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Mom Wants More

I was born in a middle class family. We were used to live in a joint family system earlier. My father really worked hard to up-grade our standard of living and ultimately somehow achieved his target. He bought a separate house for us and provided us almost all the necessities. But my mom was totally neglected by him in gaining all those material things. I always saw people eyeing my mother with a different angle and she enjoyed their poking stares undoubtedly. That was the age of my puberty. Instead of getting angry or feeling jealous, I felt strings of strange pleasures which make my small penis erect. At that age I seemed to me that my brain was being controlled by my penis. I was just 14 and my mom was 37 at that time. First I tell u about my Mom, Saima, who was a complete bombshell. She is fair with black hair, 5' 6” tall and was 36c/28/38. Perhaps she was the fantasy of every man. She used to dress up in the normal Pakistani fashion i.e.: a Shalwar & Qameez (Long shirt and a loose trouser tied with a string or elastic). It all happened when dad had gone on a business trip to Dubai for a couple of months and asked his younger brother to stay with us. It was my summer vacation so I used to just watch TV to pass my time. I noticed mom was pretty happy after the dad's departure and enjoyed a lot in my Chacha's (Uncle) company. Exactly 2 weeks later I heard that my Chacha's friend Shakil was going to visit us. She really got overjoyed as she heard that news. I always knew that my uncle was very frank with mom and both he and his friend were always interested in her. I had noticed them on my 12th birthday party when mom had invited them. They were always eyeing mom but had no chance to get near her as dad was around. I knew he was coming for mom but I did not want to interfere too much in mom's business. Finally the day came when he arrived. Mom greeted him very warmly. I showed him his room as I put his luggage in the room. By mistake I dropped one of his handbags and the items in the bag popped out. I quickly gathered them to place them back and was shocked to find a pack of condoms. Immediately my doubts about their intentions got clear. After that mom showed them our newly constructed house in Islamabad so that they could easily roam around. I started to stay at home most of the time to keep an eye on there activities. I noticed they were getting frustrated for not getting mom just in one day. It was obvious that they did not want me to know that they wanted to fuck her. One day they asked my Mom that Shakil's friend owned a summerhouse at Nathiagali (A beautiful hilly resort), just at a few hours drive from our home. Why shouldn't we go for a few days to Nathiagali Every body agreed including me as I had started to feel erotic about my Mom but we had to make plans for the next evening as mom had some work in the morning. Mom completed her tasks and informed my father at Dubai about our trip, who allowed us to go on one condition if his brother goes with us. So after collecting the warm clothes we set for Nathiagali at six pm. It was started to get dark but the mountains were looking very romantic to me. It took two and a half hours to reach at Nathiagali. During the travel Shakil who was quite an educated and friendly person started to be friendlier with me. He was telling us the jokes all the way and my mom really participated with him. I then realised, how my Mom was excited about them and too much happy. I decided to let them give a chance to enjoy. I even started to enjoy their company too and leaving my arrogant behavior behind and joined them. When we reached at Nathiagali I observed the house was newly constructed and was quite isolated. It was constructed up on the hill and the only approach to the house was a staircase had 25-30 steps. It was right in the middle of a very bushy area with lots of trees. Mom was looking quite sexy in her fitted see through, blue Shalwar and Qameez, showing her large breasts prominently. It was raining very heavily and getting too much cold when we reached there. We climbed up the stairs very speedily to get into the Veranda but due to the heavy rain we almost got drench. My Mom's dress seemed to be disappeared and clenching with her skin. Her brassier and her belly button could easily been seen through. She was giving a complete wet and erotic look in that posture. They both feasted their eyes and my mom pleasurably displayed and allowed them to enjoy. Soon she realized my presence and put her arms around her large breasts pretended to shiver in cold. Shakil immediately unlocked the door to get us in. The house had two bedrooms, a lounge and a kitchen. We put our handbags in the bedroom and selected one for mom and me and one for Asim Chachu and Shakil. After drying us out, we arranged an umbrella and approached the car as we all were feeling hungry so went for the dinner to the bazaar after settling down. It was a quick dinner because it seemed that they wanted to be home for their action as soon as possible. We sat around the wood fire to keep us warm in the living room as it was getting colder. Asim Chachu (Uncle) put on the stereo he had brought along. The atmosphere was very friendly. Then Shakil went to his room and brought a bottle of Wine. He said showing the bottle, If u guys don't mind can I enjoy this” Everybody showed no objection and allowed him to enjoy. He started to drink and then he invited mom for a dance. Mom looked at me once hesitantly and getting a gentle smile from me she moved on to Shakil's arms for a dance. I watched Shakil moving his hand on mom back and occasionally touching her butt. I saw Mom loved it but was aware of my presence. Suddenly Chachu poured a glass of whisky for himself and said, let's enjoy”. I saw from the corner of eye as Chachu went to the side table, prepared a couple of soft drinks mixing a little whisky for mom and me without knowing us. I knew his intention was to put me to sleep and enjoy with mom. I pretended to drink and emptied the glass behind me in the pot. After half an hour watching my mom enjoying dancing in both of their arms, I acted to look drunk and sleepy. Soon it was 11:00 and I begged leave to sleep. Chachu helped me to my bedroom as he thought that I was drunk. He dropped me on the bed and after confirming that I was asleep he switched off the light and went into the living. I got up very instant and opened the door a little to see them enjoying with my hot mom. I saw Shakil was now rubbing his body with my mom very freely and she was enjoying too. My Chachu also joined them and coming on Mom's backside he started to press his body too. Then he put his arms around my Mom and started to squeeze her breasts. She threw her head on Chachu's shoulder and put her arms around his neck. Mom gave a naughty smile and then turned her face towards my room. Shakil had already begun to kiss mom. Mom was also participating freely by that time. Chachu pulled her Qameez off leaving her in her blue sleeveless thin and short slip and Shalwar. Shakil continued to kiss mom all over her body, while Chachu removed the slip and her Shalwar instantly. My cock had become very hard as I watched from the crack of the door. Mom was left in her black lacy bra and panties. She took off Shakil's and Chachu's shirt and trousers. Mom was looking very sexy just in her lingerie. Her breasts were growing inside her bra. Both the men removed their underwear and revealed their cocks. They were really hard and enormous, standing like a pole. Then they removed mom's bra and panties. It seemed mom had freshly shaved her pussy and kept it ready for them. Chachu carried mom to the wooden table right in the middle of the room. Mom said erotically, I was waiting for you both for so long”. Shakil kept on kissing mom more deeply. Chachu sucked her right breasts and played with the other one. Mom's nipples were looking really amazing erect and firm. Chachu was squeezing her breasts as if he was squeezing a water balloon. Then Shakil started sharing sucking my Mom's gigantic breasts also. Both of them were planting some deep kisses all over mom's white milky breasts. Occasionally they would finger fuck her. Mom was giving out light moans aaah ooooaahhhhhh”. Mom took both their cocks in her hands and started pushing its skin up and down. My Mom was completely naked then, with her legs spread wide. Shakil quickly knelt between her legs and started to run his tongue over the folds of her bare pussy while Chachu near the table and fed his throbbing erection into Mom's open mouth. To my surprise Mom took in the entire cock. It was a really hot sight watching mom's breasts jiggle around. I noticed Mom felt a tingle as Shakil's tongue came into contact with her clit and involuntarily spread her thigh's wider apart, giving her lover better access to her vagina. She moaned deeply around the cock in her mouth and felt it twitch with the sudden vibration. She had, at first, wanted this to be over quickly, but now felt again that strong urge to please the men she was servicing. Shakil's tongue on her pussy was wonderful, and she knew she was creeping closer and closer towards orgasm. As she felt herself tipping over the edge of climax, she swallowed Chachu's cock down to the root and groaned with satisfaction. She felt wave after wave of pleasure waft over her body as her toes curled and her legs trembled and was rewarded with a gush of excitement from Chachu's cock as he orgasmed into her mouth. I saw the whole thing from the crack of darkened room. My emotions were in turmoil. I knew that I should be shocked; should be angry and jealous, but all I felt at present was a growing excitement at watching these two studs fuck my Mom's mouth and lick her smooth pussy. As I watched Chachu withdraw from her mouth with cum dripping from Mom's lips, I became suddenly aware of my own throbbing erection, and without thinking pulled my cock from the confines of my underwear and started masturbating. I could see Shakil's cock twitching between his legs and wondered what would happen next. "Shit, Asim," said Shakil as he rose from between my Mom's open legs. "Look, man, your cum's running down her chin!" "Yeah, don't she look cute like that!" replied Chachu with a grin. "Come on then Shakil," said Mom, "I suppose you want me to suck you off as well" "No way, baby! I want some of this here!" replied Shakil as he pushed three fingers into Mom's soaked and open pussy. Mom gasped at the intrusion to her body. She couldn't help herself, and as Shakil's fingers rubbed over her swollen clit, her body shook as another orgasm swept over her. "Jeez, Shakil. She's so wet now. Go on, do her now! Fuck that tight little pussy of hers we always wanted!" Shakil was already standing between Mom's legs. With his hands under her firm buttocks he pulled her roughly towards him, lined up his cock with her open hole and pushed himself fully inside. My Mom gasped again as she felt him slide into her wet channel up to the hilt. Her eyes were tight shut as Shakil began to fuck her with long frantic strokes. Asim Chachu started to squeeze her huge tits, as her pussy took a vicious pounding. Aaaaaahhhhhaaaa aaaaaa ahhaahahahahaahah”. Mom left sucking her brother-in-laws dick and was saying Oh yes. . . . Take me, Hhhaaaaannnn aur dalo .. . . aur zor se (Yes, Fuck me harder…Harder). I love u fucking me. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppperrrrr.” Chachu waited patiently as Shakil fucked my mom. After the fifteen minutes of hot and furious fucking, Shakil ejaculated his load in my mom. He was so exhausted that he fell to the side. During this whole session mom had her eyes closed. Now It was my Chachu's turn to fuck mom he gave her a minute or two to recover, and then said, "I'm going to fuck you now, you my horny bitch bhabi(Sister-n-law), is that what you always wanted" Mom moaned and said, "Oh yeah please!" He ordered Mom to get on her hands and knees. He liked it doggy style, and so did she. They were right in front of Shakil, whose cock was rock hard again and eyes were wide open. I could see everything through the crack, and it turned me on even more to watch my sexy Mom getting fucked by her handsome brother in law. He started to enter her, and his cock was so thick and long, he had to go in very slowly. It was so tight! I noticed. He kept at it though, and soon was deep inside her. It felt amazing! He slowly started fucking her, and each push felt like she would be split in two. The sight of that big cock going in and out of Mom's tight brown pink pussy was amazing. Shakil was moaning again. Chachu started talking really dirty to her, something she loved. "I always knew you are one hot bitch, oh bhabi your cunt is so tight. Do you like that big cock, you slut Ohh, take it, baby, fuck it." She started talking back "Oh fuck me Asim, that feels so good Oh God!" Soon they both had explosive orgasm together, she came so hard around his huge cock, and I thought she was going to pass out. His cock just exploded inside my mother's tight cunt, and afterwards he held onto her tight, and they both were just feeling the intense pleasure. As I saw them exploding I couldn't control myself and also exploded a huge amount of cum, sperm after sperm and sprayed on the back of the door. Then he rolled over and she hugged him, while Shakil watched. After they recovered for a few minutes, My Mother smiled at Shakil, took his cock in her moth and in her long nailed hand and started to pump it up and down. She told him he could jerk off on her. As she started to blow him off and bent forward, her pussy got exposed for my view. I saw the heavy cum was oozing out of her slit and dripping her healthy thighs. He came in a couple of minutes; he was so hot and frustrated from watching my hot mom getting fucked doggy style by his stud friend. He came all over my mom's tits and body, and then she asked him to get a washcloth and clean up his mess. He did, and then helped her to the bedroom. As I saw them approaching the room I immediately rushed to the bed and pretended to be fast asleep. Shakil hugged my mom and left the room. I was so indulge in watching and couldn't even think about cleaning the mess I had created. As he closed the door I heard my Mother's voice,” Sunny I know you are not sleeping. You have watched everything. I have seen u peeping through the door.” I opened my eyes and saw my mom looking at me smilingly. I asked, Sorry Mom, I shouldn't interfere in your business but couldn't stop my-self watching u three enjoying. Please don't get angry.” She then came to my bed kissed me and said,”Oh no son, I hope you'll keep this secret of mine. I couldn't control myself so I hope you will be my best friend too” I looked at her and said, OK Mom, If you be my best friend then I'll be with u.” She then immediately turned her face towards the door and said as she winked her eye, I can see that my young friend has enjoyed a lot. And I think we'll enjoy a lot in the next coming days of our stay here” After that discussion she went to her bed and went to sleep in no time. I watched her relaxed, calmed and greatly satisfied face for a long time then also went to sleep. From that day on I used to be with her as her buddy in every fuck party to get a satisfactory masturbatory session. Because of me, my dad never got suspicious of her illicit and hot activities.

Mother is a Whore

My mother is a whore. She"s a dirty slut who takes it anywhere and anyway she can get it. For pleasure and for money. And most of the men in the town have had their go with her. Of course to most ordinary nineteen year old guys to hear that said about their mother would be almost the most offence you could possibly cause. But I loved to think it about mine. Then again, my relationship with my mum wasn"t the average kind and she certainly wasn"t the average kind of mother. We"d always been very close, I was a shy, introverted kid growing up without many friends and she was young, sexy and fun so my mother was often like my best friend growing up. I never knew my father, just one of the many men passing through my mother"s life, she"d always been something of a nymphomaniac even as a teenager, and I had no siblings so it was just us. I had always known that she wasn"t like my friend"s mums, aside from being younger and more fun, in her attitude to family life and was well used to strange men being around at all hours.In the last six months since I had become an adult and was wondering what to do with my life and whether I could survive in the wider world without the constant support of my mother, our relationship had undergone some changes. I was now well aware of just exactly the sorts of things that my mum got up to with these men. How did I know? Because she had begun to tell me, it had started off with her desiring to come clean about the way she made her money and supported us, now I was an adult she felt I could understand and not judge her too harshly for how much she enjoyed sex with random, strange men. That"s all it had been at first, a confession, but it had become so much more that was shared between us now. Just take this one example of an average Friday night.I heard the front door slam shut from in my bedroom, that mean that the man that had been here had left, he"d been pretty quick, no nonsense and I hadn"t even seen him as he came in and left. As soon as I heard that door slam shut, I hurried over to my mum"s bedroom to talk to her about this latest encounter. She lay back on her huge double bed, my still gorgeous in her 40s mother, looking flustered and tired. Her make up was smudged and her dark curly hair was a complete mess but to me this dishevelled, just fucked look was the sexiest she ever seemed. She was dressed in a saucy pink satin negligee with one strap slipping down her arm and the hem riding up around her thigh. Aside from that all she wore were a pair of black lace topped stockings, one of which was slightly torn. She looked up as I came into the room and gave me a slightly tired little smile and patted a spot on the bed beside her."Come and sit by me, honey," she said sweetly, "I"ve got a little bedtime story for you."Doing just as she said, I walked in and sat down beside her on the bed, her hand found mine and started to stroke it gently. This close I could inhale her sweet scent intermingled with the musky odour of her recent lover. She turned to look at me and gave me another little grin."Let me tell you, honey, this guy wasn"t wasting any time at all and didn"t exactly stand on pleasantries. As soon as I opened the door for him he was suggesting we take it up to the bedroom. And that was just fine with me, I was already feeling a heat and excitement down below just at the thought of it. He was a big, strong, broad shouldered guy with perfect chiselled features, a real man"s man and once in the bedroom he certainly took control of the situation. As soon as I let my robe drop to the floor to reveal this little number I was wearing beneath, his hands were all over me. He pressed his hard manly body against mine, his hands cupping my arse and kissing all over my face and neck. Soon, his hands were all over my breasts, seeming to know just what touches I needed to get me really flustered and excited."As she said this a dreamy look in her eyes told me she was lost in the reverie as her own hand moved to grasp her D cups and fondle them through the thin soft satin."He pushed me down to my knees and pulled out his cock, it was long and thick, at least eight inches and already getting hard," she continued in a deep, sensual voice that was making my own cock twitch and become harder, "Well, you know how much your slutty mummy likes to wrap her lips around a big, thick cock, so I was only too eager to oblige when he told me to suck him, worshipping the end of his manhood with my lips and tongue as I stroked along his shaft, getting him even harder and me even wetter, so much so that I used my free hand to slide inside my panties and begin to finger my pussy. But he wasn"t satisfied with this and once more he took control. Picking me up, he tossed me onto the bed and simply tore off my panties, pushing my negligee up around my waist to reveal my wet pussy, aching with desire."She sighed at the thought as she began to caress my hand with more affection and ran her other hand along her stockings and thigh. I noticed where her panties lay in a crumpled heap on the floor, a revealing, tiny black lace thong, I"d seen it before, her arse looked amazing in it but she looked even better with her bare, shaved pussy exposed."Mmm, oh, honey, it feels sooo good just thinking about him and his toned body and long, hard member," my mother sighed again, "He pushed my legs wide open and lay on the bed between them. Running his hand along my satin covered waist and chest, he began to push his cock into my eagerly waiting pussy. He didn"t hold back either, holding me down to the bed and completely dominating the pace. And the pace he wanted was furiously fast, deep and hard. He showed me no mercy as he violently ravaged my pussy but then, that"s just the way mummy likes it, isn"t it honey? A hard, rapid shafting deep in her pleasure zone. I was sighing and moaning and screaming so hard you probably heard it in your bedroom. My body was rocking with the force of his strong, manly fucking. Just as I was reaching an incredible climax, without warning, he shot his load deep inside me. You"d have liked him, son, he"s the kind of guy that came bucketloads, it was leaking out of my cunt and running down my legs as he pulled out and put his pants back on and walked out, leaving me exhausted on the bed and feeling completely used."She certainly painted a hell of a picture, she must have known what the thought of her being violently used by a tough man was doing to me, my cock was really hard now, straining beneath my pants. One thing that"s for sure is that the memory was certainly making her feel pretty aroused once more."Oh, mmm, honey, just telling you about it is making me feel all hot and bothered once more, making me feel his hardness entering between my thighs," she gave a little laugh, "Look how wet your mum"s pussy is. God, your mum"s such a slut!"She opened her legs and turned to face me, pulling up the satin negligee, there was the sight I imagined in my mind, her shaved cunt and swollen pussy lips, wet with yearning desire. She hadn"t been wrong about her latest man either, he certainly had been one who hadn"t held back with his cum, it was leaking from her pussy and running over her thighs, staining her ripped stocking. My gorgeous mother, left used and full of cum, made me so very turned on. I pushed her further back and leaned down between her long, stockinged legs. Pushing my lips to her left thigh, I began to lick her soft flesh, lapping up the drying, salty cum her lover had left on her."Oh, oh, yeah, that"s it, honey," my mother sighed, "Lick mummy clean."I moved over to the other thigh, delighting in getting all the sticky juices from her smooth thighs. I don"t know when this had happened but somewhere along the line I had started delighting in eating the cum my mother"s lovers deposited in and on her, not only did it give me a sense of being part of her being used and abased by these men but also I had grown to love the warm salty taste of it. And there was more, right now, in her beautiful pussy."Oh, aaah, you"re such a good son, honey," my mum purred, "Your mum"s been fucked so hard and her pussy"s all full of tasty cum. Please, eat me and clean out my dirty cunt!"I couldn"t refuse an offer like that, especially coming from the woman that raised me. I pushed her legs further apart and buried my face between them. She held the back of my head and pushed me further into her. I inhaled the scent of her pussy and the odour of the man who had taken her less than half an hour earlier. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and began to run it over and around it, lovingly lapping the delicious cream pie left inside my mother by her mystery lover, delighting in the taste of his juices mixing with hers, which were flowing even more freely with my oral attentions."Aa aaah aaaaahhh, oh my God, that"s sooo good," my mother moaned as I stuck my tongue into her pussy in the desperate search for more tasty cum, "Oh yeah, eat me, lick that cum up from deep inside me. You love the taste of cum in your mother"s pussy, don"t you honey? God, you"re a kinky fucker, I don"t know which is dirtier, wanting to eat out your own mother or your desperate lust for the taste of men"s juices. Does it turn you on to think that the salty cum on your lips comes from your slut whore of a mother giving it up to any man?" She had me just right, that was such a turn on, thinking of my sweet mother used and fucked and then licking that man"s juices right out of her, "Fuck honey, I"m gonna cum too if you keep it up."Sure enough, as I continued to lick my mother"s cunt, she began to writhe and wriggle, pushing her cunt up toward my mouth and holding the back of my head until I was almost suffocating with the closeness as I rubbed her clitoris with my tongue before going back to taste the last manly juices inside her and send her on a wave of ecstasy, leaking more of her own sweet juices. Finally my mother lay back with a gasp of satisfaction."Aahh, yes," she sighed, "That was quite an evening. You"re the best cum drinking, pussy eating son a woman could have."That was just one occassion that shows off the sort of special relationship I had with my mother. But it wasn"t the first or the last time that she recounted to me her sexual adventures and I ate cum off her beautiful body. I loved how turned on it made me and her when she described the men that fucked her, she painted such a hot, sexual picture. So much so, however, that it made me really want to see what it was like, to really watch my slutty mother in action as she got fucked by a hunky guy. Finally, she relented, secretly I think the idea of being watched by her son was something of an extra turn on for her, and agreed to let me hide in her closet and watch her take on two guys that were regulars of hers.On the day in question, I concealed myself in the closet with the door enough ajar to get a good look around the room. I watched as my mother got herself ready, dressing herself in a tiny red micro mini skirt with a pleated hem that barely covered her panties and a black lycra off the shoulder crop top with ruffled sleeves. Her mass of curly hair fell over her bare shoulders and her face was heavily painted in rouge and scarlet lipstick. Her legs were bare and appeared even longer in her tiny micro mini. On her feet were a pair of clear seven inch heeled stripper platforms. All in all it was a classic hooker look and it made my mother look just like the fuckable little slut that she was.There was a ring at the door and she went to answer it, leaving me for a moment to simply contemplate the thought of her in her slutty clothes. After a few minutes, she came back into the room and now she was accompanied by a couple of guys, both big, manly looking men with bulging biceps and broad shoulders. One had blond hair cropped short and stubble, she called him Liam, the other had long dark hair and a fresh face and was called Mike. It seemed like a brief instant before my mother was on her knees and in each of her hands was a hard, thick penis. Mike"s was longer and thinner as her hand pumped along the shaft, Liam"s thick, shorter but still over six inches was the one in her mouth as she bobbed her head back and forth on it. "Oh yeah, suck it bitch," Liam moaned."God, she"s such an eager slut still," Mike grinned.Meanwhile, Mike reached down and yanked down her crop top, letting her impressively round and still quite pert breasts spill out, to which I let out an almost audible sigh. He cupped her breast in his hand and began to fondle it as she continued to stroke his cock. After a minute, she turned the attention of her lips on it too while her other hand still stroked Liam"s thick manhood. She licked in slow, short bursts around the head of Mike"s cock, gasping and sighing as she did so."Oh yeah, mmm, you guys have such big tasty cocks, I just looove to lick them."I"d heard her talk before about sucking men off and had pictured it in my head but I had never been able to imagine quite the incredible sight of my own mother, tits spilling out of her tiny top, on her knees, gobbling up a couple of huge cocks with the eagerness of a teenager and the skill of a porn star."Oh, yes, come on Rachel, you"re still the best," Liam sighed as she diverted her attention back to sucking on his meat."How about you let us get at your sweet pussy you dirty whore," Mike said."Oh, ooo, yes," my mum took her lips from the cock in her mouth long enough to gasp her approval, "I wanna feel your big, long meat inside me Mike, momma wants to be fucked good today."As she made that "momma" comment she looked directly at the closet where I hid with a lascivious grin on her face, I knew she was putting on an extra special show of it all just for me. She shifted her body so she was now knelt on all fours while Mike positioned himself kneeling behind her. As he pushed her tiny skirt up around her waist and pushed her legs wide open, she went back to slurping around Liam"s cock. Mike pulled her panties aside and pushed his cock up inside her, beginning to fuck her in a doggystyle position while she did her best to deep throat Liam, her eyes wide open and her holes and both ends filled with hard manhood.Her massive round tits wobbled back and forth beneath her as Mike took her hard from behind and, as he withdrew, Liam thrust into her throat, totally impaling her from both ends. She was completely helpless, completely at the mercy of these two strong men as they both rammed their cocks in and out of her, hard and fast with no mercy. This was my mother as I"d never seen her before. Of course I knew her as the major dominant authority figure in my life but I had seen some of her sexual side in recent months. Nothing, however, could have prepared me for the incredible sensual sight of my gorgeous mother on all fours, completely submissive before the incredible power of two studly men as they double penetrated her. It"s not something anyone ever expects to see of their mother but it was an incredible turn on."Oh yeah, take it Rachel, you dirty whore," Mike moaned, "You love it don"t you? Giving your pussy and mouth up completely to men, being a slutty, cock loving whore! Oh God, oh fuck, yes!"After a while of this, Liam pulled out of her mouth and sat up on the bed, "Come on then Rachel, you slut, I want a go at that nice little arse of yours."Once again, my mother was eagerly obliging, standing up and sitting astride his lap, facing away from him, and towards me so she gave me a flash of her full naked breasts and just fucked pussy as she slid his cock up her arse. My view was then obscured by Mike as he stood between both of their legs and stuck his dick back inside her pussy so now my mother was sandwiched between these two muscular hunks as they fucked her back and forth between their big cocks. I could just see her head thrown back as they pushed her beautiful body back and forth between them, fondling her big, wobbling breasts as she groaned and screamed."Oh, oh, oh, ah, Oh God! OH Fuck me, oh yes, aaaah," she cried, "Oh mmm, fuck momma, fuck her hard! Oh yes, mummy wants your cum, cover me with your fucking cum!""Uh, ahhh, oh, Rachel, fuck yeah, oh, I"m gonna cum pretty soon for you!" Liam groaned as my mum bounced on his cock."OK, honey, cum for me, cum on my face, soak my beautiful tits with your warm cum!" my mum groaned, "Oh yeah, my baby wants his momma soaked in manly cum so shoot your load on my face, on my tits, cum all over me boys! Cum for my baby, for my honey! Oh fuck yes, he loves his cummy mummy!"I couldn"t believe what I was hearing come out of my mother"s mouth, as two studly men fucked her arse and pussy she was directing all her moans and screams especially for me hiding in the closet watching her, she was begging them to cover her in their delicious cum and they, maybe confused by some of what she was saying, never the less appeared happy to oblige. Mike pulled out of her pussy and stood aside to allow her to get off Liam and return to her place kneeling before their cocks as they jerked off, so near to climaxing."Oh, fuck, I can"t hold back any further, Rachel, here it comes baby," Mike groaned as he shot a load of cum directly into my mother"s mouth."Mmmm, that"s it boys, cover mummy"s beautiful body, my honey wants to see my face sticky with your manly jizz and my breasts soaking in it," my mum sighed again as a second spurt shot from Mike"s cock across her cheek."I"m gonna cover those sweet tits in dirty cum, Rachel, oh God, fuck!" Liam sighed as a string of cum shot out of his cock across my mother"s cleavage.Now both guys were cumming bucketloads of sticky white stuff all over my mother, a string from Mike"s cock covered a line from her dark hair right across her face to her chin while Liam shot another string of it all over her breasts."Oh yeah, you sure can cum for me guys, my baby"s going to be so pleased to see me all sticky and cumsoaked. My honey loves the taste of salty cum and loves to eat it from his mummy"s curvy body. Give mummy all your cum, soak her face and fill her mouth, let my baby drink it down!"Her face completely covered, Liam and Mike finished up by shooting everything they had left right inside her open and eagerly awaiting mouth until there was milky white liquid leaking from the sides of her lips. Finally spent, they dressed and exited the room quickly leaving her used and completely covered in copious amounts of her cum.I couldn"t even wait for them to leave the house. As soon as the bedroom door closed, I exited the closet, not able to discard the raging hard-on that I had sustained watching my hot mother fucked every way by two hard studs and then getting covered in their cum just for me. And to me, the dishevelled, drenched and sticky woman on her knees before me was the most beautiful my mother had ever been. I knelt beside her and she took my head in her hands and tipped it back. She leaned over and I could see her face close up, she was dribbling cum, their were bubbles of it between her lips and a drop ran down her chin, there were lines of white all over her face and into her hair, a large drop on her long eyelash. She opened up my mouth and, from her position leaning above me, was able to open hers and let a stream of cum drip from her mouth and straight down my throat. I had never drunk so much in one go, it tasted amazing and it was such a turn on to see my mother, sticky with cum feeding me with it from her own mouth.When her mouth was mostly empty, I swallowed my mouthful and sat up. I looked into her eyes and kissed her on the lips, they tasted warm, salty and sticky, just the way I liked it. I began to kiss and lick all over my mother"s face, cleaning her up and eating up all the cum that I could that was all over her beautiful face."Oh, yes, thank you mum," I sighed as I licked her cheek free of a big load of white juices, "It was soooo amazing watching you give yourself up to those lovely hard cocks, seeing them penetrating deep into your pretty pussy, mum, it was such a turn-on," I sucked a drop off her chin, "And thank you sooooo much for having them soak you in tasty cum, this is the best a son could ask from his mother, I love you so much and I love cum and more than anything I love eating cum off your gorgeous body," her face mostly clean I had now switched to suckling on her sticky breasts, tasting all the manly juices that covered them as I kissed her firm nipples, it felt weird, suckling at my mother"s breasts but licking up men"s cum not milk, definitely the kind of weird feeling that made me especially aroused, my cock was still harder than ever before, "Mmmm, oh god, yes, you taste sooo gooood mum, your such a slut getting so cum covered and I love you for it.""Oh, honey, you"re the slut, really, sooo desperate for cum like a dirty teenage pornstar, you can"t get enough of it, cleaning every sticky inch of mummy"s body so eagerly. I bet you"d make a great cocksucker just like your mummy, you love cum soooo much you"d be amazing at it."And that was it, the suggestion of me sucking a cock for a shower of delicious cum was too much for me, with a sigh and burying my head in the sticky cum between my mother"s breasts, I felt myself shoot my own load in my pants, without ever touching my cock. It was strange but amazing, seeing my mother fucked and soaked in cum and then licking her clean, it seemed all my fantasies had come true, but there was more to come.A couple of weeks later, my mother surprised me by telling me she had invited around a guy she liked to fuck every now and then who was bisexual and liked pretty boys as much as hot women, she said that she"d really like it if this time I could take part in her sex fun with her. I was only too thrilled. Although, to tell the truth I was a little nervous about sucking a guy"s cock, I"d never done anything remotely like that before, but I was more excited than scared, excited about coming closer to my beautiful mother in enjoying sucking cock and being soaked in cum with her just as she would.My second surprise came as I realised that I knew this guy. He was the father of one of my school friends. Not that anything could make the situation of being inducted into bisexual sex by my own mother any weirder. He was called Kevin Peters and his son Ryan and I used to hang out a lot. Kevin was tall and quite well built with sandy hair and a little goatee beard. My mother had me let him in while she went upstairs and got ready. It was a little awkward between me and Kevin even if he didn"t perhaps realise he was my friend"s dad, we were both a little unsure of how to behave and it was a relief to hear my mother"s voice calling us upstairs. As ever, she looked stunning, today she was virtually naked, those gorgeous breasts and shaved pussy completely on view, all she wore were a pair of red fishnets and some black patent six inch stilettos that showed off those sexy legs."Hi Kevin," she said, shamelessly flaunting her beautiful nakedness, "I see you"ve got acquainted with our little cumbucket here," she nodded at me, making me blush horribly, "Why don"t you boys lose your clothes too."In a few minutes both me and Kevin stood even more naked than she was. I could now check out his body, it was skinny but well built and his cock was long, thick and uncut and, as he began to stroke it, it became hard too."That"s a nice big cock Kevin"s got there, isn"t it honey?" my mum said to me as she came over to us, taking Kevin"s hand from his cock, she began to stroke it instead with her left hand while her right reached for mine, "I bet it"s full of those juices you love so much, come on baby, why don"t you get a feel."She moved my hand so it was on Kevin"s cock, all of us standing in a triangle with Kevin"s beast sticking out in the middle of us. It felt warm and alert to touch, instinctively, I began to stroke it. Following my mother"s example, I ran my hand up and down the shaft as she kissed Kevin and then me on the lips. She got to her knees and began to lick his warm dick."Mmmm, that"s the kind of taste mummy likes," she sighed, "And I"m sure her baby will too, come and have a lick, honey."I found myself on my knees beside her, mouth open as she directed his long, hard member between my lips. It felt warm and excited at the touch of my tongue. Something about this felt right, on my knees with the head of a man"s cock in my mouth as my own mother stroked the shaft. There was a musky odour and the slightest taste of those salty juices I love so much. My mother pushed my head further down so a couple of inches of hard, manly cock were inside my mouth before she let me back off it. I"d seen her sucking cock like a dirty whore from the closet a few days before and knew just how it was done, bobbing up and down, letting it slip from my mouth to lick the veiny shaft and kiss the head."Oh yeah, he sucks cock just like his mother," Kevin groaned, "Looks like you"ve got another slut in the family, Rachel.""Mmmm, yeah," my mum replied as she sucked on his balls, "He"s a natural, look how much he loves to suck cock, he just wants the cum so much, look how hard he is."She was right, my cock was as stiff and erect as the one in my mouth. I was imagining that twitch and a stream of thick white man juice shooting out of it, covering me all over in cum like men always did with my mother. But it wasn"t to happen just yet."Oh, I wanna fuck your pussy now, Rachel," Kevin sighed, taking his cock from my mouth, much to my disappointment.My mother lay back on the bed and opened her red fishnet covered legs wide. Kevin slotted between them and slid his dick, wet with my and my mother"s saliva, deep into her pussy. She began to gasp and moan as he slid his cock in and out, fucking her with eager abandon."Come on over, honey," my mum sighed as he shafted her, "Come and lick mummy"s pussy as Kevin fucks me."I did as she asked, kneeling and leaning over my mother"s glorious body. As Kevin pushed into her pussy, I licked around her clit and along his shaft as he withdrew it. Every now and then, he would take his cock from my mother"s pussy and shove it into my mouth, fucking my face for a few seconds and giving me even more taste of my mum"s pussy juices, before sliding back inside her pussy."Aaaah, yes, oh, fuck guys, I"m gonna cum," my mother"s body shook with ecstasy, "Oh wow, OH YEAH, FUCK ME!!! It"s so amazing having my pussy fucked while my son goes down on me! Oh honey, you deserve all the salty cum you"re gonna get!!""Mmmm, I"m gonna cum for you Rachel," Kevin groaned, "I"m gonna soak you and your slutty cocksucking son!!"He pulled out and began to stroke his cock as my mother slid from the bed, her juices still leaking from her pussy and put her lips back around his cock. I joined her and soon we were both using our best cocksucking skills desperately trying to make my friend"s dad cum all over us."Oh yeah, that"s it guys, it"s coming soon! Oh fuck, two dirty cocksuckers desperate for cum. Well you"re gonna get it soon, get it all over your faces, in your hair, on your breasts!! OH FUCK, AAAH I"M CUMMING!!!!""Come on baby, drink it down!" my mum cried as she took Kevin"s dick from her mouth and pointed it at my face just at the moment when he blew his load, shooting cum right across my face.The second load I caught in my mouth, it was so warm and juicy. I"d never had cum this fresh before and it tasted amazing. I allowed him to completely fill my mouth with a couple more spurts before he turned and came across my mum"s forehead and into her dark hair. Another shot covered her ample chest, while he came again on my face so a line of cum dribbled down my chin onto my chest. In a few minutes, my mother and I were both alike, sticky hair, faces dripping with warm, salty white cum, drips and bubbles on our lips. We stared into each other"s eyes, opened our mouths and showed each other how we each swallowed mouthfuls of white liquid at the same time. It was a magic moment, a rare thing to be shared between mother and son and only interrupted by my sigh as I felt my own dick which I had been stroking spurt out all over the carpet."Oh well, looks like you"re gonna have some cleaning up to do, honey," my mother smiled at me, her lips still sticky and cum dripping from her face, "We"re so filthy and so"s the room, that"s gonna keep my cum loving baby pretty busy for now, isn"t it?"And you know what, it did. THE END

With My Nephew

Hi, My name is Subha, I am 34 years old. I lost my husband When I was 30. I am extremely good looking and very sexy even at this age. I have maintained a tight body and terrific figure as I have not been touched for last 2 years. I have fair complexion with reddish cheeks. I am about 5’10" with 40-28 -42 size body.But only thing was that had no children. I wear light colored transparent sarees with blouse. I tie the sari much below the navel and when I go out like this, people watch my boobs and navel with lustful eyes. People walking behind me never miss to stare at the dance of my shapely buttocks and admire my shapely thighs. As was alone so called my husband sister's son to stay with me.Few days back, Amit my nephew, came to spend his holidays with me and also to study.He is 16 now and is in first year of college. He is a handsome boy but we did not have any other intentions before. One day I came back from market and Amit was at home alone. The door was open and I got in. I saw Amit's room was half open and I just peeped in, saw him coming from bathroom naked, He had quite a big organ for his age. He did not notice me. I felt like rushing in and holding his tool, but did not have enough courage. I went to bathroom and fingered myself and got some relief.Afternoon, I asked Amit, How is the study going on, said no problem, it is very convenient here That night, I could not sleep properly and all the time was thinking about Amit's rock like lund and its big purple knob. After about an hour, I mustered some courage and went into Amit's room. The night lamp was on and he was fast asleep. His lund had come out of his lungi and was in semi grown form I held it in my hand and it grew in my hand and stood like a flag pole. What an enormous organ for a sixteen year old? My husband’s was half the size and I was never satisfied even when he was alive. I started sucking Amit's lund and after about fifteen minutes he came with a big splash in my mouth. I drank the cum fully. I checked to see if he was awake, but he was fast asleep (or was he acting?). I came back to my room and slept.. For the first time I thought he was string at my perfect figure. I asked him if we could go to a movie. He was very happy. We got ready and I tied my sari lower than usual. I could see Amit staring at my navel all the time. I asked Amit "What happened"? He said, "auntie, blouse button was open.Infact had forgotten to put the button because of which he had seen me in brassiere. We went in taxi to the hall. During the movie, I held his hand tightly and pushed the other hand in my blouse and made him to press my boobs and fingering my nipples. I started getting aroused. My nipples became very hard and long. I was feeling my nipples in his two fingers. After that made him feel my belly and inserted his finger into my deep navel. Slowly moved to below that so that he could start playing with my cunt hairs. Then inserted a finger in my cunt and started feeling my supple choot lips. I started burning with desires. I could not tolerate further and whispered in his ears, let's go home I got up, adjusted my sari and came out of the cinema hall. Amit followed me as if hypnotized. In the taxi, I moved my hand on his bulge in pants and he was feeling my big thighs.Once we entered our home, I closed the door, hugged Amit very tightly and started kissing him hard on his lips. I threw away my sari, blouse and petticoat and stood in front of him in my white bra and panty. Both of were fully aroused and pushed Amit into the bed room. I stripped him off within no time. He pressed my boobs on my bra and rubbed his nose on my panty, just where my cunt lips were. I think he liked the smell. He then unhooked my bra and removed my panty. Both of us were stark naked now. He admired my nude figure for a while. His lund and my nipples were fully erect now and we were trembling with desire. He started pressing my breasts hard and sucking them vigorously. I pushed myself eagerly towards him with each pessing and sucking. I held his tool tightly and started moving my hands to and fro. It had become rock hard and hot. In minutes we assumed 69 position and started sucking each others organs. When I moved my tongue around his big knob, he was licking and sucking my clit eagerly. His sharp and rough tongue was probing my choot. I was in heaven and I had never enjoyed like this. I screamed, "Ha aha, Amit suck my whole body". Even when my husband was alive, he never used to give me such pleasure. We never had oral sex. What I was longing for all my life was coming true! After some time we filled our love juices into each other’s mouths. We relaxed for few minutes when I was feeling Amit's rod and he lightly touching my choot. I felt so good.Then asked him what to do, answer was to start fucking herHe was already erect once again and his lund was moving up and down as if in anticipation. I spread my legs, placed a pillow below my big bums and invited him,to fuck me saying that she was for him, He said, "Han auntie, but one thing would like to have her ass also ". Saying so he started fondling my boobs and sucking them once again. He then started licking my choot and pinching its thick walls. I oozed once. I could not wait any further. I shouted, " Amit pls don't wait pls fuck me hard because am hungry for the past 4years. With this, he placed his tool on my cunt lips and gave a big push. It went in with chawk sound and really hurt me because it was my first fuck after 4years! I screamed "ahahahahahah, holding the pillow said to do slowly. He started moving in and out of my pussy without caring for my shouts. After few seconds, I really started enjoying this fuck. I started pushing myself upwards for his every thrust.I shouted, saying Amit pls not to stop He said, "auntie wait and see". He lasted for almost twenty minutes during which I came twice. After releasing his load of cum deep inside my choot, he rested on my body. I covered his back with both my legs and relaxed.After about ten minutes, he started kissing me again and his lund was hard in no time. He said "auntie,now from back side, feel like licking ur ass, I was taken aback. I had seen anal sex in movies, but had never experienced it. I wondered how such a big rod will get into my small asshole. But I knew that I had very big and shapely bottoms. I remembered those thousands of eyes that used to stare my bottoms greedily. I don’t know how many of them used to masturbate thinking of my big ass. I asked, "Amit pls don't do because her ass would get torn off with such huge cork?" He said, would do without hurting her.Amit made me rest on my four limbs like a dog, came behind me and started licking my ass hole. He then inserted a finger in it and started moving it in and out. It seemed as if he was lubricating it with his water and servicing it. I began to enjoy this. Then he positioned his lund on the ass hole and slowly pushed in. He put his hands through my arm pits and pressed my boobs hard. first time was hard, as cork was hard next time inserted so badly that she shouted saying to leave her because for few days won't be able to walk.Meanwhile, he started fucking me hard in my ass. I was screamed with pain He did not stop, but said, " auntie, pls don't say anything now". Now his lund was moving freely in and out of my ass and I was feeling great. Once again I started yelling with pleasure, " He came inside my gaand and at the same time fingered my choot so much that I came twice again.Amit cleaned my oozing juices with his tongue once again before we retired for the day. After that day he fucked me in all possible ways for next two weeks before leaving for his home town. I can not forget those wonderful days. I kept wondering about our relationship where in I, almost double his age became a slave for this young boys sex. Really, my choot is not liking my finger or banana any more . We had problem in front because, with Amit's cum myself conceived and was pregnant with 2months. No one knew about this other than us. After 7months delivered a healthy baby boy. Even after the delivery whenever breastfeed my son, also give my milk to Amit afterall he is father of the baby.We still have sex whenever get time. Now Amit is graduated and married. He still think of me.

Fucked My Sister after Blackmailing

My name is Raj from Hyderabad, my sister Manju is 18 years elder to me, we are 7 brother and sisters, she is third, and married having 2 children who are 7 and 5 years old. This is when my brotherinlaw started to have sex with one of his tenent. My brother in law comes from a rich family his parents are dead and he had a big house , where there were 3 tenents, two family of three, and another bachalor ,a student from near by town who was in last year of his college. To cut story short, my sister caught her husband fucking one of the tenents wife and things became bad between them.One day at about 12.30 PM in noon when the entire house was silent with every one gone to work or school, my sister went out in to the open yard of house in front of the room of the bachlor guy his name was Ramu, she swa his door open and called him asking him why he had not gone to colege, he informed that it was day off at college so he was at home, he invited her into his room. Inside the room my sister saw it was totaly disorganised, dirty cloths lying around and books every where, she said,Ramu why dont you clean your room"Aunty I don't have time, Aunty do you want some tea,my sister said OkRamu went into kitchen to prepare tea, while my sister started arranging the room, she picked up the cloths, she found a soiled underwear, it had patches of semen, she smelled it and got hot, she rubbed it and held it in had, under the bed she found porn books, like Rasvanti. She sat on the bed and started reading the book, her cunt started leaking. Ramu came with tea and saw my sister reading the porn book, "aunty what are you reading, he kept the tea on table and tried to take the book out of her hand, but she said with a smile, "so you read this book and masturbate, " Ramu sadi what to do aunty I get bored , Manju asked don't you have girl friends, he said no, then she laughed and said masturbating will make you weak, you shoould find a women , he said , where will I find a women, she said try you will find one. Ramu who was wearing a lungi started rubbing his cock, and looked at my sister and smiled , he came near her and asked will you let me fuck you, she smiled and said ,so you want to fuck me , because i asked you to find a women. Ramu kept his hand on her shoulder and said please aunty. she said Ok go and close the door first. Ramu ran and closed the door of the room and when he came back my sister was on lying on the bed.Let me tell you about my sister, she was that time 37 years old, 5 feet six inches tall , 36 DD size breast, wheatish color big buttocks and thich thighs, she was average looking but very sexy, with lots of folds on her waist, her buttocks were best part of body after her breasts.Ramu came and looked at her lying on bed , with the saree removed from her breasts, Ramu sat besides her and kept his hand on her breasts and pressed them, Manju sighed, and kept her hand on his thigh.Ramu was not wearing any underwear and the cock was getting erect, Ramu pushed his hand in her blouse and bra and pressed the breasts hard, and kissed her lips and pulled the saree and pushed his hand under her petticoat and started rubbing her cunt, he pushed his finger in to cunt which was wet with her juice, then both of them got naked and my sister started kissing Ramu's cock and sucking it, Ramu started moaning, and then sudddenly started hooting his juice in my sisters mouth. After resting for some time , my sister started rubbing his cock getting it hard , and then they fucked lying in missionary position, kissing each other and pressing the breasts. this was the begning of a long relation between Ramu and my sister.My story starts here after, one day i went to my sisters home in noon and not finding her in her house went out searching, and heard the sounds from Ramu's room, and peeped inside, to my amazement I found Ramu fucking my sister and then , they started sucking each other in 69 position, finally Ramu and my sister ejaculated and lay on each other.I called her name asking wether she was there.She did not answer.I went back to my sisters home and sat waiting for her, ag=fter half an hour my sister came in , and asked me as to when I came I told her about 45 minutes back, and asked her where she had been, she said could not answer and was worried, I said i know where you were and what you were doing with Ramu, she started weeping and begging , dont tell any one about this , I said why do you do this, she kept crying , and came near me and kept her head on my shoulder saying you will not understand, I could feel her breasts on my chest as she leaned on me, weeping , I started getting a hard erection and could feel the heat of her body as she had come just after few minutes of getting fucked.I put my hand under her armpit and held her, I sid what will happen if I tell this to our father, she started weeping loudly and begged me not to do so, and that she would not do this again, and will do whatever I wanted.this gave me the idea to fuck her, so I said I will keep quite if you give me what I want, she said OK. I slowly pressed her swell of her breasts from side and pulled her more close to me, she could feel the pressure of my hand on her breasts and I think she understood what I wanted, she looked at my face, i then planted a kiss on her lips, she was shocked and pulled away, and said what are you doing, I said i want to fuck you, if you don;t allow me I will tell every body, she said it is sin, I said i don;t care I want to fuck you now, saying this i grabbed breasts and kissed her hard, she ressisted for some time but when I threatend her again, she yielded, and kept qite as i pressed ber boobs and pushed my hand inside her bra, then removed her blouse and bra and started squeezing the tits hard, now she was enjoying the sex. Then she said wait let me remove my saree, and then she pulled her saree and petticoat. i removed my pant and shirt and both of were naked, i spread her thighs and kissed her cunt, she shivered and then pulled my head to her cunt asking me to suck hard.after sucking her cunt for some time I gave her my 7 inch long and three inches thich cock to suck, she said youu have a very big cock, and started sucking it taking it deep in her throat , she licked the glans and the shaft of the cock and then spit on it and sucked it some more. I told her that I wanted to fuck her now. She lay on the bed with her thighs held high and wide, I sat between her thighs and kept the cock head on the mouth of her cunt and rubbed the clitoris for few minutes, she could not wait any more so she pulled my buttock in to her cunt thus pushing my cock deep into her, i then started pumping her cunt with long deep strokes,and after 15 minutes she started screeming that she was about to cum with this I also started to shoot my cock juice into her cunt, pushing my cock deep into her womb, planting my seeds. I then dropped on her breasts and she kissed me deep and said it was best fuck she ever had. I continued fucking her for more than one year.

Busty Aunt

I was a young boy with all the normal urges and was attracted to girls and the like, but I never did anything remotely sexual apart from masturbation. At the time, my father was in Germany for a short period and my elder sister was away at a college camp. I had just come back from my school. Due to a power failure at school, we were asked to go home early. I had a key to the house and entered abruptly inside. I heard no sound so I just went into my room. I changed into my home clothes and was thinking of visiting the toilet for having a wash. I barged into my aunt's room (the toilet is in my aunt's room) and was thoroughly shocked and embarrassed by what I saw. My aunt was totally naked, though I could see her only from behind, with her long hair falling over her back. She had just come out from a bath and her body was still glistening from the drops of water on her body. She immediately realized that someone was in the room and screamed. She turned slightly and saw that it was me. At the same moment she realized that more of her body was being exposed. She muttered something and rushed into the toilet in embarrassment. I was shell shocked at what had just happened. Obviously my mother was casually dressing up thinking that no one was in the house. But the whole incident shook me up. I remember that when I came out of the room, I was trembling and sweating. The rest of the day was extremely awkward. My aunt refused to make any eye contact with me and I was feeling too odd to look at her anyway. That night, when I went to sleep, I just couldn’t sleep. No matter what I did I couldn’t get the sight of my naked mother out of my mind. All I could think of was her naked back and huge buttocks, with her tresses falling over them, and the slight glance I got of her breasts. I realized that I was having a huge erection thinking of this and I was disturbed and confused. I tried to get my mind off her by thinking of some of my favorite babes, I even masturbated twice thinking of them to relieve the tension that was building up within me. But at the end of it, again my mind went back right there. With great difficulty I fell asleep. The next day I woke up late and my mom came to wake me up. She was dressed in a nighty and as she bent over to wake me up, I suddenly woke up and I saw again her cleavage thru the neck of the nighty. Now this was a sight that I might have innocently seen hundreds of times before but suddenly this took on a totally different meaning now. As I stared at her I immediately got an erection and my mom became aware what was happening and she briskly walked off. As she walked away, I realized I was staring at her backside and suddenly all the things that seemed normal, no, insignificant earlier, became reasons for me to get more and more lusty. I felt a new lusty feeling in my loins which was making me very guilty and I somehow brushed it aside. I quickly had a bath and left for school. I admire my aunt though! She behaved as though nothing had happened. In the afternoon when I came back, she just served me lunch and was talking cheerfully with me. But every word that she spoke, every movement that she made was maddening me with lust and I then decided that something must be done about it just to get this out of my system. My aunt had gone to sleep in her room and I knocked on the door. My aunt opened it, looking very sleepy indeed. Again her hair was loose. She was looking like an angel. Now my mother was 38 years old, but she still looked pretty, though she was a little on the fat side. I was staring at her face, when I heard her say,” What is it Anand?" I said Mom, I need to speak to you about yesterday. She immediately blushed and as the color rushed to her face, blood rushed to my loins! I told her that I was unable to forget what happened yesterday and that I cannot get it out of my system. She asked me to sit down and told me, "It is unfortunate that this happened, but that since I am your aunty, it is ok and that we can try to forget it with time. Just try to knock before you come in next time". I said I was sorry about the whole thing and genuinely asked if I could sleep with her in the afternoon for a small nap. She smiled and said ok. I was convinced by what my aunty said and genuinely decided to forget about the whole thing. I just lay down on the bed and tried to sleep. But that was not to be! My aunt soon fell asleep. As I watched her, I saw that her chest was going up and down and her breasts were softly straining against her blouse. Her sari had come loose and her blouse was fully exposed. Again my lusty feelings resurfaced. I got closer to my aunt and slept with one leg over her leg as many children often do (innocently though). She didn’t wake up. I then softly placed my hand over her exposed blouse and came really close to her. The warmth of the aunt's breasts are what help the child in developing and growing, but here all they were doing was to madden me with lust. I lay like that for some time and soon the tension within my penis was unbearable so I got a little closer to her with my entire body in touch with her and started rubbing my penis against her thigh. I did this slowly to start with so as not to wake up my mom. But as I approached a climax, I lost control and started rubbing against her violently. My aunt woke up at this point to see me in a wild state with a hard penis rubbing against her thigh thru both our clothes. She screamed at me to stop, but nothing could stop me, I just held her tight and completed my orgasm with all my clothes on. It was the best feeling that I had ever had in my life and now that this had happened I knew that everything would be different from now on... My aunt pushed me off and shouted at me for what I had done. I tearfully begged her forgiveness but said that now I could not control my desires anymore. I begged her, "please aunty , let me just see you once again as I saw you yesterday, or I will die this very moment!" No way, she screamed. This went on for some time and I finally said that if that was what she had decided, then I will commit suicide, and I meant it coz I could now no longer think of living even a moment without her. In tears, she finally relented and said that we could do this just once, but then after that if I forced her again, SHE would commit suicide... I agreed immediately and rushed forward to hug her. I kissed her on her cheeks and as I moved towards her lips, she resisted for a moment, but then gave in. I nearly tore of her sari and saw her now in her blouse and petticoat. Her beautiful navel was exposed and I swooped down to kiss it, at the same time fiddling with her blouse buttons. As her blouse came off, her lovely huge breasts were nearly exposed. It was the first time I was seeing breasts and I nearly came in my clothes just seeing them. I turned her over and released the clasp of the bra. When I turned her over, I saw the most beautiful sight in the whole world. My aunts's lovely breasts with gorgeous nipples. I just started sucking at them naturally as I must have done as a baby, but this was in a totally different setting. As I sucked away, I could feel her breathing getting heavier and I knew that she was getting aroused. I now proceeded to take off her petticoat. As her "thunder thighs" got exposed, I kissed her legs from the feet upwards towards the centre of her, no, my existence... There was only one flimsy piece of cloth between her felinity and me. I asked my mother to take it off herself. She refused and told me that since it is you who wants this, it will be you who will have to break the final barrier of shame. I turned over my mother and slowly pulled down the panties. As I slid it off her ankles, I again saw that sight which I saw yesterday. I started to kiss every inch of her back and came down to her large buttocks and started to lick them. I could see my mother twitching and squirming in arousement as my tongue drew lines down and between her buttocks. I took off all my clothes and I then slowly turned her over. As I did this, she covered her face in shame. And there it was! That supreme spot of feminity which every chaste woman covers zealously for her entire life, to be revealed only to her husband. It was now there in all its glory and the very sight of it made me come. I just couldn’t control the torrents that came out of me and it spilled all over the bed and some of it fell on my mom. This aroused her and she gave up her guard for the first time. She tenderly pulled me towards her and kissed me on my lips. At the same time, she reached out for my penis and completed the act for me... She then smiled and asked me if I would like to see and enter that passage thru which I had come out 15 years back. I simply thrust my lusty tongue towards her vagina and started licking, kissing and sucking for all I was worth. My aunt was already wet and this was obviously the first time someone did this to her(including my dad as she told me later). She had an orgasm in less than a minute. She then told me to lick her butt hole. I hated the thought for a moment but then as she turned over and revealed her beautiful backside to me all my apprehensions were gone. That sight of yesterday kept repeating in my mind as I licked her and rubbed her feminity with my fingers. She came a second time in minutes. Now I begged her, "Mom can I please make love to you?" She said, "Yes but only my backside. I willingly started to shove my penis inside her tight passage, I was squeezing her lovely breasts at the same time with an animalistic intensity. I soon came and now I wanted her totally, with no restriction imposed by this world. I turned her around and begged her, mom, I want you, please don’t disappoint me. She agreed and parted her legs so That I could enter her. At that moment, I paused for a second, this was definitely the last barrier of shame, the greatest sin ever. But the sight of her willing angelic face smashed my guilt and I once again entered that deep passage from where I had come out years back. The closeness to my mother was always there all these years but that closeness cannot be compared to this. My head went into a spin as my aunt squeezed me closer and started panting. This was the first time she was doing this in many years and she wasn’t about to lose anything on this experience. Soon all the life force that I had was concentrated in my testicles and I felt that they were going to explode in pleasure. I screamed aunt I am coming, mom, be mine, forever! In response, my mom said, I love you Anand, I am yours from today! At that, my testicles and penis literally exploded with a gush of love smashing thru the narrow, tender passage of my aunt's orgasming feminity and we were one at last! I was thrusting into her for at least 2 to 3 minutes and I felt like I would never stop coming. But it came to an end after what felt like an eternity. I lay inside her for several minutes as she held me tightly... We lay naked with each other for several hours and we just touched each other tenderly with frequent kisses. My aunt now asked me if I was satisfied and teasingly asked me if I would now leave her alone. That was a question to which both of actually knew the answer and we kept encountering that same point for many years to come.....

Happily Ever After

My name is Meha , from a small town somewhere in India, I had just turned 16 when my 24 year old cousin (mothers sisters son)Jay came back to our town from the US where he was working to get married to a proper Indian girl. When I saw him I fell in love with him although he didn’t notice me at all. His parents were searching for a girl for him. It seemed my fate to marry some local boy and settle here…..but I wanted to be married to Jay and live in the US. I was ready to do anything and was desperate not to get married to some local boy….So I thought of something that would make sure that I got married to Jay.I planned it such that it would be a day when both my mother and father went away to a temple in the afternoon at 1 and wont be back until the evening. My little sister Hema who is 14 was at home so I made a plan to get rid of her too, I gave her money to go to a movie at the local theatre and thus she too wont be back home until 6. Once my sister left I went and called Jay and told him that my father wanted to see him at my house and told him to come over at 4.30. As the time was already 3.45 I rushed and had a bath and then went to the room that me and my little sister Hema shared. I wanted to wear something sexy but since Im a simple homely girl I had no sexy clothes….then I had an Idea and started to get ready with a purpose.I looked at the mirror now after I had finished dressing up….I measured 34-30-32 and was about 4inches taller than my sister Hema who was just 14 so I had worn one of Hema’s Ghagra Choli. The choli was red in color and very tight for me, the top two buttons were undone as my breasts were too big to put them properly and to reveal the top of my breasts. The choli was really short for me, it ended well above my belly button revealing my smooth stomach. I was also wearing a nice black skirt with lots of embroidery.I covered my top with a dupatta and waited for Jay to come. He came to my place exactly at 4.30. He said Hi to me and asked me where my parents were. I told him that they had gone out and would be back soon and that he can wait in the house.He sat down on the sofa and I gave him refreshments and sat down next to him. Since I was wearing a dupatta he didn’t know that what I was wearing underneath!!!“Its very hot here isn’t it??” I asked Jay.“Yes it is very hot here…..” he said.“You are sweating a lot!!” I said to Jay.“Its okay its nothing…” he said.I removed the dupatta and started to wipe his handsome face, he said “No, No its okay!!” and pushed away my hand and when the dupatta saw what I was wearing…..He was looking at my hot body, his eyes stared at my curves and lines…..I could feel him fuck me with his eyes…“You look…..very nice….” Said Jay.“Thanks……you look very nice too…” I replied.But Jay was too busy looking at my body than to reply me. He wasn’t looking at my face at all…..he was staring at my breasts and my stomach…..Hema’s choli was soo tight that the choli looked like it was painted onto my body.I slowly picked up a glass of water and acted like I was going to drink it and poured it onto choli and made it look like a n accident…“Oh my god!! My Choli!!! Its wet!! Jay quickly wipe it quickly before the material gets damaged!!” I said…He took my dupatta and started to gently wipe my choli….I felt his hands on my breasts, I was getting turned on soo much!!! He then began to wipe the water off my stomach with the duppatta and once again his hands travelled upwards wiping my neck and the V-neck of my choli.I couldn’t wait anymore!!! I was really horny……I got up and told Jay that I wanted to change the wet choli and went to my room….I waited for a minute before I called Jay to the room…..He came in and asked me why I had called him…“I think the water has shrunk my choli….can you remove the buttons on the back?? I cant remove them…” I told him…He started to move behind me but I stopped him…“Don’t stand behind me….Im not wearing a bra!!! If you remove my choli from the back you will see my back fully!!! Stand in front of me and remove it!!!” I told Jay..“O…O…Okay…” said Jay…he sounded like he was drunk!!! I was sure that he was as horny as me.He almost had to hug me to reach behind my back and undo the choli…I felt his hands rub on my back searching for the clasps that held my choli…there where three clasps on the back of my blouse. He removed one….his hands searched for the second clasp….and then he found that and removed it too, and finally the third clasp….he removed it and the choli fell of my body and onto the floor.For one whole minute we both did nothing…Jay kept staring at my breasts and I kept staring at Jay…“Wow!!” he said finally His hands moved forwards and grabbed my breasts and squeezed them….“OOOH!!!” I moaned.His hands then began to feel up my body….his lips and mine met and we kissed for a long time, His hands squeezed my ass making me moan again…He pushed me onto the bed and jumped onto the bed also…..he began to kiss my stomach and my breasts, his hands explored my whole body as I lay there moaning under him….I ripped off his shirt as he was kissing my breasts and cast the shirt aside…I ran my hand up and down his back and grabbed his hair and kissed his lips once more…pure pleasure spiked through my sixteen year old body.His hands pushed up my skirt and rubbed my thighs and legs causing me to whimper and moan…I grabbed his head and pushed it into my breasts…..he kissed and sucked my nipples…..My eyes rolled up and my body moved like a snake from the sensations he caused in my body.“OH MY GOD!!! I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!! Screamed Jay as he pulled off his pants…I saw his rigid 7 inch cock for the first time….it was one of the most awesome things that I had ever seen and now its going to go in me!!Jay pulled off my skirt in one quick flick and saw me naked for the first time….“You are beautiful!!!” he told me…I spread my legs and waited for him as he lowered himself into position. I felt juices oozing out of my pussy in anticipation of being fucked.Then Jay finally plunged his cock in me and began to hump me like a wild animal….It was the most awesome thing I had ever done in my life!!! Sexual Pleasure flooded through me as my cousins cock slid in and out my pussy…I started to moaned and moaned as his penis pushed further and further in me….I had never thought that sex would feel this good….I grabbed his shoulders and dug my nails into his skin…his hands travelled up and down my body as he rammed himself into me.I ran my hands down to his hard firm ass and squeezed it and helped him push his cock into me harder and deeper!!!!“OOOOH!!!! OOOOOOH!!!!! YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! FASTER!!!! FASTERRAAAAAHHH!!!!” I moaned from underneath the man of my dreams…His body rocked over me….he too was groaning from pleasure!!! This is what I had wanted…I wanted this feeling to last forever!!!“THIS IS IT!!!!” He yelled….His body went rigid and he started to groan….My pleasure peaked as a bright white light blinded me……I was having my orgasm!!! I felt red hot cum spraying inside me…..“OOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EEEEEHHH!!!!!!!!!EEEEEEEEEEHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!OOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!” I moaned as his cum entered me….I moaned and moaned and moaned as he came in me and my back bent like an arch from the pleasure..……it felt like hours and hours as my orgasm and his lasted…..“OOOOOOH!!!!OOOOOOOOOOH!!!!OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!OOOoooh!!!oooh!!!” I moaned and finally collapsed.He too shot the last of his cum in me and collapsed….his head fell on my soft breasts and I hugged his him….tears flowed out of my eyes from the love I felt for him….He finally exited me and fell beside me…..there was his cum all over my clit and my cum was all over his cock….I rubbed my stomach knowing that a part of him was inside me now…his cum swimming inside me…trying to make me pregnant….somehow the thought of that turned me on….Before I could open my mouth to say something the door to my room opened and my little sister Hema came in….she saw the both of us and screamed and ran away before Jay could get up and stop her…Jay and me quickly put on our clothes…..I wondered what Jay would say next but he just hugged me and kissed me gently….he went to the puja room and came back and put some kumkum on my forehead….I was so overwhelmed that I started to cry with joy!!Hema told my parents that she had seen me and Jay naked and they put two and two together….they thought that since Jay was from the US he had just used me for sex….. But Jay explained to my parents that what had happened is in the past and that he loved me now….he convinced my parents that this was for the best….and that it was his fault that we both had sex and not mine….(HA HA!!).We were married the very next day at a temple and the week after our wedding me and Jay had sex 56 times in 7 days!!!Now 3 years later I am happily settled in the US with Jay, he has had a little trouble explaining why his wife is so young but he doesn’t mind….I keep him fully satisfied in all ways….we have sex at least 5 times a week….I gave birth to a child exactly 10 months after the first day we had sex( so he did make me pregnant the first time…)…..We are already trying for our second child… and hopefully I wont get pregnant during the first attempt itself..

Sister in Moonar

I am Stephen Mathew. This is a real incident which occurred last summer we live in kottayam in Kerala. Our father John Mathew is a retired army officer. He owns a security service in kottayam. Mom Aeliamma is a teacher in a convent school near our house. My sister Annie is married to Eric who is working in US as computer engineer and they both live in Chicago. I am in my final year engineering college. Last summer my sister came from US to spend the vocation with us. The first ten days went very fast by seeing her friends and relatives .I also accompany her in my bolero. She is very free with me and even we transfer sex jokes along our rides. We got bored in 10 days and we planned a trip to our cardamom estate in Moonar mom and dad did not accompany us because of their tight schedule in their duties mom had to valuate exam papers and dad had a recruitment and training for new security personals. So we started our journey to Moonar by 7 in the morning .As my Bolero is air conditioned and I played the music much louder to enjoy the zigzag road ride .my sister was wearing a t-shirt and midiAnd I wear a cotton shirt and shorts. By 10 am we reached the mountain road which was not much crowded. I parked in a bar and carried two cartoons of strong and lager beer. When I entered the car my sister asked me to buy some chilled beer and snacks. I bought 4 chilled lager beer and some roasted cashew nuts. Sister opened the first beer as I started driving she tasted a gulp and handed it to me and she also opened one. We rode in a very jolly mood I removed my shirt and got free. My sister complained that men can open their shirt any where and before any body. I said that I don’t feel difference in men and women and they have equal human rights. As soon as I said this she pulled off her T-shirt and was sitting with a sweat wear which revealed most part of her cleavage she pushed her seat back and relaxed then opened the second beer for both of us. As soon as finishing the beer she complained that her denim midi felt uneasy and unzipped the middi. Then I got bolder and asked what about your sweat wears. She told that it is also uneasy but if some highway patrol police stop for checking it will be ugly to sit half nude in front of them. My mind began to turn wild and my cock made a tend in my shorts. She giggled on seeing this and said why men get aroused on seeing girls thighs and cleavage .I said that this cannot be explained because you are my sister.By 12 noon we reached our estate, the coorga opened the gate and gave a brisk salute. We reached the bungalow and went to our rooms to open the tank and fresh up. The caretaker carried the luggage and beer cartoons .After freshen up we went for our meals. It was a delicious meal with wild chicken, rabbit, and some birds. I drank rum (army) and sister drank beer. After a little nap we got up and took a ride into the dense forest for hunting. We rode in our Bolero into the dense forest about 15 km from our bungalow and 5 km from our estate boundary. People don’t come here in the after noon and our estate worker does not come there because Cardamom plants are mostly cared during harvest season only. Annie was wearing a white thin cotton shirt and a short mini skirt (shorter than midi which went till the lower thigh 6 inches above the knees. I was wearing a hunter’s suit (denim shirt and tight shorts). While our ride she said that she had to collect some leaves to preserve in herbarium. I said ok and we got down our Bolero and trekked on an animal path way the path was very slippery and a little carelessness may cause a fall.As I was wearing trekking shoes I walked griply, but Annie was wearing a high heels foot wear and also she was making a cats walk humming an English song .she was walking by my back. Suddenly I heard a loud cry and turned and saw Annie in an awkward position. She slipped from the path and was lying on an invert position. Her miniskirt went above her hip and her loose fitting shirt had rolled above her bobs. For the first time I saw by sister fully nude and at once I got an erection. I helped her to the way but she could hardly walk so I lifted by her right shoulder placing my hand under her arms now her 36” bobs were in an intimate touch with my back and my right hand . She was also enjoying the feeling and forgot the pain in her thigh .Her dress were soiled due to the marsh .I suggested to return back to the bungalow .But she refused that if they go right in this situation there would be a great grief among the workers and all will come and console her . So she suggested to go to the stream and wash the dress. I lead her to nearby stream which was running through the rocks with water falls .The water falls was surrounded by rocks so nobody from outside can see any body near the falls.She went near it and removed her dress completely and was standing nude and washing the dress. I was turned in other direction. My Annie called me near her and asked are you shy. I told that you are my sister and it’s wrong to stare her naked body. She told that ‘you bloody basted; you stared at me when I was lying on the mud during the fall and you did not try to cover my privates or close your eyes, nobody is here so come near me and help me to take a dip in the falls”. I went near her my cock got erect but I did not want to show to my sister. She held my hand and shoved her head inside the falls. The water splashed from her head and my dress became wet, so she suggested me to undress myself. I hesitated but she opened the buttons of my shirt and pulled down the trouser zip. My trouser circled around my legs and fell on the rock. She pulled me closer to her so as to push my head into the falls. My cock stuck straightly on her pussy mount and it began to pulse. She caught hold of it and said that your cock is very beautiful and began to stroke up and down of its length. I hugged her and planted a French kiss, she accepted it and our mouths were locked nearly for 10 minutes, our tongs were licking each other. I got courage and pressed her both bobs and began to squeeze like Mozambique oranges .She started to moan in pleasure and came out of the falls and lied on the rock which was smooth as marble flooring .She raised her legs and spread as much as she can and spread her pussy with her fingers.Till that day I had not viewed a real pussy but I have seen on the net and in some magazines. I bend on her and kissed her pussy, the sweat aroma addicted me and I began to shove my tong deep in her pussy .She was raising and grinding her pussy on my mouth and archer her back to give it full assess. Her juice was flowing like stream and I did not miss even a drop. She got continuous orgasms and lay like a spread eagle. My cock was paining in full blossom and she noticed it. She asked me to lie over her in 69 so both can taste others part. She took my tool in her mouth and gave me a deep trough. I was about to come so I raised a little but she pulled my buts and let me not to pull out. I climaxed and let streams of semen deep in her mouth which even over flowed some before she swallowed. I got up from her and went to dress she pulled my legs and I fell near her. She said that the dresses are wet and it will spoil the Bolero seat and so we can wait for some time until the dresses dry. I accepted and sat near her nude. She caught my cock and examined its length and girth.I asked her that whether she has not seen such cock before. She broke into tears and said not. She added that her hubby Erick had only laid her four or five times since marriage. I asked whether he is impotent. She said that he spends most of the time in his computer come to bed late in the night and fall asleep immediately. She could not lie with any body else in US because she is a house wife and she cannot get ones company. I consoled her and said I have sexy feelings with her since my 14th age and I use to masturbate fantasizing her. She asked me that then why did you waste the time when we were at kottayam and said that she also used sexy jokes and double meaning conversations to initiate me. I said that if you are not my sister I may have laid her on the second day of her arrival. She bends forward and placed a kiss on my cock and licked its tip and said tear my pussy and make me a mother. I said that we can do it when we reach our bungalow and in the bed. She asked why not here, I said my knees would get sore by kitting the rock. She said “you fool whether you have heard our traditional keralite position, woman on top.” She asked me to lie still on my back and she will do all the things.I lay on my back and she got on my top and guided my cock in her tight pussy and began to do. Her bobs were jumping to the rhythm of her fuck. I held her bobs to support her humping. Finally we both got our orgasm and she relaxed as if she had jumped out of fire. We returned back to our bungalow by 7 pm. Dinner was ready with bon fire and tribal dance. I asked our caretaker to bring chilled beers, he said that it can be had at day and now there is Sarayam (arrack) which was specially brewed for our father’s security service and it will warm us from the Moonar cold. The party started and the tribal girls danced bare breasted I looked Annie she was feeling uneasy with her midi and blouse and whispered in my ear whether she may join the dance . The other one dressed was our maid I looked at her she under stood and removed her blouse and joined the dance. Annie jumped from her seat and mode a striptease she took of her dress one by one and finally she tossed her bra on my face and the tempo of music increased all the girls began to strip their under covers also.Food was served to men and I asked Annie to have food. The food was fire roasted boar (wild pig) and tapioca. Annie sat by the table nude and the dance continued until we finished our food then all were in full booze and each men picked a girl and disappeared in the dark. I and Annie went inside the bungalow and locked the door while our care taker took the maid holding her breast. We went to the same bed room and hugged air tight. I took Annie’s bobs in my mouth and sucked like a child and screwed the other nipple with my fingers. Then I laid her on her back and teased her kissing her from head to toe. She was moaning in ecstasy and said “don’t tease me I will die so put your wonderful cock in my burning pussy and cool it”. I jumped on her top the imported bed bounced twice. I put my dick in her hot pussy and fucked for nearly one hour (effect of arrack). We had our fuck four times that night and another one in the morning by 7 am we ended the play when the care taker rang the bell for our breakfast. Our two bed rooms had a connecting door and individual doors to the dining hall. I came out of my door and she had slipped through the connecting door and came out through her door so the care taker can’t notice our play.We spend 15 days until we had a call from our mom that there is only 5 days for Annie to leave. So we spend one more day by making my Bolero a purpose Break down. The 16th day was more wonderful we went in the woods and kept our dresses in the bolero and spend the whole day like Adam and Eve. We sucked fucked and even tried her ass (but we failed her ass was so tight that my tool may get a fracture) .We packed up and rode to kottayam by 4 pm and reached at 9 pm. Mom had prepared a delicious dinner with beef, parottas and kada fry. It was a hot dinner, dad poured us all wine and at the end he and mom had some rum. Mom and dad got booze and they went to bed without caring us we finished our dinner by feeding each other and we entered into the same bed room to continue our 17th day ecstasy. In the morning mom and dad found that we were coming from the same bed room they laughed us that “are you still kids” we didn’t answer and blinked innocently.That night was a real tragedy that she began to bleed. I asked whether I hurt her. She said that no it is my regular menses period I asked whether she had any problem. I asked whether I could fuck you today. She said that it is ugly to see blood from pussy and so wait for three days. I said that the third day is your flight and how can I satisfy you. She said if it’s not a problem to see blood in your cock then carry on with the play. I said blood is every where in our body and I may think that I had cut you with my knife (cock) then why ugly and shame. She agreed and said that she can manage her pain. So I continued fucking her. The 30thday of her arrival her ticket was confirmed. We rode to Trivandrum Airport, Mom and Dad could not accompany us because of their tight schedule in their duties. We arrived at airport and a surprise waited for us. The flight 30thjune 9am was cancelled and was scheduled on 1st July @ 9.30 pm. We were happy and booked a cottage in Somatheertham resort in Kovalam and arrived there at 10 am. The cottage was isolated and was near the beach. We reached the cottage changed our dress and ran to the beach we had a play in the sea and Annie preferred a sun bath nude. As the beach was isolated we had no problem getting nude.Annie ordered some lotion through her mobile and was fetched by a female room girl. Annie requested to apply sun lotion to the room girl, she obeyed and asked whether front on back, she said that both, you may have to wait for the other side or I can make a call if you’re busy now. She said that I am for you and I can wait as much time you please. She applied lotion on Annie’s back and massaged her. She waited to Annie turn, but I was impatient to see the beauty waiting. So I asked whether she can apply lotion until Annie turn. She answered “yes, with pleasure sir”. I removed my boxers and lied on my back so my pole was up. She applied lotion all over my body and finally came to the poll she wiped her hand in a towel and caught the poll and began to stroke it. She said in a hissing voice that what a magnificent cock which had not even seen with negroes. She immediately took it in her mouth and began to suck. While sucking she moaned loudly. Annie turned to our side and was watching her blow job.Annie went hot and turned laid her back and called the room girl to apply lotion on her front. The girl obeyed and started applying lotion from Annie’s shoulders then thighs then stomach and then to her bobs. Finally she wiped her hand in a towel and started to massage her pussy and kissed it deeply. Then she slid her tongue into her slot. Annie went hot and started to squeeze the girl’s bobs. Annie suggested going to the cottage and continuing, the girl accompanied us. As we entered the cottage Annie removed the girls dress and began to suck her bobs, while I sucked Annie’s pussy, then we turned position the girl suck Annie and I fuck the girl from behind then we finished our game and I inserted a Rs500 note into her blouse as tips. She was happy and wished us to have a pleasant night. We asked her to inform the manager not to disturb us unless we make a call for some thing.We continued our fucking and Annie told me that it was her first fertile night and so sow your seed Stephen. I hugged her and said her that I have planned to settle in Australia with my wife after marriage and you may be my wife in India when we come in lonely vocations. We fucked and fucked until flight and we broke in tears as we parted and we could not even say good bye. She flew to states and after 45 days she had called mom and informed that her period is missing. Mom was much happy and as I entered home from college mom and dad was waiting for me with sweet. They fed me sweet and said congrats to me. I did not understand, they laughed and said that Annie is pregnant to give a junior Stephen. I was shocked and I did not understand how they knew all that happened.