one day the topic turned to Dates. And I told her about the things which boys do on the eve of.

Their dates with girls. And just to arouse her sexual feelings and more specifically in order to ensure her that I was her friend I said, Nadia, you are becoming young. You too have desires as a normal young girl. I’m an open minded fellow so I would not ask you to stay away from boys but I do request that you should be careful regarding your physical relationship with those boyfriends whole comes in your life. I’m not saying that you should have No physical contact. Believe me, I’m fine even if you get totally naked with your boyfriend, but try to avoid having his male organ penetrated in you. You are well aware of masturbation so Ill encourage you guys (Nadia and her boyfriend) to masturbate each other. But try to keep yourself virgin till you are married. I kept speaking, however I also know it’s very difficult to be naked with opposite sex and yet not have full sexual intercourse. So if you are in such a situation and really decide to have sex, then please do take all precautionary measures. Use Condoms. My statement had quite an impact on Nadia, she was blushing but getting hot too. She also got the feeling that in my shape she has got a friend in whom she can trust. We kept on talking about these issues for some days, and during those days, my masturbatory sessions while thinking of my sister, increased considerably. But I also noticed that my sister’s hotness had also increased considerably and she still consistently used to wear the same nipple poking dresses. It was like a Lust Triangle. I was seducing my sister; my sister was seducing the servant. Just few days into having such bold discussions with my sister, came Saturday night. On Saturday Nights, famous channeld Mnet (mnet) used to telecast erotic movies, XX movies. I was regular viewer of those movies.

But it was the start of summer season. Only my room had Air Conditioner, so Nadia, who used to sleep in her own room in winter, had to shift to my room at night to sleep. Also only my room had TV in it. In ordinary circumstances, I would have felt problem watching a XX movie with my sister in the room, and more specifically because of the frustration caused by the loss of liberty to masturbate. No Young boy can live without masturbation, let alone when he has just watched a sexy XX movie. But this time around, the situation was changed. I took it as a chance to enhance my chances to seduce my sister. In order to mentally prepare my sister for that night I told her that a XX movie was to be telecasted that night, & that she could watch it with me if interested. She had become my friend, rather a sister, so she accepted very happily. When the movie started at 3:30 Am (midnight) I awoke her from her sleep and we started watching the movie. Soon the hot stuff began and we started to feel bit hot. After 15,20 minutes, I asked jokingly, are you experiencing any physical phenomenon like getting wet? She blushed and did not respond. I repeated the question and she said very bravely/confidently, it’s a stupid question. I’m watching an X-rated movie, and that’s too for the first time in my life, how can I be Not wet? I can ask the same sorts of stupid question like are you hard? Its stupid question coz I know you are Hard. No normal boys Dick can be flaccid. The way my little sister spoke, it was quite evident that she was hot as hell. She had quit thinking me as a brother. She was treating me as a young boy with whom she liked talking about sex. Her confidence and intentional use of word Dick made it clear that she was seduced by me, and was then trying to return the favor to me by seducing me. All I could manage was a heartfelt laugh and told her that she was right. I was hard. My sister was hugging a pillow at that time.

I Said Pause and then asked her, Tell me honestly, where your hand is right now? I’m sure it’s not free; it is surely touching you at the special spot. Isn’t it? She had grown too hot by then so she did not shy at all and shamelessly admitted that her hand was definitely pleasing herself. I asked, Is it inside your Shalwar or you are touching it from outside. She laughed and said, off course from outside coz I didn’t want the splashing sound to be emitted but now that you know it, Ill put my hand inside my Shalwar. And she winked at the end. We both were hot. So I decided to take a final step and said, Listen Nadia, we both are regular masturbators. And right now we both are watching a hot movie so we both are feeling the urge to masturbate. Why not masturbate right here while watching TV. We are friends so we should be open regarding sexuality. At least I have no problem playing with my Dick while you are sitting beside me. And if you finger fuck you’re Pussy, it’s perfectly fine and ok with me. Saying it, I put my hand inside my trouser shamelessly and started playing with my dick. Then looked at Nadia and gave her a go ahead signal. She was a bitch. It was difficult for her to control demands of her phuddi for longer duration of time. She was shameless as well. She threw away the pillow, and put her hand inside her shalwar. And we started masturbating ourselves. I was a quite masturbator but Nadia was not, or probably she was seducing me. There was very light rhythmical moaning sound emitting from her mouth, and there was splashing sound of her fingers slide against her wet phuddi. Both the sounds were having an effect on me. I wanted to ejaculate soon but I was also thinking about the options at hand which could benefit me in an hour or so. The movie kept on rolling.

Half an hour before the end of the movie, I again spoke and said, Nadia, enough is enough. We are friends, yet we are behaving very abnormally. I have problem masturbating while putting my hand inside my trouser. My arm is aching coz of improper posture. And I have never masturbated with hands inside trouser. I always first get naked before I masturbate. You have to stay in my room for many more months before winter comes and during those months well feel the urge to masturbate. If we do not lie the foundation for a truly frank friendship then I’m afraid well create problems for each other. Why cannot we be so normal and frank to masturbate freely while lying nude beside each other? Lights are off and in the dim light of TV Screen, even if you get a glimpse of my hard Dick, I have no problem with it. In fact I have no problem even if the lights are switched On. So what do you say? Can we get naked and masturbate freely? Nadia did not reply anything, rather did something practically? But what she did really took me with a surprise. She leaned forward towards me; put her hands on either side of my hip bone, and pulled down my (elastic string) trouser in one swift motion. She did it so quickly that I was amazed and surprised at the same time. There I was, a young boy, naked from waist below, his hand holding his rock hard dick and feeling his real sisters eyes on his dick. It was dirty, it was taboo, it was pervert, yet it was so enjoyable. So fucking hot. I paused for a moment, and then without breaking eye to eye contact with my sister, I slowly started giving strokes to my Lund. My sister had a second look at my Lund and I intentionally moved my hand to the base of my Lund, so that it becomes visible to my sweet sister with all its glory. My sister had put her hand inside her Shalwar and was breathing very heavily.

Her little breasts were rising and falling with single inhaling and exhaling. Its when I took the second step. And just as my sister made me nude, I leaned forward and with a single swift motion removed her Shalwar. My goodness! I was making my real sister, my behen, nangi in front of me. And look at my bitch sister, she didn’t resist even to the least. Didn’t even move a limb to stop me, rather only shifted her hips in a way to afford me the ease to remove her Shalwar. I could see my sister’s phuddi in the dim light of TV Screen. She had hair on her choot, and her hand was buried inside the valley between her legs. Her legs were not parted though. I kept on looking at her phuddi for couple of seconds and then placed my hands on her ankles and parted her legs. It was a sign of encouragement from me that she could finger fuck her pussy in the easiest possible posture, i.e. with her legs wide spread. My bitchy sister again did not object to it and with the light movements of her hand on her phuddi she parted her legs to a considerable angle and started fingering with some pace now. I had regained my position and was masturbating. The movie was still going but we had completely lost interest in it. We both were masturbating silently, occasionally looking into each other eyes, but most of the time looking at each other’s private parts, My sister was continuously looking at my dick and I was flaunting it intentionally to my sister, and my eyes were locked at my real sister, my sweet behans phuddi, and she was not doing anything to hide it to the least. Every second was worth enjoying. I dont know for how long we kept on doing it. But it was not long before our desires touched another height. I was not satisfied now, merely looking at my sister’s phuddi, I think the same thought was in my sister’s mind. We both wanted to touch each other.

Having gone so far, it was just matter of minutes before we could practically into the forbidden land of incest. Brother-sister incest. I first took another initiative and, again, without speaking a single word I released my dick and held my sisters Qameez (Shirt). And then I tried to lift it up in order to have a look at her breasts. It was just a hint to her that we were no longer brother-sister, not ever friends; rather we were two bodies in heat who just wanted sex. It was a hint that I actually wanted to see my sister body parts. My sister obliged me and she too pulled her hand away from her phuddi and removed her Qameez entirely off her body. All the barriers were broken now. As she removed her Qameez, I removed her Shalwaar entirely from her legs and my sister suddenly became totally nude, nangi in front of her real brother. We were not speaking to each other. It was like we were two young lovers, exploring sex and youth. Then my sister did the same to me, removed my trouser completely and I removed my shirt. Even with AC switched on, the room, the atmosphere and the two bodies in the room had become too hot. Burning with passion. As soon as we became totally nude, it was my turn to take over finally. My sister regained her position to masturbate but this time I didn’t regain my position to masturbate. Rather I leaned forward and without any hesitation. I placed my lips on my sister’s right breast and started sucking it. It was a moment of truth. My sister immediately gave a loud moan, closed her eyes, moved her left hand on the back of my head and started playing with my hair and exerted pressure of my face on her breasts, her right hand moved towards my stomach in order to hold my Lund. It was an outstanding and exceptional feeling. Just imagine guys. There was a 14 years old girl who was my real sister.

A girl who was so hot even at the tender age of 14 years. That 14 years old girl was letting her brother suck her breasts, one by one, and was searching for her real brothers Lund. I kept on sucking my sister’s breasts for some time, specially teasing her nipples with my bites. Then I switched on the table lamp to lit up the room with reasonable amount of light. So that we both could now enjoy looking at each others nudity without any bit of cover (either of cloth or of light). The light of table lamp only made the scene more enchanting and romantic. There were beads of perspiration on our foreheads/nose and we were looking at each other’s sexual parts with hunger in our eyes. Then my sister smiled and moved her hands towards my Lund. Placing it on my thighs and then slowly moving it up. The moment when her fingers touched my Ball was like electricity went through my body. Her movement continued until she finally broke another barrier. She had placed her hand on my Rock Hard Lund and had held my Lund in the tight grip of her hand. There it was, my real sister was holding my Lund and was giving it slow strokes. She had placed her head on my chest and was looking, with love and lust, at my Lund. Folks, you cannot imagine that feeling. Not only it was the first foreign hand on my Lund but also it was of my real sisters. Those who became lucky in the later part of my sisters life to have my sisters hand on their Lund will tell how soft and smooth her hands were, and how good it felt to let her masturbate Dick. Then I said, Nadia, I’m not going to Fuck you, but we can do every single thing else. We can enjoy each other’s nudity, we can enjoy masturbating each other, you can suck my Lund and I can lick your phuddi. Do you have any objection? She smiled and said No.

It’s when we embraced each other like two pieces of magnet suddenly joined together. We were kissing each other in patience less manner, we were rubbing our hands at each other’s backs, we were fondling each other’s private parts, and we were rolling on the bed. And then in the next half hour or so, we did everything other than actual fucking. I parted my sisters legs and Licked her phuddi with such a passion that she could not control her moaning, I inserted my tongue inside her phuddi and did the in & out movement. I placed my dick in my sister’s mouth and she accepted the offer without any hesitation (in the later part of my life, experiences with my GFs told me that girls are very touchy in this respect and hardly suck dicks). We were becoming too hot and we decided to release each other finally. We positioned ourselves in 69 moods with my sister sitting on me. I mean I was lying on bed and my sister had placed her phuddi on my face and was having her face on my Lund. My sister was sucking my Lund in an inexperienced manner but with lot of fervent enthusiasm. Soon I was on the brink of shooting my load in my sister’s mouth. I warned her and she quickly moved her face away and started jerking me vigorously. On the other side, I was licking, biting, sucking and fingering my sweet sister’s phuddi. She had already cum once and it was her second time. Just as I reached my orgasm and she reached hers I inserted almost my complete tongue in my real sister’s phuddi and started tasting the Juices. Then I reached my orgasm. With a grunt I shot loads and loads of hot sperm on my sister’s hands, boobs and neck. Few drops landed back on my stomach. My sister’s hands were soaking with my Semen.

It’s when my sister started having orgasm too, her legs shook and she lost control over her limbs. She literally sat on my face and I really liked this intensity of her orgasm. My face was buried in my sisters Ass and phuddi and she was cuming after we had cum, we laid there for some time, totally naked and still hot. Then we went to the washroom to wash ourselves. As it was too hot so we decided to take a shower and again masturbated each other in the washroom. Even after reaching our orgasm, there was no sign of guilt in us. We were happy for what we had done and we were thinking about future prospects. Definitely there were many more good times to come soon. This way, I was sure that I had curbed my bitchy sister’s desires for sometime at least. Shell not is so frustrated to show her body to a boy, and shell not is so frustrated to have a Lund in her phuddi. I know I could fuck my sister then and there, that day. But you see, I’m a true and loving brother. I could never compromise on my family’s prestige. I only did all it, in order to save family prestige, because, had she done all this with any other boy, he would have told all this to his friends and soon my 14 years old sisters phuddi would have been the talk of town. Am I right? Well honestly speaking, I had decided that as long as we can enjoy, without actual penetration, we should keep it only soft-core sex i.e. without penetration. The same rule applies as long as she can keep her virgin without penetration. But I had told her that if someday she finally decides that she’s going to have a Lund in her phuddi then it should be my Lund, her real brothers Lund because charity begins at home. Rest of the stories, I leave to some other time. Kindly do comment on my story, and please read the first part too and tell me did you like these stories.

After having tasted my sisters Phuddi, and after having my sister’s mouth on my Lund, I was quite satisfied, content and relaxed. Every time I got hot, horny, I had a bitch right next to my bedroom. I could avail her at any time I wanted her. All I needed was to ask her for a favor and the result was always an orgasm. She could use her mouth skills, hand job or Pussy Massage to bring me to an orgasm. Just imagine folks, a 14 years old girl rubbing her bald Phuddi on her real brothers Lund. She was a real slut. And quite interestingly, there was not even a single time when she refused my idea to come in my bed to have the Soft Core sex. It was quite astonishing that my bitchy sister was ready to have sex at any time. Few times it happened that at midnight, I felt horny and I went to my sleeping sister and rubbed my hand over her boobs or Phuddi or Gaand. Usually a person who is in deep sleep doesn’t welcome such advancement towards him/her. But that slut was so fucking hot that she would get up and without complaining that I disturbed her in her sleep, she would further my advancements. In the previous part, I have told you, how I managed to seduce my real younger sister into the realm of incest and how I managed to get all the sexual pleasures without breaking the last barrier the penetration. However it was not easy to curb the desire to put my Lund in some tighter hole than relatively loser hole of her mouth. This is the story where I took my sisters anal virginity and ripped her gaand apart. So read it on folks. Hope you like it, even those who are not anal sex lovers. At that age, she had already started having menstruation. Once when she came from her school and went in her room to change her dress, I asked her to leave the connecting door, between mine and her room.

Open so that I could enjoy the scene of her undressing. Always she used to oblige me, but that day she said that it would look dirty. I asked why? She replied that she was having menses and that if I could wait for another couple of days then we could enjoy our old sex game. I was so horny that I asked her to at least get undressed. She said Fine, and started removing her dress. When she removed her sports bra, my dick jumped to its length and consequentially I jumped to reach her. While she was removing her Shalwar, I was already playing with my sisters breasts and sucking her nipples. I don’t know in what state of mind she was, probably she was also very hot, and she suggested something which we had never considered before. She said that as she was having her menses so she could not give me the Pussy Massage because of apprehension of some blood spilling out of her phuddi which would look real dirty. Then with some hesitation that 14 years old Bitch said, Bhai aur to kuch naheen ho sakta to phir aap mere peeche (Gaand mein) Try kar lo na. (Brother, we are not left with any proper option so why dont you try putting your thing in my back).I thought to myself, why didnt this idea come to my mind previously. I wanted to keep my sisters phuddi virgin because a non-virgin girls husband can ruin life of his wife if he gets to know that she has already let someone use her Phuddi. But there is no such fear in case of Gaand. I was a stupid not to try it to my sister. I accepted it happily and with lot of enthusiasm. I was about to Fuck my real sister, my 14 years old sister, in her Gaand. And all on her own request, demand and behest. Although I was not an anal sex lover, even now I hardly fuck girls in their Ass, but at

That time, it seemed pretty decent offer. I had never put my dick in a tight hole, just my sisters mouth was the only place I had put it in. But now I was getting the chance to fuck my sisters Gaand. I asked her once again whether she was sure about it? She was such a brave and courageous girl that despite knowing her limitations, her slim figure, her very tight virgin ass hole, her very tender age and my reasonably sized 6 Lund, she didn’t even give it a second thought and instantaneously replied that she wanted to try it all by her own will and wish. We decided that it would be appropriate if we do it in the washroom, under the shower. It was the month of May, in Rawalpindi, and a moderate temperature of water would definitely give our first ever sexual intercourse a pleasant feel. Also it would give us a relatively neat, clean feel coz of her menstruation. We were so hot that we wanted to try this out immediately. We asked our servants (brother and sister in their mid-teens) to delay our dinner, locked the rooms and started kissing madly. I was sucking my sister’s lips while she started playing with my Lund. She was treating the string/cord of my trouser in order to remove my trouser. She was already in her underwear only and was nude from waist above. My sister was standing only in her black underwear with Always Ultra sanitary napkins inside. Then I lifted my half nude sister in my arms and brought her to the washroom. There I got undressed completely and removed my sisters remaining cloth. She had grown little hair on her phuddi because she could not shave it during her menstruation but still it was quite neatly trimmed.

Probably she had shaved her pubic area just a day before her menses started. Anyway, once we got nude, we again hugged and played with each other’s bodies. We kissed each other and sucked our tongues into each other’s mouth. My 14 years old Bitch sister was an expert kisser. I wonder from where she had learnt that skill. Anyway, we then turned the shower On and jumped under it. However, before that, I didn’t forget to put the bottle of Johnsons Baby Lotion on the rack. The scene was on, Nadia, my sister was standing under the water stream, her hands covering her tits and pussy. It was not because she was shy of it, rather only to enhance the hunger in my. She was just acting to be a very noble, shy and decent girl who was about to be fucked for the very first time. The water was running all over her body, from her medium-cropped hair, down her shoulders, her little but growing breasts, slimmer belly and wide hips the venue of that days treat ;) For the first time ever in my life, I noticed that my sisters Gaand was something to watch for. At the age of 14, she had not developed many breasts, but for some reasons her Gaand was that of a grown up girl. It definitely was the centre of attention of the boys in the vicinity. Such a nice Gaand and the way she used to do Latkaa and Jhatkaa made her a horny Anal Slut. My sister was bit nervous, bit confused, bit shy, bit excited. All because of her Butt. After all letting a boy lick her Phuddi was something else, but letting him actually enter his Lund in her hole (Gaand) was something else. While the former was pure and mere pleasure, the later demanded some patience, endurance and determination. She was going to get quite a lot of Pain and I was determined to give her Maximum pleasure out of this situation. PhuddI is the natural and proper channel for a boys Lund, but Gaand is not the natural way, so she could let me do it again only if she liked it the first time. I am not a fan of Wild sex. All I love is romantic sex. And it’s the quality which drives most of the girls in their teens crazy. Here too, I wanted to make it memorable for my sister.

I wanted to make slow progress and make it look romantic rather lusty. I acted as if I was approaching her for the first time, and she loved this fantasy. I looked down and saw her little but very firm and round breasts dangling a few centimeters from my chest; Water was running over them, and between her cleavage making them look like two islands in the middle of a river, her nipples seemed hard. I don’t know whether it was because of the cold water or because of her hotness and anticipation. My mouth felt dry, and had to swallow some spit. It was not easy at all. I was not an experienced fucker by then. My sister was my first. I was still in my teens. I didn’t know whether or not I would be able to put it properly in her asshole. I didn’t know how I would manage to keep fucking her while she was shouting with pain. But I wanted to do it. I was so desperate and horny. Everything felt dreamy. My prime aim was to first make her real hot and then proceed further. For this I had to act romantically and slowly, as if we were two lovers. I lifted my hands and gently touched a breast with each. They were firm and solid, somehow bit different than always. She shuddered, just for a minute. Then I slowly started to climbed up with my fingers and reached her nipples. My sister was looking at me. Her mouth was half open and her eyes were full of anticipation. I grabbed her nipples between my thumbs and middle fingers and started to rub them. They were hard and pointy, and I loved the rough moaning of my sister. With my thumbs, I brushed them softly and then flicked them, watching my sisters boobs bouncing a little. The water from the shower was running over my hands and down my arms, and covered them with a light sheet of water. Maza aa raha hy bhai?.(Brother are you enjoying?), asked my sister. She was sounding like an elder sister, mature and fully grown up, who was just enjoying the pleasure of her younger brother playing with a toy that she had gifted him. I nodded in affirmative. Bhai aap to bilkul bachey lag rahe hain. "You look like a kid who just got a new toy.", said my sister with a smile.

She was trying to ease the tension in the atmosphere and in order to lighten up the mood. We both needed this encouragement because it was going to be our first actual intercourse. Bhai please meri breasts ko choose in(Brother please suck my boobies), Nadia said. So I bent, and took her right breast in my mouth. I started by licking her nipple, tasting the water on it and the small bumps on her skin. Then I put my lips around her nipple and sucked softly, imagining there was milk in there; though all I could taste was water. Nadia moaned briefly and passed her hand through my wet hair. Slowly I took more and more of her breast into my mouth, sucking in her aureole and as much as he could of the cup. Soon most of her little breast was in my mouth. All this time, my other hand continued to massage her left boob. After playing with her like this for a few moments I moved to the other breast and gave it the same treatment. This was bliss for her. She was hot and moaning loudly. She reached down and started rubbing her pussy. She moaned and said: You are getting me wet. Ander kab daalna hy? (When will you put it in?) I then asked my sister to bend against the wall so that she could relax while I played with her Gaand. She did so and I took my position behind my sister. Her wide Ass was looking fantastic with water drops sliding through its sexy curves. I started licking her ass cheeks. She loved the feeling and was pinching her nipples. I then put my hands on each of her Gaand cheeks and spread them a little and then put my face in my sisters Gaand. It was a lovely feeling. Her Gaand was so hot, in appearance as well as in physical reality. I spent some time feeling it with my face.

My dick was painfully hard by then. So I asked my sister to use her foot on my dick in order to give it some pleasure. As these were my sisters last days of menstruation so the blood flow was little. Especially at that particular moment, it was quite neat and clean. At least I could finger fuck her. While I was rubbing my face all over her Gaand, I removed one of my hands from her ass and started penetrating her phuddi with my finger. The inside of her pussy was warm and she twitched every time my finger went it. Slowly and slowly her moans increased, turning deeper; her body shook more. Sexual energy was building hard in her fast, heading towards an orgasm. After all how much could a 14 years old Bitch take? I played with her for a long time, attacking her sensitive parts from different sides, munching, licking and sucking. The object was only one, plenty of pleasure for her in her first Anal Intercourse, and minimizing the pain. My sister was only 14 by then. And I knew that there will be uncountable episodes of me fucking my real sister before she finally gets married. So I wanted to go in slow so that she loves the sex. I wanted to let the doors open for my future fucking sessions with my sister. I knew if she loved it the first time, shell give me immense pleasure in the next 10 years or so, till she will get married. I was thinking like a pervert and I loved it. Thinking dirty about me real underage sister gave me a real turn on. It still turns me on, that’s why I’m narrating all it to the world. Believe me I like it when you guys jerk off thinking about my sister. That slut really needs all the Lund and all the Cum you have ;) I then took the shower head and started washing her ass.

Looking at the water streaming down her cheeks and into her ass crack excited me very deeply. I spread her ass with one hand, and placed the nozzle of the shower head to her butthole. The water current splashed in her ass and Nadia giggled. Anticipating an insertion, my Slut Sister handed me the bottle of Lotion with a smile on her face. I thanked him, looking deep into her eyes and then, with lot of lotion on my hand I rubbed it on her Gaand, specially in her ass crack. Then I started to penetrate my finger in her Gaand carefully. I slowly pushed my long finger into her Gaand, up until the first joint and pulled it out again. I lubricated it with some more lotion and then again stuck it in and kept it there, making half turns with my hand like a screwdriver. And with my thumb I started rubbing her pussy. The pressure on her clit, gave her a delicate massage. It helped me in diverting her attention, from the Pain from Anal penetration, towards pleasure from Vaginal Massage. My little sis moaned softly and shivered a bit. Gradually I increased my pressure, force and length of insertion. This was clearly giving her some strong sensations, as she arched her back and pressed harder against my hand. "Ohh," she said, "Bohat maza aa raha hy. Bhai bohat maza aa raha hy. Ungli aur ander daal lein.." (Too much pleasure. Brother it’s too much pleasure. You can put your finger further inside) It was a good sign, she was liking my Assault on her Ass. I was inserting my thumb in her Phuddi at the same time. Soon I had whole of my thumb in my sisters Phuddi and whole of my middle/long finger in her Gaand. Feeling an approaching orgasm, I increased my pumping rhythm. The noise of my hand flapping her genitals became louder and louder in the small room, overcoming the running water, and soon mixed with Nadia's increasing moans.

Her body started shaking hard, and she had to support herself on the wall, and started massaging herself. I didn't stop either, and explored deeper and deeper inside her with every gesture. After a few moments my sister was really losing control, her moans turned into hard uncontrolled sighs; she brought both of her hands to her Phuddi and started rubbing in vigorously (although my hand was already there). As her body was shaking involuntarily I continued to rub her, squeezing all her orgasm out. "Ah, ah, ahh" she whispered between "Bhai ab ruk jaeen, please ahista ho jaen" (Brother please stop. Please slow it all down). I calmed down the rhythm of jerks and finally took my finger & thumb out of her Gaand & Phuddi. Little Sis was leaning against the wall, slowly retrieving her breath. You can imagine the scene. A 14 years old, underage slut, standing totally naked right in front of her real brother and spreading her legs to give her real brother access to all the places where even any boy other than her husband should not venture. Then she put a hand on each butt cheek and pulled them apart, showing me her small hole. And with a naughty smile she said, Mera idea acha tha na, k gaand mein try krte hain??? (It was a good idea to let you enjoy my Ass, wasnt it)." I complained that pleasure is all hers and whatll I do with the Hard Lund of mine. I asked her to suck it but she smiled and said, Bhai, abhi to mein bohat hot hon, 5 minute mein dobara ready ho jaon gi. Aj to peeche le ker hi dekhna hy k kya maza hota hy(Brother I’m too hot even now. Within 5 minutes I’ll be ready again for sex. And don’t you worry. Ill definitely put this Lund in my Gaand.

I want to check what pleasure is hidden in penetration). I smiled & my cock made a small leap, getting all of a sudden very hard in the knowledge Ill soon fuck her ass. After relaxing a bit I again slowly buried my face between her ass cheeks. It was hot and dark, and water was flowing all over my face. I then slowly stood up, my knees hurt from kneeling so long on the hard tub floor. I looked at my sister, who was standing with her back to me and smiling over her shoulder. Our bodies joined and I grabbed her tits from behind. We then kissed each other while I massaged her breasts and she started to move her butt in circles, exciting my cock. I again put a handful of lotion and rubbed it all in her ass crack and on my Lund as well. I put my finger again in her Gaand. This time with relatively lesser effort. And then tried to put some lotion right inside her Gaand. It was tough ask, but I somehow managed to put some of lotion literally inside her Gaand. Now it could serve the purpose well. Water and lotion when joined together form a very slippery liquid. Suitable for first time Anal Fucking of a 14 years old Bitch. Then came the real moment. I grabbed my hard Lund and placed it in her crack, exactly between her cheeks. Water flowed down her back and gathered into her ass creek where my Lund was lying. Finally it received the attention I was desperately waiting for. My Lund was wet from the water and shining with eagerness to pump her behind. I started pushing the head around her ass ring. She helped me by spreading out a cheek while I held the other. My balls were burning and I felt that I had to release on her quickly otherwise I'll explode. So I pushed the tip against her hole; feeling, more than I expected, resistance. "This is probably going to hurt a bit", I told her, "but the water should help". She said, I know, just be careful." I pushed again, resolved to enter her ass. I managed to force my cock past her ring and bit by

Bit I entered her, struggling through the tight muscles. After a minute I rested, only about half of my head was inside, and I had to hold it there. My sister breathed hard and tried to relax her Gaand. She was surely feeling some pain but was amazingly determined to get fucked and amazingly silent. She was leaning with her cheek on the wall and her breasts were flattened hard on the tiles. I pushed again, feeling the anus give in and let me pass a bit. A minute later the head was entirely in, held tight in place by her muscles. I continued slowly pushing deeper inside her. The water was running all over our bodies, and my cock made a bridge between her and me. My sister used her hand to rub her clit, and I had to spread her ass wide with both hands. I clutched the ass cheeks strongly, feeling the muscles hidden inside them and as I pushed further I looked down: it was a fantastic sight, seeing my cock penetrating the small hole in my Real underage 14 years old bitch sister. A few more centimeters in and then I felt my cock's head no longer pressed by her anus. I began to very slowly pump in and out of her, penetrating her deeper with every stroke. "You like that? My cock in your ass?" I whispered in her ear. She did not respond. She was just enjoying it but at the same time she was in pain as well. I reached around and joined her in rubbing her pussy. We were moving together, my cock entering deeper with every gesture. It was not fully in, but every stroke pushed it a bit more. With each little thrust moans of pain and pleasure were emitting from Nadia’s mouth. It was very tight, and I had to be quite forceful. I could feel my cock surrounded from all sides by her body; it was pushing hard on my cock like a fat man squeezing through a narrow door. Her ass was almost milking me in, like vacuum.

My sister's ass slowly became more accommodating and I could feel my penis sliding more easily inside. I grabbed her waist and started to really pump her. Every time I took it out almost entirely and buried it in up to the hilt. My balls started to heat, and I could feel drops of cum forming in my cock. Although my speed was not too much, but it was still quite a much for a virgin 14 years old girl. And also I wanted to keep it bit longer so I had to force myself to slow down a bit. "Yeah, thats better" whispered My sister, "Its my first time bro, please keep slow. And proceeded to ask, How long will it take? Im enjoying but still I want to finish it so that I can relax a bit I said, "I'm almost cumming in your ass." I was fucking her in erotic slow motion now, amazed that her ass could take it. She moaned harder and rubbed herself faster; I grabbed her tit again and pinched her nipple. Then, I changed my rhythm and fucked her deep and slow, pushing the cock all the way in every time. I closed my eyes and felt the water all over me. Cum was amassing in my shaft, getting closer and closer to splash out into her butt. Fuck," she said through her clenched teeth," Oh, fuck me...". It was all I could take. My sister actually asking me to fuck her harder. "I'm cumming in your fucking ass..." I managed to whisper. My balls were on the verge of squeezing and making me cum. Finally I knew that I couldn't hold it longer, I told her that I’m cumming now and grabbed her Tits tight. Knowing it, my sister pushed herself/her Gaand hard on my LUN and moved it in circular motion. It was too experienced a move from 14 years old Slut. I started cuming in my sisters Gaand. I gave final jerks to my penis fast, feeling my balls sending spasms through my body. My cock started to pump out right into my sisters ass. A great sin was finally accomplished. I had not only fucked a girls ASS but it was also my Real Sisters Gaand. She had lost her anal virginity to her real brother, someone which is not approved by the society. My legs became soft and I grabbed my sister's

Head. My own head felt dizzy and mouth felt dry, all seemed turning around me, Nadia, the shower curtain, the water. All were spinning. After a few moments I stopped pumping out cum. My Lun dwas dry now from inside but from outside it was glistering with plenty of liquids. I kept my Lund right inside my sisters Gaand. I was so hot that it did not become flaccid quickly. It seemed that it take ages before being flaccid. Finally the process began and as it started losing its hardness, it slowly and automatically started coming out of Nadia’s Gaand. As it slipped completely out, few drops of Cum followed the path from my sisters Gaand and dropped on the washrooms tub floor. Some other drops followed their path on Nadia’s legs. I had shot quite a much sperm in her Gaand. We both looked at the lovely site for a while. We had committed a sin, but we both were happy to do it. We took the shower then. This time it was seriously just a Bath. That day opened the windows of opportunities for us. In the years to come, I participated in numerous and uncountable sexual episodes with my sister. In the later part, I even managed to fuck her pussy as well. Although I had not planned it, nor did I want her to lose her virginity to anyone other than her husband but circumstances forced us into it. But Ill narrate that story at some other time. Till now enjoy it, and do comment on the story.

I’m back with the next part of my incestuous experience with my real sister. In the previous parts, I have told you, how I saw my underage 14 years old bitchy sister having lesbian sex with her best friend, Saba. And how, after coming to know about the immense sexual desires of my sister, I seduced my sister into giving me the hand job, blowjob etc. And then how I managed to take my sisters anal virginity upon her own insistence when she was having her monthly periods. My sister was about to be 15 and during the course of past 6 months I had literally fucked her in Gaand dozens of time. But I was reluctant to fuck Nadia, my sister, in her Phuddi. The reason was that in the Asian culture, especially in Indo-Pak, a girls prestige is family’s prestige. A girl with bad character is a blot. And what constitutes a girls bad character? Her ruptured hymen! If the girl’s hymen is ruptured then after marriage, her husband may get suspicious about her character and it normally results in strained relationship between the spouses. I didn’t want my sister to meet any problem after her marriage. That’s why I never intended to fuck her in her pussy. At least not in the first 6 months of our sexual expeditions. I was quite contended by inserting my Lund in her Gaand and fucking her like crazy. In the beginning, I didn’t notice that my sister was yearning to lose her virginity. She was willing to get a dick in her virgin pussy, irrespective of the factors mentioned above. She had no fear of her future matrimonial life being disturbed. She just wanted to enjoy sex to its maximum and she was not satisfied with her ass being fucked all the time.

Every time we had sex, there was an urge to use her Phuddi. I knew my sister was such a desperate bitch that she would not object at all in case I put forward this option to her, rather she would welcome it. And as the time progressed and I got to know my sister better, my mind changed. There was no doubt in my mind that my sister was one of the biggest sluts of the world. At such a tender age, she liked to show off her body to boys, she had lesbian sex experience and she, very happily, allowed her real brother to do anything with her naked body. I knew that a slut like her was not going to live as a virgin for long. It was just a matter of seizing the right opportunity for her and she would be feasting some lucky chap with her virgin underage but hot Phuddi. So I finally concluded that I would be a fool to think that my sister would be a virgin on her marriage night, and consequentially I thought that I would be even a bigger fool, an idiot to let some ass-hole fuck my sister in her pussy. If she is to lose her virginity then the first Lund to enter in her pussy should be of none else but mine, her real brothers. Her attitude and habits were also that of a slut. She was being reasonably satisfied, sexually, by me, and there was no reason for her to look for other options and opportunities. But being a slut, she was not contented to me. Every time we used to go to markets she would give smile to every cool looking boy. She would purposefully bend down in front of boys just to show them her breasts. She would welcome any opportunity to go to congested places, with lot of people and rush, so that boys can take advantage of her and she can enjoy the male hands on different parts of her body. The more I thought about her such attitudes, and the more I observed her, the closer I went to the reality that it was unlikely that shell remain virgin for long. And its when I decided that Ill fuck her, my real sister, in her phuddi.

And one day, when the dusk was falling, we were sitting in our TV Lounge, watching a movie. I had hugged her softly and was making circles on her belly when I softly asked her in a low/indifferent tone, whether or not should we fuck in real sense, in natural way in her pussy. She paused for a while, kept silent for few moments. May be to lose her virginity was not an easy decision even for a slut of her stature. But slowly her cute smile came back to her enchanting face; she blushed a bit and nodded her head in affirmative. We instantly held each other in a tight hug. As it was going to be her first fuck in pussy, I wanted to be real slow. I wanted it to be romantic and I wanted it to be her best as well. Again I wanted to go slow, give her maximum pleasure and minimum pain. After all, would not a brother give this much care to his sister? ;) We planned to do it all at night so that nothing/no one could disturb us in any way. Night rolled around. I had cleaned up my bedroom, made all the right preparations, including making sure the Lotion was handy at the side table. When Nadia, my sister, got there, we had little chat, and slowly we started kissing each other. I decided that we should first get undressed and then precede our foreplay. Her shirt came up readily, exposing those wonderful little tits to my fingers and lips. I began to work lower. She had sweet pink pajama on, perfect for a little 15 years old teenager. I got her pajama untied but couldn't begin to work my hand inside them. In my suave, sophisticated manner I commented on that:"You and your damn tight Pajama" She looked up me, and said "Well You has used, pretty much, what’s inside these pajamas." Almost as soon as she said it, she gave a bit of a gulp and went a little red in the face. She surely was bit confused, excited and tense for her first vaginal fuck. I stood up and very easily picked her up in my arms. Her lips came to mine and we started to kiss heavily. I then removed her pajama. In just her panties, she helped me off with my shirt, and then started to help me off with my jeans. I was doing all what I had done on numerous occasions but this time I was acting as if it is our first fuck.

I was teasing her, to make her hot and burning with desire. I began to nibble on her thighs. I teased her pussy softly thru her panties before easing them off her, bit by bit. She was baby clean. Not a single hair could be seen there. And I liked her care for her hygiene. Her cleanness was a good encouraging factor for me to use my tongue all over her private parts. I leaned in close, and caught a deep taste of her scent. It was heavenly. Strong, and sweet, the way I like it. I began to lick. I have always been proud of my licking, and I was giving her some of my best. Her fine little ass was bouncing all over the bed; her fingers were curled into my hair and pulling. I added a finger to my tongue, driving her even higher. I sucked softly on her little clit while I slid my hands up her sides and played with her rock hard nipples. Then I did something which I had always thought dirty but at that time I deemed it just and proper to make her hot. I started playing with her asshole with my tongue. My tongue darted into her ass crack and danced around her little anus. This really drove her wild, after the initial shock of the act. Then, rocking her back and forth, my tongue danced from hole to hole, back and forth, and up around her clit. I finally let her legs back down, spread wide open and returned to concentrating on her clit. I played with it for half an hour, teasing and pleasing, till I knew it was time. Rising up to stand by the bed, I slipped my briefs off, exposing my rock hard cock. Again, nothing new to her, but she welcomed it as if it was the first full grown penis she had seen in her life. She did her magic, with her mouth, on my dick till

It was hard as iron. "Are you sure you are ready to do this honey?" I asked, giving her the chance to back out. She nodded and quietly, whispering, told me she was willing. "I'll do it real easy and slow. Yet tell me if it hurts, ok?." She whispered to me. I positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I rubbed it against her lips a few times, just to make sure she was ready. I pressed it against her hard little clit, and she moaned a deep long moan from within her throat. I was rubbing my Lund over her Phuddi. She was wet, so damn wet that her wetness was flowing to her ass hole. It meant I didn't need lotion. Yet I put large amount of lotion on my Lund and her Phuddi to make it easier for her. I pushed in slowly, then pulled my Lund out & away and then back in, then away, each time pushing a little further, a little deeper. My sister’s eyes were looking at my facial ex-press ions all the time, and I was observing her. She was biting her lips. I was about half way in, working so slow, bit by bit when I asked her if it hurt. "No, no, it doesn't hurt!" she wasn't whispering now. Her confidence was back again. I eased back up, till only the very tip of my Lund was in her, and then slowly, steadily pushed all the way into her. Her eyes went wide, she gasped and moaned, and her arms tightened round me. Did it hurt? I asked her.. She replied swiftly and smiling, No, But I could see tear in her eyes. She surely loved it and the little pain she felt showed through those tears. But a slut like her was not to back out. Did you like it? I asked again. Yes was one word answer from her and then she closed her eyes, wanting to enjoy every second of her first fuck. I began to fuck her, slow and easy. She picked up the rhythm after a bit, and her hips moved with me jerks.

Her legs were wrapping round me, her nails scratching my back. I slid my hand under her beautiful little ass, and began to tickle her anus with a finger, then gradually eased the finger inside her. It was no problem; first of all she was well used by my Lund up her Gaand and secondly because her juices were running down her ass making it as slippery as her tiny pussy. When my fingertip invaded her ass, she started moaning loudly and wildly, But this time I didn’t object, No one was in the portion we were in. My cock was throbbing inside her. She was intensely tight. I was working the finger in and out of her ass. I was giving her love bites on her neck, whispering in her ears, "Nadia, I love you. All this feels so good!" I gradually increased the pace, all the time telling her to tell me if it hurt, or if she was sore. Her only answer was to fuck back harder, and she cried out, Bhai rukna naheen, Bhai Rukna Naheen. (Brother dont stop it, carry on) After a while, I began to feel the pressure deep down inside my balls. Trying to be gentle, I was losing, pounding harder into her. I could hear the wet slurping sound that my sister’s pussy was making gripping my cock each time it plunged in and out. My body strained and flexed, and I felt the hot cum boiling up from my balls. With a long deep hard shiver, orgasm took me. I quickly pulled my Lund out of my real sisters Phuddi and started to cum. For that moment, I had lost track of the world. As I came back to my senses and opened my eyes, I noticed the mess that I had created. There was my cute little slut sister, all drenched with my cum. Cum was all over her body. Her slim waist, her little breasts and even her curly hairs, all had drops of my cum. I had cum so heavily. Then I observed the look at my sister’s face. She was looking like an angel. The heat of that bitch was appeased. She looked contented and relaxed. With closed eyes and smiling face,

She told me how much satisfying it was for her and that she would love to continue doing it in future. It was our first full sexual intercourse, but not the last one. We carried on that path for years to come. The forbidden path, the greatest sin, brother sister incestuous intercourse. But it was sheer pleasure. In fact the fact that we were real brother and sister increased the sexual excitement. In the years to come, we also started involving other people in our sexual adventures. Sometimes it was another boy, sometimes it was another girl. And once we were successful in alluring another couple of brother and sister to have a foursome in one room. It was one of the most pervert but the sexiest adventures of all times. But this story at some other time. Do comment on my story folks and care to read the previous parts as well.