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Father in law seduced me even when Iam ill

Hi I am Suji once again. In the last story I narrated how my father in law seduced me. This time again with father in law with a new session. One day morning when I try to wake up from the bed I feel giddiness. My whole body is shivering and I am running high temperature. When I wake up I vomited. As I couldn’t wake up it spoils my dress and at the end of the bed. My husband already wakes up and hearing my vomiting sound he calls out his father. My father in law came running and he found I had a high temperature. My husband went out of our bedroom. My father in law enquired me several questions and I couldn’t even answer. He lifted me a little and removed my nightie. I was wearing panty and bra inside. With bra and panty on he lifted me and made me to sit on a chair. Then he cleaned bed sheet. Changed it to another one and gave me a towel bath. While giving towel bath my father in law removed my panty and bra too. In the mean time my husband entered our room, seeing my condition of nudity he asked angrily to his father what he was doing. He replied since she vomited I am cleaning her. My father in law requested him to take the mini skirt and a bra. He told make her to wear nightie. Father in law replied since she is running temperature she need airy dress that’s why I asked for this dress. Both of them make my daughter get ready. My husband did it, took my child along with him to drop her in the school and went for his office. After making me lie in the bed nakedly, my fil went to his clinic and picked up injection and tablets. I told him I wanted to urinate. He asked me to lean on him and he made me walk to the attached bathroom. He made me to sit on the western toilet and asked me to urinate. While urinating he was holding me tightly. After urinating he cleaned my part between the legs and led me safe to the bed after cleaning with a towel. He said since Iam very week glucose should be injected in my body. He put one injection. Gave me two tablets. He arranged for the drip too. He asked me too sleep. In the mean time he went to shop and purchased new bra’s. In the afternoon I feel a bit better. He put the mini skirt and the new bra. While using the new bra my breast looks like a cone. In a feeble voice I thanked him for his help and I asked him, in this condition too you are enjoying my body. He smiled and said I will always enjoy your body because I have a craze on it. Telling this he went out and brought some pieces of bread for me. He sat on the bed, put my head on his chest and asked me to eat few loafs of bread. I did it so. He gave me the tablets too. In the afternoon he gave me towel bath once again and made me to sleep. He went to pick up my daughter. In the evening my husband came I was only with bra and mini skirt so I covered my self with bedsheets. My daughter enquired about my health. My husband said don’t disturb mummy I will help you. For every 15 minutes my father in law enter into our room check out my temperature, give out some water or energy drink. In the night my father in law told his son to take his room for sleep since I need continuous care. In the night he removed my bra and mini skirt gave me towel bath once again and made me to sleep naked. After giving tablets, he lied down with me in the bed while his son sleeps in his room. Lying near me he combed my hair with his fingers. He hugged me and kissed me in my lips. Then he said I know you are very tired but I wish to sleep with you like this when my son is in home. Next day morning my father in law woke up early. I don’t want to reveal that I am naked so I cover my body with a bed sheet. Even I woke up (not from bed) at about 6. My husband woke up at 6 am and asked me how I feel. I said I am feeling ok. Father in law brought me coffee and asked me to drink. My husband went to dining table to drink coffee. Father in law sat in the bed; he made me to lean on his chest and asked me to drink coffee while his hand was on my left boob. I told him uncle I am not fully recovered. Neither he says anything nor did he remove his hand. I drank coffee. While going to urinate he came with me and did the same as he did yesterday. He made my daughter ready. My husband and my daughter went off. He took me to the dining table nakedly, after brushing he asked me to eat idlis. I was feeling good. After having food, he took me to the bathroom and washed my body with water and soap. He asked me to wear the new bra and a panty. After giving me tablets, he took bath, came in lie down with me in the bed. He hugged me and gave me several kisses all over my body. I had little rice in the noon. In the evening he asked me to take rest. I was alright in the evening. He picked up my daughter. My father in law told me to act as though I am yet to recover. My husband came around 7 pm. He gave food in my room. After having food father in law told his son; today also you sleep in my room since your wife is yet to recover fully. Agreeing this he went to sleep with his daughter. After tablet, he came near me and kissed me in my cheeks. He bolted the door. He removed the bra and panty, took me to the bathroom cleaned my body with water and soap. He too took bath along with me. We both came out nakedly from the bath room. He made me to wear new bra. He was fully nude. We both sat on the bed. He told me, see I am in your bedroom with you alone while your husband sleeps in my room. Hearing this my pussy started dripping. I told him uncle put your lungi under my thighs because my pussy started dripping. He cupped my boobs to his desire. He kissed and sucked my lips while cupping. The erect nipple was poking the bra. His hand plays all over my body. He whispered in my ears I was eagerly expecting this type of situation. I wish to be with you in bed while your husband is in home. Telling this he pulled me to the end of the bed, he stepped down from the bed, knelt down and started licking my pussy. When his tongue touches my clit my mouth opens and let out a moan. I said uncle I missed it yesterday. Give me more sucking. When he sucks, one of his hand was playing with my boob. He was fucking me with his tongue for a long time. He switched on the light and once again started doing the same thing. He stretched my legs wide open and inserted his tongue deep inside my cunt. I was shouting ohhhhhhhhhhhhh uncle I cant control. Please uncle I want more sucking. I continuously let out moans. At an instant I am unable to control and pulled his head more towards my pussy. He drank all the juices which came out of my pussy. He asked me can you suck my rod. I readily accepted it and put it in my mouth while he keeps standing. He inserted his long thick rod in my mouth. He commented see, you are sucking me while your husband is in home. Hearing this words my pussy started dripping once again. I mouth fucked her. He shouted come on suck me baby, suck me. I wish to cum in your mouth. I will give a full load of cum in your mouth. Telling this he pushed my head towards him. Shouting come on baby drink it, he cummed in my mouth. I drank till the last drop. Now he touched my pussy and said, hey you are ready for the next round. I nodded my head.He asked me to make the limb dick erect. I sucked it for a while, then it become stiff. He asked me to lie with my stomach. He put a pillow under my pussy. Stretched my legs and said oh my daughter in law’s pussy is looking beautiful while seeing it from the rear position. It is also fully wet and even dripping. Telling this he came between my legs. He inserted his stiff rod into my pussy from the rear position. I let out a ‘ah’ from my mouth. His rod went deep inside my pussy. I told him uncle your rod was buried inside my pussy. He said yes and started moving front and back. I was letting out sounds like awwwwwwwwwwwww, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh etc. Uncle I want more. Please tear of my pussy by your fucking I shouted. I want you to fuck me always. My pussy needs your dick. Hearing these words he increases his speed and he cummed inside my pussy. He stood up switched off the light. After completing the fucking session we both hugged each other while he kissed me in my forehead. He thanked me for this support. Now he removed my bra and he cleans my pussy with the bra. Then his hand started playing with my naked boobs. Suddenly he changed to 69 position and started licking my pussy. Within few minutes I started lifting my pussy and gave company for licking. I got aroused. I put my fingers around my fil’s rod. I can feel that it started growing in size. After few minutes he turned again and started sucking my naked boobs while the right hand plays with my pussy. Now I am not in a position to control myself. I told him uncle your hand and tongue shows some magic, which arose me sexually. He asked me baby are you prepared for another round. I said yes. He mounted on me and insered his erect rod inside my wet pussy. He once again started moving up and down. I put my arms around him and started squeezing his butt. While fucking he said Suji thank you for allowing me to make this pussy my own. I replied uncle your dick fits exactly with my pussy. Saying this I lift my pussy to get his thunder in my pussy. I started moving my pussy up and down. He once again increases his speed and cummed inside my pussy once again. After lying on me for a long time he ejected his dick from my pussy. He switched on the light once again. I can find his dick is limb. He stretched my legs and see that there is a mixture of my and his cum started oozing out. He enjoyed it for some time. Its around 2 am now. I weared my nighty and he his lungi. He unbolted the door now and we started sleeping.


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